I do not know how many of you have videos on YouTube or visit YouTube regularly. I visit there regularly to view videos by Black people and I have noticed a very disturbing trend. The Internet exclusivity towards black voices and the shunning of black content creators has become very troubling.

I have noticed, quite alarmingly that YouTube is adopting a no-holds bar attitude when it comes to Black content creators. Whites report videos and comments that they feel uncomfortable with and YouTube immediately deletes the videos or the comments.

YouTube has become a racist, facist website catering to white people and oppressing black people. I have asked myself the question repeatedly what are whites angry about, and why they feel that we pro-blacks should not enjoy of privileges afforded to them? They can post what they want and but we blacks are hunted like animals and our videos and comments deleted.

Isn’t this supposed to be the Home Of The Brave And The Land Of The Free? I don’t think so. It has become the Home Of White Terrorism And The Land of White Oppression. Then some poor fools talk about the rest of the world “envying our freedoms”. What freedoms? Freedoms of white people but not freedom for black people.

The general anti-black of the Internet and the push to delegitimize black content creators is increasing and I am on their target list. If I post a comment it is immediately deleted and if I copy a video from YouTube they can reach out to Black Visions and remove it. Real racist, fascist behavior.

Internet hostility towards Black content creators and the Eurocentric agenda behind this is alarming. Some Black people have given up and stopped posting videos, others have retreated to Patreon to express themselves. I am also fully aware that every Blog I make is carefully read by the oppressors and so I will continue to be problack in my posts, addressing those subjects I feel are important to my people and refuse to censor my thoughts. Peace!

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