Shuckin' & Jivin' " as it was back in da day."

Imma walk back to da old days fer a minute! When it was old skool's time, etc. This is for da original "OG's, etc.[Yeah, dey use da call them old bad acting street heads dat!] When brutha's use da lie, cheat, and bullshyt a sistah, etc. It was often referred to a "shuckin' & jivin'," as in misleading, etc. Nowadays it called infidelity, plain old cheating, etc. Often such old terms have went by the wayside. Many of dem old heads are gone too! but such memories never fade, etc, How many of you can remember some of those old folk's saying that your grandpa, grandma, or older folks around you at da time quoted, etc Some which you lived by, etc. Can you remember any of them that had a impact on your behavior as you were growing up? Gfb out...


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