Doja Cat Trolls Black Twitter Again


In a stunning and truly unforeseen upset, the mind titans at Black Twitter have been thrown into disarray by rapper Doja Cat’s latest online antics, which include mingling with 4chan groyper white nazi teens who harbour latent repressed feelings of attraction towards black women, saying the N word, and making fun of police murder victim Sandra Bland.

There is also much talk of whether or not the rapper is in fact a black woman. Feelings are very much divided, with one side staunchly asserting Doja’s whiteness, and the other half rushing to use her as a figurehead for all that is wrong with black women.

Her trollish and irresponsible behavior aside, we’re in the middle of a friggin’ pandemic, y’all. Is this really the time to be quibbling over some woman who likes saying stupid things online for funsies? Was the outrage necessary? And how many times must we debate whether half-black people are really black? No, really, I’m curious about this one.

You see this gross discussion about whether mixed people – or lightskindeded niggas, as some would say, are Black, or if they’re even really human. You can see this on stellar examples of black net presence such as WorldStarHipHop, TheColi, LipstickAlley, and of course TheShadeRoom, that most nefarious of sites.

This all seems like a dumb mess that consumes more attention than it’s worth, imo. Feel free to yell at me in the forums about how much you hate this opinion, I invite spirited discussion about it. Share it with your friends.

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