Just Get Out!!! but did he hear her?

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This male female argument is still being played out all ova this nation's communities! Young Men and Women are having big problems holding down [inhouse] monogamist relationships! It's a lot da do with sharing and lying, etc. There's very lil truth in many relationships today. Far too much emotional and physical drama. Not to forget that baby mama & daddy drama shyt. If it wasn't for most of these sistah's des wanna be housing project, etc., baby mama playas would have no where da stay! Then you got these women that act like they getting tired of da BS, and say, "I want you out of my life." or "Find yo azz somewhere else da go!" While some women break it down with this, " Go back to dat B#%ch, you deserve each other!" or ending with, "where yo azz stayed last nite!" These are just not sistah's with attitude. These are young women that are tired of being played, tired of the emotional drama,etc. Many want da return da school, etc. learn a trade, get a job, turn their lives over for the betterment of them and their kids, But then there's dis dead beat baby weed smoking [always broke, always unemployed, usually uneducated, etc.] daddy, that's holding her azz back, holding her azz down to da ground! When she really wants da get up! Let me say this to these young and older sistah's, "If you truly want da fly, then you have get rid of the shyt that's weighing you down!" Did you hear me? QQ... Gfb easing on... gone...
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