Investigation of Global White Supremacy

I don't know how far the rabbit hole is gonna go on this one.

I'm seeing a more clearer connection between the following:

1. Racism / White Supremacy

2. Conspiracy Theories (this is the glue and primary vehicle)

3. Nazis / Fascism / Antisemitism

4. Vladimir Putin and Russian Intelligence

5. Donald Trump

6. White Nationalism / The Wall

7. Right Wing Propaganda masked as Conservatism

If you have seen an article you'd like to share that helps to make a connection that exposes these players please feel free to share your links and thoughts on them in this thread. My plan is to gather knowledge and information to eventually create a website to counter the conspiracy theories used by white supremacy to convince the masses to vote for their MAGA agenda.

The danger and threat of this is real and it is global. It goes beyond hate speech or violence by the police. I believe there is something that white nationalists are trying to build towards and it's up to the rest of us to stop it.


  • The first step on this journey, for me, is here:

    Because we need to understand what white supremacists want in order to see what moves they are trying to take to get there. Many of us are uninterested and I get it, but that disinterest causes us to be reactionary when they do follow through with a plan.

    And if it is a plan then it will certainly have weaknesses. There will be parts of that plan that will rely on bending the will of whites, who don't believe they are racist at all, to their cause without making it look like they are supporting racism.

    We're also going to talk about solutions along the way; solutions that utilize their own system to work against them.

    As we read this article above...

    You can start to get a picture forming about where Russia fits into the equation. It doesn't matter what Russia represents to us as a black community. What matters is what it represents to white supremacists. Then we can start to understand why certain people seem to be fond of Putin even though he is an enemy to the US and even though he interfered in our democracy. Why are they protecting him and why does Trump have secret talks with him?

    It should be clear that Putin is not an ally to the US but paints himself as an ally to Europeans; especially those who believe in white supremacy.

    Many of the goals of MAGA and Putin are the same. They want to take apart NATO. They want to hurt US position in the world as well as different departments. In spite of Russian aggression Trump says his own Intelligence is wrong and Putin is innocent because he said so. There has to be a motive behind this. Trump isn't known to benefit anyone other than himself so either Putin is helping him financially or Putin is... helping him financially (indirectly). Perhaps he is being forced or held hostage in some way and is being used as a puppet or perhaps Trump's desire is for Russia to become the global power of white supremacy.

    Normally, Trump increasing the military budget would go against this theory but if part of their joint efforts are to make each other allies by pushing pro-Russian propaganda through the GOP on the backs of racist conspiracy theories then white people might see this relationship as the means to solidify white power and dominate the world because if the US is too squeamish to do it on the behalf of whites, Russia isn't necessarily bound by that. Russia may not want to fight the US but that doesn't mean they're not willing to fight at all. And if they can use the wealth of the US to increase the power of Russia then Russia could help white supremacists take and maintain power in the US.

  • Reformed Neo-Nazi Explains How People Fall Prey to QAnon Online

    Please understand. This is "SOCIAL HACKING".

    Shannon points out that this stuff originates from 4chan, from anonymous hackers. If you watch the movie Hackers with Angelina Jolie (yes its old) you will understand that hackers don't just hack computers. They also hack people to get them to do what they want.

    So the same way that a hacker uses real information/data to get into and infect your computer they also use real information to get into your mind.

    If you understand that then you can understand how this idea of "truth" seduces people into attacking the targets of the hackers.

    At the end of the day it's manipulation. People are being programmed when they think they are more woke than woke.

    Many of these hackers are young and don't care about influencing people. They don't care, just like many of the fake comments that creep onto this site just to get people to click on a link. They don't care about you. You are just a means to an end. So they don't care that they are lying to you. They don't care about the truth. If anything they are excited by how many people they can "infect" with their false stories and what they can ultimately lead people to do (like shoot up a pizzaria).

    When you combine this youth with the fact that some hackers are racists then there's another piece of the puzzle. When you add the fact that hackers are also employed by intelligence services then you have another piece of the puzzle which explains why much of these new conspiracy theories are political propaganda.

  • Excellent article. When a hacker is discovered by the CIA I feel they are given two options, reform or work with the CIA. Many choose to work with the CIA becuse they offer them big money.

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