My people, my people, my people, yep I am saying it three times because I am very frustrated and I have the feeling that my words are being ignored. I addressed this subject in a previous post, but this is serious and so I have to address it again. What is the subject? COVID, that is the subject.

Today I read a statement made by a young black wide receiver called Odell Beckham Jr., he claimed that “he doesn’t think it is going to enter his body, that he wanted no part of it and it wanted no part of him. That he thought it was a mutual respect. He then went on to say that he might not have been feeling well, but he just did not want it to spread throughout the building, and if there was a case he would possibly have had it.

I am so upset with him, COVID does not care about race or age. It is an equal opportunity killer. It can take down a young black person, a middle-aged black person, or an old black person. That is why I keep pleading with you on this site. Please, please, check your temperature daily, wear a mask, clean your hands with sanitizer after holding doors, clean off your shopping carts before putting your little ones in them, and avoid crowds.

Now I know that black people are a proud people, and I applaud them for that attribute. This is not the time to ignore well-known epidemiologists and scientists. They are advocating what I mentioned in the paragraph above. I want to save the lives of my black people. You are free to call me a coward or anything you like, but I want my people to live through this horrible plague.

I have noticed many protestors, both black guys and women not wearing masks. Not good enough. I do not care about white folks and their stupid claims of COVID fatigue, resulting in their obvious insistence on not wearing masks to Trump rallies, in bars and parties. White folks are stupid, easily brainwashed, and should be ignored. Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise, so we have to leave them in their blissfulness.

I am concerned about my black brothers, sisters, kids, grandmothers, and grandfathers. We need to come together on this one. I agree that we have gravely suffered over thousand of years, but this is just not another “we shall overcome” instance. This is a “we shall die if we don’t stick to the rules issue, only when a safe and effective vaccine is available, can we say that “we have overcome”.

So join me in this fight to save each other, remind your family, your relatives or your neighbor to wear that mask, wash their hands regulary, use hand sanitizer and to clean off the shopping carts before putting their precious little ones inside. When you get home spray some disenfectant on a hand tissue and wipe off bottles and boxes. Use methalyted spirits on a hand tissue to clean off bread, crackers and other delicate stuffs. Wash all vegetables in the kitchen sink before storing them in the refrigerator.

The church can also play a very important role in this, by practicing social distancing and encouraging their members to wear masks. The pastor or bishop has to set the example by doing these things.

That is about it folks, I care about you and I am pleading with you to listen to me. Feel free to comment on this blog, and you are also welcome to post your own blog as well. Peace!

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