Whites and maybe some blacks are saying “Give us the $1,200.00 it is better than nothing at all. While others, like myself, are saying hell no, $1,400.00 or no deal. Pelosi is on the right path, she is pushing back, and hard, to get us that $1,400.00, the American people deserve it and she should be admired for not giving in to the pressure of allowing the Republicans to decrease the amount and then use it as a political weapon to pretend that they really care about the American people.

There some European countries who value the lives of their citizens, for example Germany is giving their citizens $7,000.00 a month. What is America doing? Squandering our tax dollars on the War Machine. Some stupid folks say “America is the leader of the Free World”, give me a break, that has nothing to do with it, if we can send billions to Israel, and billions more to arms manufacturers, what is wrong with a measly $1.400.00 a month for Americans?

Trump has no right to be signing his name on the stimulus checks in the first place, deep down inside he does not approve of it and he is only doing it to further his twisted political ambitions. So if Pelosi gives in to this fight just before the elections, he will sign those $1,200.00 checks and use the opportunity to make it look as if he supports Americans. He does not.

Let me make it clear, I do not give a damn about what white America thinks or wants. I am speaking as a black American, to put it in no uncertain terms, a black Socialist Democrat American, and I deeply detest everything about Trump and the Republican Party. I am not crazy about the Democrats but this man is much too dangerous to be allowed to stack the Supreme Court with crazy Conservatives like himself if he wins a second term, so I am willing to put my personal feelings aside and vote for Biden and get this racist idiot out of office. Don’t forget your County and State elections.

I fully support Pelosi in her fight to hold the Republican’s feet to the fire and let Americans get that $1,400.00. You are free to agree or disagree, this is a no-judgment zone, and you can comment on my Blog or even make your own on any subject. Peace!

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