Human Nature

Kindly, describe the relation between death and heaven in the coming quote for, Albert King- "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!"🙃


  • based on the quote IMO,    it means one will only get the opportunity to go to heaven;    only after one dies,   however the description of heaven sounds  glorious in comparison to the description of Hell.....who wouldn't prefer to go to heaven,    the only clause is the precursor of  Death.

  • Human nature is about survival. So the thought of living on indefinitely is something that we are programmed to want and desire and people will devote their whole lives to it; to obtaining it. The but, is a clause to say that still death must happen first; that in order to obtain eternal life one has to die. And that seems... not only convenient for the preacher but ironic for the believer. Why must you die in order to live? And of course no one who dies has ever returned to confirm that heaven exists and that disembodies spirits are walking around on streets of gold or anything to do with any after life, whether Christian, Muslim, Egyptian, Norse, etc. So why struggle to get into such a place?

    Because we are programmed to want to survive.

  • Interesting comments... I kinda think alone those same lines, etc.

  • I do believe everlasting life exists. However, it is not the vessel that is eternal. When we see ourselves and individuals we think of survival as the survival of self. We fight to survive for our own self interest. If we could see ourselves as a collection of cells, those cells constantly die and constantly replicate. This cycle of death and birth sustain the vessel for as long as it can. But in the same way the human vessels constantly die and reproduce and this sustains the life of our species. That is what lives eternally. When we see ourselves as part of that then "we" have eternal life but must still make the right decisions so this remains as true for us as it will for our children's children.

    Religion is supposed to be spiritual but what is spiritual about being selfish and so desirous of your own vessel to have eternal life that you condemn the living to a program of control? Where the individual is willing to become servant to a false god that is simply a symbolic mask put on by the elite ruling class. They pretend to be chosen by God so that the masses will chose them and give them power over them without rebelling and seizing their wealth and power by force.

  • Religion is not a spiritual component, it is a representative guide of who you are and/or the dogma you believe in. Nothing can and should be aligned/attached to 'Spirit', simply because it is a GIFT from the GOD source. Religion is set of idea's that one accept or adhere to based on that your particular perception.

  • Yeah, I think, if there wasn't a set of goals set before usto attain something greater than earth as in there being an eternal ending such as "Heaven", no one would probably even consider afterlife as another threshold after death.

  • hmmm... thinking...😉 perhaps you could be on to something. I'll be back!

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