Can God create a rock so heavy that he can't lift it?

I was watching the Netflix show called "The Sinner" and this question came up and it brought back old memories of questions I asked while I was coming out of this thinking that we were created by an all powerful God.

This question exposes the folly of our immaturity as a species, wanting and desiring our creation to be special and our creator to be perfect and all these other superlatives. I mean, it's cute, but at what point do we grow up?

The question is simple. If God cannot create such a rock then he isn't all powerful because there is something he cannot do. If he can create such a rock then he isn't all powerful because there's something he cannot do. Get it? Either way God cannot be all powerful. We just disproved it with a simple question.


  • "If God cannot create such a rock...".

    Or chooses to...
  •'s your day so far? Weather-wise. Mine sucks, here. Fuckin' cold as a witches' tiddie. In the goddamn high 30's or up to the mid-fuckin' 40's here. waaay South Texas?! WTF man! Traditionally, fair to middlin' mid-to high 60's or very mild 70's. I'd put a wool glove on my damn johnson...if I could get in the thumb part...but that ain't happening...the thumb part or any finger parts ain't thick or long ain't on my side...might as well try to get it through the keyhole of my damn front-door.
  • I love when people in the south complain about cold weather.
    It's 26F here at the moment with a high today of 29.
    I spent all of Tuesday pretty much stuck on my street, digging my kid's mom and her bald tires out 3 times, because they didn't get around to plowing my street until almost 5pm.
  • "I love when people in the south complain about cold weather.".

    Yet, Sir Albert, you yourself pointed it out once. You even named it a little over 100-years ago. T'is it not Relative, too? Would it not be in thoust realm of Relativity? Today's temperature near/and around into Harlingen, Texas was 37 degrees, at its highest? Yet mind you, yet it was 90 degrees Farenheit in the Amazon Rainforest. Be this not true? E = mc² Relativity?
  • I know. I know. I pull this act every now and then just for my own on-the-cusip Insanity, and Shits & Giggles, too. Habit. I'm still working on my act should it be necessary to try my luck in Comedy. On-stage, and anywhere else should it come to be. Doubt it highly, but Providence goes it own way and often picks up hitchhikers and wandering wandering mugs like moi. B)
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