Beijing marked the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with a morning flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square. The flag was escorted into the square by 96 members of the People’s Liberation Army. Just go on the YT and you will see many videos there.

Amazing isn’t it? They have the nerve to put this celebration on the YT while COVID-19 has killed millions of folks all around the world, and thousands right here in America. Many countries around the world are experiencing a surge in cases and so is America. We are still in the fight of our lives against this demonic plague, one started by China, and we still have not and may not fully recover from it. The numbers of those infected keep rising.

A viable vaccine is nowhere insight, and the recent ones have caused some deaths and paralysis to some folks. The scientists working on this plague are amazed at its ability to move so quickly. There is no age limit to this cruel plague, it attacks babies and old people. Everyone is vulnerable.

Some stores have limited the number of folks allowed in to shop, you must wear a mask or you will be turned away. In fact you have to wear a mask everywhere. Stores have painted seven-foot markings on the floor to encourage social distancing while plexiglass is erected by the cashiers. We are fighting a monster of gigantic proportions, and China celebrates its 71st anniversary, showing no remorse or expressing no remorse about the millions of lives lost as COVID resurges in many countries including America..

The virus first went to Europe then came here to America. Did Trump act quickly and decisively to control this plague? No, he did not. He first denied it, then talked about using some strange and dangerous drug that Dr. Faucci said could kill you. Then when asked what he would do if people died from it, he casually dismissed it with “it is what it is” or “sometimes you have to sacrifice some folks”.

What a heartless, racist, idiot! He does not care about the American people, heck not even his own white people, and he refuses to come out and hold a major Press Conference condemning the many white racist groups who are threatening this nation. In fact some of them tried to run Biden’s bus off the road, what an outrage! Why where there no police escort and what about the secret service, bullets should have been flying.

I know they are on the Internet issuing threats of a “race war” if Trump loses. I refuse to allow myself to be intimidated, God is in control of this situation and He will intervene when the time is right. I do not intend to scare you in any way, and have strayed away from the post on China but the plague did start in China so I had to discuss the entire subject.

Finally, all I can say is to you my people who I love and respect, I am begging you to take this seriously, practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly, clean your shopping carts with a tissue sprayed with disinfectant provided by the store, always use hand sanitizers after holding the doors at stores, always wear masks, paper masks should be thrown away after one day, dispose of all plastic bags that you bring into the home in the trash can. Wash produce with soap and water.

Make your own disinfecting wipes at home with this one easy trick that I use, take a paper tissue, spray it with antibacterial disinfectant which you can use to wipe down all nonporous surfaces. Use methylated spirits to clean fragile boxes or packages. Stay safe, God bless you and protect you. You are free to comment on this blog in our forum community which you can visit with our link at the top of the page, and you are encouraged to make your own blog as well. Peace!

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