Yep, I am talking about the Elections of 2020, are you happy with the results? I am not, I expected the Democrats to control the House and the Senate, but that did not happen. Why were the votes so close? Let me make it clear that I want to thank those blacks who turned out by the thousands to vote, but why do I get the feeling that many of them stayed home or wrote in for Sanders?

You know way back in 2016, BV was around then, waging a war for the heart and minds of black folks, telling them to vote for Hillary, that it was better the devil you know than the devil you did not know. What did black folks do? They stayed home, they posted that maybe a change would be good. I begged them to go out and vote for Hillary, I said that Trump was a racist SOB and that they would live to regret it.

Well, Hillary won the popular vote, but Trump won the Electoral Vote so he became President. Big mistake. If black folks had listened to me back then we would not be having this discussion today. As a result of that fatal decision, blacks got what they asked for, a change, LMBAO, a change for a racist, selfish, coldhearted SOB who spent his time tweeting instead of holding daily briefings and Press Conferences and properly governing the country.

An SOB who spent his time cutting back on all social programs and making it his goal to overturn The Affordable Care Act. He was going to punish blacks and boy did he. He surrounded himself with old whites cronies who agreed with everything he said and did. Of course, there was the token house blacks, like Ben Carson and all they did was agree to every stupid, asinine decision he made. When COVID hit us like a ton of bricks, the man was totally incapable of providing any meaningful leadership.

First, he denied it, called it a Democratic ploy, then he said he was leaving it up to the Governors and finally, he was prepared to let a few folks die in the process. He did not use the word die but he implied it using instead using the words “lose lives”. How stupid can this man be? How reckless?

How out of touch with humanity? Openly challenging Red States to open up, telling folks not to wear masks to his meetings. He actually set the example by not wearing a mask, then when he caught COVID-19 he was flown to the most prestigious hospital in the USA – after all he was the President – and he received the most prestigious treatment.

While thousands of Americans died, and are still dying, this fool instead of imposing a self-quarantine, flew around the country, addressing rallies and talking about recounting of votes and not leaving the White House, even after Biden won. What the hell? I had friends in Canada, the Caribbean, and South America calling me and asking me what was going on over here. Did Trump lose his mind?

I was at a loss for words, I told them that we here in America thought he has indeed lost what little of his mind he had since he was the “tweeting President”, who hardly held news conferences and spent his time tweeting. Personally I felt he had someone composing all those tweets for him, intelligent conversation is not his forte.

So here we are, a close count for Biden in many States and Trump refusing to leave the White House. Last time I heard he was digging up the ground and placing barbed wire around the White House? His dumb, racist Neo-Nazi supporters, known by many names, who he has refused to openly come out and condemn, are issuing threats about what will happen if Trump was thrown out of the White House. So I have to know folks, are you happy with the outcome?

Biden is being a gentleman about it, not rising to the bait, hell the man is old soldier, he has come across sore losers like Trump before. He is being very kind about the entire situation. Listened to his Press Conference today, reporters trying to get him to condemn Trump, he being the gentleman he is called what Trump was doing an embarassment. He refused to launch into a tirade of condemnation of that idiot, he took the high road.

I am a committed Socialist Democrat, I am too far left for the far left, have nothing in common with the right and the Progressives or Centrists. I put my personal feelings aside and voted for Biden/Harris and all the Democrats in the County, State, House, and Senate. I did this because I knew that Trump is capable of being an effective Leader. He is toothless Tiger and he has plunged his country into a face-off with China that we could never win.

Only God knows how many of us will still be alive before they find an effective vaccine, we are forced to wear masks, use hand sanitizer, clean off shopping carts, wash our hands, maintain social disancing, properly dispoase of plastic bags from the shops, wash all vegetables and clean off bottles and boxes.

White America talking about “pandemic fatigue”: some refusing to wear masks, hold big pool parties and hanging out at bars and beaches. I do not care about them, I care about you, my black people. I do not know what lies before me, but this I know, I will be praying for all of you, please be safe, you are free to comment on this blog and also to post own blog. Peace!

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