I made a blog post on this before, but I feel the need to post again on it. I can remember clearly when Hillary was running black folks stayed home, and look what we ended up with. There will always be a few Uncle Toms here and there trying to twist the agenda and discourage Black folks. As the late great Malcolm X once said “there will always be the house negro and the field negro”.

Things have not changed much, Blackpeople have become more educated and yet some of the most educated ones are the ones giving their own people hell and siding with Trump. They are calling themselves conservatives, so what if they are conservative, being conservative is not a dirty word, but that does mean that you will prefer to link yourself with a selfish, lying, racist like Trump because you think that the Democratic Party is letting too much liberal or gay folks into the tent.

First of all, what a person does in the privacy of his own home is none of my business, be they gay or straight, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. The Republican Party is not the Party of Integrity and Morals, they are mean, coldhearted, racist and selfish. They believe in punishing the working poor, the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the mentally unstable. They are snakes, deadly cobra snakes, ALL of them.

I cannot recall the Democratic Party ever saying that conservative blacks were not welcome under the big tent. This country needs a change more than ever and the only way to effect change is to cut of the tentacles of the Republican party that reach way down into County, State and the Federal Level. They exercise too much influence and intend to make Biden suffer if they keep a majority hold in the Senate.

I am, and I stated this before, a Socialist Democrat. How I think and feel I am willing to put aside in order to throw this clown out of office and see that a Demoract is in the White House. Folks I know that Biden is old, way too old to be putting his body through the rigors of election campaigning but the Democratic Party asked him and he said yes. Why they chose him only heaven knows, but they must have a sound reason. Then Kamala Harris is not exactly a favorite of mine but he chose her.

Some black folks always ask “why do we have to settle”? Well let us put it simply, rich black folks are not interested in politics, they interested in thier own selfish lives. They cannot be bothered by who is in Office because their money is well invested and they have financial advisers. They do not care about their middle class (if that class still exists) hard-working or poor blacks. They refuse to invest in the Internet or come together and launch a company.

When blacks become rich what is the first thing to see, a white woman on their arms, making stupid excuses that blacks sisters and loud, rude and not submissive like a white woman. Hell, we had to be strong from since back in the days of slavery when we would be raped by slave owners, when the slave owners would take away our men and send them to another part of the country. They took away our men and left us to pick cotton and manage the household for a pittance. We had to be loud and strong when our husbands left us for long periods of time to get a well paying job and we had to take care of the kids. Give me a break.

I am not saying that all black sisters are perfect, but who died and made rich black men judge and jury of my black sisters. When a black woman has your back, she has your back. I am not saying that there are not some who allow themselves to be caught up in negative situations, but ALL black women are not bad. My great grandmother was good, my grandmother was good and my mother was good. They instilled in me right from wrong, they taught me how to respect myself, my elders, and the laws of this land.

I was taken to church whether I liked it or not. I always loved reading and as I grew up, I immersed myself in the writings of many black scholars – both right and left-leaning, the more I read the more I became convinced that capitalism was a necessary evil in this country, ever since those folks landed on Plymouth Rock. White folks boast that people all over the world envy us our freedoms. LMBAO! What freedoms! Freedoms that are allotted to us by the white man. A Constitution that was written by white folks, many of whom were slave owners.

I was not going to get all political up in here, I always say I will never argue about politics or religion. I beg you, folks, to go out and vote blue, vote blue in your County, State, and Federal Elections, and hold their feet to the fire after that clown in out of Office.

One last word VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. You are free to comment on my blog and you are also free to submit blogs of your own. Peace.

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