Yep, here we go again, some black folks are undecided. Look, you have to get out and vote, this is a very, very important election. We cannot allow that racist idiot to appoint members of the Supreme Court. That will be the most disastrous thing to ever happen to America.

If that idiot chooses members of the Supreme Court, all of us will suffer, especially black folk. There are two ways you can vote, you can vote by mail via absentee ballot and in person at an early voting center. You do not need to wait until Election Day.

Folks, I am deadly serious, Armageddon is upon us and we have to fight against it. Do not allow yourself to be frightened by the “so called religious right”. They are all false prophets and agents of the devil incarnate Donald Trump.

Put aside your differences, your dislikes, your fears, and vote. Do not write in another candidate’s name, all votes need to be Democratic, from the top of the ballot to the bottom of the ballot. Vote blue no matter who, we have to win. Orange Face will not go out easily, but he has got to go, he is too dangerous to be allowed a second term.

I do not have to repeat on this website all the despicable things that he has done and said. You and I know that deep down inside he is a racist pig. He is using all types of ways to lure blacks to vote for him, do not fall for his lies. So I beg you, please vote blue and let stability and peace return to this Country. Thank You!

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