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First Global database and research community operated for black people, by black people.



We catalog and publish information beneficial to the Black community that has either been censored, concealed, or suppressed due to its exposure of Anti-Black or Anti-PoC Racism, Extrajudicial Vigilante-style justice, hate groups, corruption, and infringement of one’s personal liberties.

Submit an entirely anonymous infodump here without fear of exposure, protected by up-to-date INFOSEC security tech.  We will instantly publish it in our database, guaranteed.  No story is too small.  Got a story about that problem coworker?  Do it here.  Boss giving you problems due to their personal prejudice?  Post the story here.

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Offering an alternative to intrusive social media networks, our strong and fast community software not only gives you a platform to voice your thoughts, but you can collaborate with like-minded individuals on the things that affect you the most, or merely enjoy a quiet tea break with some pleasant folks.

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