When You Know You Wrong Just Move On!

In Houston, Texas there have several criminal domestic incidents where a man has attack, killed, etc. his ex' woman's new boyfriend! MF's be busting all up in the woman's crib tryna da shoot a MF's because da woman done quit his ass, etc. Lesson here peep's is, "when you quit a MF' he or she just might not be ready da quit yo azz." Dude be riding around looking, stalking, his ex. But it's definitely not right nor worth it da kill somebody because they don't want to be in a relationship with yo azz! Or even go after her new boyfriend, after all in these cases they was no marriage, etc. Often these bruthas are violent, physicallly and emotionally abusive, etc, and she leaves, or puts his azz out. Yet for reasons only known to the dude, he wants revenge! Then you got dem brutha's dat will kill her azz then bump his self off! What's up with dat? Look... fella's if dat woman don't want you, just move on, git you another woman, and try and do better for her. Often times we bring shyt on ourselves, by doing wrong, and when u caught and she says enough is enough, you want da beg and cry a bit, then get all mad, now you want da hurt somebody because yo azz messed up! Hell just move on when you know you wrong! A public service message.. Gfb gone...


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