I was scraping the web for potential new subscribers to BV, when I stumbled up the r/blackladies and r/blackfellas in a subreddit. I decided to research this very large group of racist white folks but in order to find out the reasons behind their success, longevity, and not to mention their popularity. I then became aware of the dark underbelly of Reddit.

Now I assume here that most of you are aware of Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohainan, the members cal themselves Redditors but for the sake of hilarity we’ll call them Ledditeurs. I will call Alexis King Leddit since he owns this horrible, racist online community and his moderators nor himself have never denounced these racist hooligans for their dispicable behavior. Let us get it straight he is making millions from this online community.

A little information on the Ledditeurs. They are deeply racist and vicious. They send thousands of death threats to everyone on the Internet, sometimes calling the FBI and reporting the person as a terrorist, or in many cases the police.

They send death threats to little kids for looking at cartoons they do not like, they tell folks to kill themselves and when an overweight boy died from COVID they had a big laugh about it, saying he deserved it and that he ate too much. These folks are dangerous and I am putting my website on the line by even exposing them but I feel the need to so it as BV is a free speech zone and we share things that deeply affect and concern us, we are not a hate site.

When I found out that Serena Williams had married King Reddit, I was deeply saddened. I immediately asked myself the question, how could this talented, black woman, who is obviously richer than King Reddit bring herself so low as to marry this guy? What motivated her? Did she decide to put aside the harsh racism her dad, Venus, and herself suffered at the hands of the racist white folks when they were training and trying to break into the tennis circuit?

Did she sweep aside all the harsh racism Venus and herself encountered when they began playing on the tennis circuit? The nasty racist comments by tennis umpires and the constant complaints about them wearing beads in their hair and that those beads made noises that were a distraction to other players and the tennis umpires as well.

Shaking my head in sadness, how the mighty has fallen! Do not tell me that she was unable to marry a decent black man, she has deeply embarrassed me and I am no longer a fan of hers. Yes, I was once a loyal fan and her life choice is her business, but so are my life choices, and I choose not to be a fan anymore. She is a great player, won many torunaments, and no one can take away her awesome power and talent.

There comes a time in life when you have to live by your principles, and as a black woman, I find what she did downright reprehensible. I have forgiven her but I have decided to move on and no longer support her. In fact I have completely lost interest in tennis since I only watched it becuase of her, now I am no longer interested. Life sucks but when it gives you lemons you make lemonade. Youare free to make comments on this blog and also to make a blog of your own. Peace!

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