Immigration Policy

What is your opinion about 'immigration laws', how should immigrants be handled that come to this country unlawfully?


  • Unlawfully huh? Oops. Gotta make this one a priorty and very, very clear to Nandi ain't on my case. OK here we go: ALL black folks get pass, or rather more slack, but conditional. Better believe it. We ain't having any mofos with felony records IF they caught a case and the record reflected there was GREAT CAUSE AND A SHITLOAD OF REASONABLE DOUBT (USA Standards) and any other kind/kinds fuckery in the background. Lets call it for now, 60% and up. Bound to be some fuck-ups tho'...soooooo? Just depends.
    New Just In. Guess who's Twitter Account just got Suspended? Heeheeheehee.
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    There's a rash of immigrants coming to our Borders, could it be for Biden's inaugural ceremony? LMMAO

    Biden told them___Now is NOT the time for them to come flooding into this country. He's trying to work out something for the immigrants that are Already here!
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