Driving home from work, I see so many homeless folks on the street and I get so damn angry. Here we are, COVID kicking our collective azzes, and this idiot in the White House talks about America Being Great. What damn cave did he crawl out from? What does he spend his time doing? Looking at the Cartoon Network?

Only in this capitalist society can a rich idiot decide to run for POTUS and win. Who will be next Jeff Bezos, The Google Boys – Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Elon Musk, or Jeff Ma? Money is what runs this ruthless, racist, heartless, capitalist country. Once you are in the top one percent you own people.

Of course, it is a modern-day type of slavery but is slavery never the less, the rest of us sit helplessly by, trying to make our votes count while the top one percent keep their boots on our necks. The sad thing is all the blacks who have managed to become millionaires sit idly by and the Internet and companies being run by whites.

Might as well face it, we are f***ed, things will not get better for blacks, this we shall overcome BS didn’t work, MLK Jnr.’s dying didn’t work, Black Lives Matter is putting up a hell of a fight but we all know they are up against whites who have a powerful interest in keeping blacks divided, poor and uneducated. Then they use their usual racist mantra “blacks don’t want to pull themselves up by the bootstraps”. Have you ever heard such BS?

What the hell the majority of us have been doing? Sitting on our azzes? I do not think so. I have been working hard all my damn life and I am sure so do many of you. I am sick of this racist country, Squanto should be in hell roasting his azz off for ever helping those damn SOBs when they landed on Plymoth Rock. If I sound angry, I am, and remember you are free to comment on my blog.

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