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I had an idea, and out of it spawned a proposal. I'll hip you too it once I see you response here.


  • 'Why wait?', I asked myself a moment or so ago. 'Why not brief him now?' So, here it is in brief. I've answered many of your questions, responded to many of your queries to me. 'So, why don't I quiz him for a nice respite, and flip the script on him for a nice change of pace?'.

    I already have my first interrogatory set to go. It was one of your recent comments to BR. <<< That's more of a note to myself not to forget it because today is also a word-day for me and I'm already multi-tasking as it is.
  • Here you go:

    1. What's the long and short of it as to why you decided to go from a Christian to an Atheist?
    2. Get any jazz from anyone for that decision?
    3. I think I asked this on before? The Decision: Spontaneously? Long Or Short Decision? Anything Else? In my world, it's called, A Backstory. The Gestation-Period. Any like or similar modus operandi?
    4. You've already have given me some stout reasonably; personally or not so, reasons with the faults in Christianity, right? I think so, so now tell me please what and why Atheism is the bomb, so to say, and or the benefits of same in re the same manner or way that a Christian might do the very same thing, yet from the same position of their Christian initial POV to become one, and from no religious background, and an Atheist , and just say a born and raised Atheist one that flips to Christianity and whether or not this subject person a was a Christian, Buddhist or what have you, including any non-religious or atheists leanings whatsoever. Just think of the proverbial Man From Mars and maticulates to Planet Earth w/o an inkling of WTF Is Religion.

    Take you time. I have more questions for you. Call it a week's worth because either out of parities sake, fairness, or, just me flipping the script on you as a change of pace.
  • PS: When going about it, no questions for me, please. That's a deal that can wait; if you have any for me ask after your answers have been represented. This isn't about me now, it's about you and your religious, and not so, ummm, Call it your journey/journey's. Deal? This is your "Day In The Sun" as the term has been used.

    Greg...or...Torquemada. Take your pick. :D
  • Questions are always welcome.

    1. What's the long and short of it as to why you decided to go from a Christian to an Atheist?

    I'll try to be as short as possible.

    a search for truth...but initially restricted to Christian context/perspective/box. Started thinking out of the box, trying to stay true to the bible without regard to human organizations. Learned Christian history. Understood it culturally as foreign to Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish culture. Learned within the context of Hebrew language and culture, rediscovered God according to the OT. Wanted to keep his commandments but saw violations on an institutional level (similar to institutional racism) that seemed to fit prophetic descriptions. Learned pagan history and it explained Christian history. Meanwhile, working on a novel that integrated many concepts from my beliefs and the battle between angels and demons. Got married. Friction started to build between my wife and I as I defended the messianic NT, then the biblical patriarchy, then the treatment of women, until I simply couldn't because I realized that the Israelites had crossed a line I could personally never cross or justify. That became a loose thread. Tug on a loose thread long enough... the whole thing unravels. And it did. The only sensical solution is that men invented ways in which to dominate women. Women couldn't possibly escape or argue if the commands were coming from "God". But its the same with getting people to go to war. How can they argue if the command is coming from "God"? And so the thread kept unraveling and the bible made more sense when understanding through the context and lens of humans being humans, manipulating each other.

    You see it all the time. Who hasn't experienced someone at church passing around an offering plate but not before making you feel guilty or feel like you owe or making you feel like you're robbing God if you don't "return" his "tithes and offerings"? Once you see the bible from a man-made perspective it becomes impossible not to see the human hands involved and what their motives were. And you stop trying to see some kind of fantasy and so the reality just presents itself to you. You drop superstition like a used piece of toilet paper because you know where it comes from and you can see how it is used and manipulated. You look at bible characters you used to admire and respect and you see them as evil tyrants and criminals. All because, the words didn't change. Your perception did. It's the same thing as that little monk kid said in the Matrix. Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try seeing the truth; that the spoon isn't really there. Once you understand you can bend the spoon so to speak because you don't just read the bible anymore. You see the matrix code. And then you understand that it exists to control people just as it controlled you.

    I remember when I was in the stage before leaving Christianity. I went to a religious college called Oakwood College in Huntsville AL. Now it is a university but it wasn't in 97. I had dreams and visions. And sometimes when I went to church I felt like I didn't belong there, not because I was evil, but because I saw evil in the church. And that's when it dawned on me that if evil existed at all that is the first place it would be. It only makes sense for evil to hide in the church because it best hides by pretending it isn't evil. Rather it is good. So if Satan did exist, it only made sense to me that he would inside the church, trying to get out; not outside trying to get in. But Christians were so incredibly arrogant. I certainly was. If my present self could have traveled back in time my past self would have to be convinced that I wasn't crazy or a tool of Satan. Why? Because when you have a strong belief, your BRAIN... builds a synaptic network, connecting ideas that support and reinforce your beliefs. I only grew to understand this power of the mind as a result of this journey and people who battled (intellectually) along the way.

    I battled Christians and non, as a Christian, and that forced me to study and research. I learned enough that it wasn't good enough to be Christian any more. Christianity was wrong. Once I became convinced of that there was no going back. I argued with other Israelites and even created a place for them online called Israelite Nation. Because I understood the bible's emphasis on nationality and not religion. So for at least 20 years I've been debating religion and spirituality. That's like having 2 decades of samurai duels or 2 decades of playing 1-on-1 basketball. It is only natural that you would get better at it. But I also learned that my previous debate style could be considered abrasive even though I didn't mean to be. So I also had to learn how debate in a way that accurately reflected my respect for my opponent because even though they were an opponent they weren't ever an enemy. Some people get confused because I've always had a passion towards the biblical story. Your emotional investment isn't magically cured just because you stop believing. Your perspective simply changes.

    At this point I don't feel that religion has to be all true, but if it is build on or based in fiction then people should know that and be able to embrace it and not go around taking it literally because it can be dangerous.

  • Read #1. Not avoiding, synthesizing. Note To Self. Moving to #2 now.

  • OK, hold it. Here's another thought in conjunction in re all 4 interrogatories.
    If we both, and anyone...hold it GREG!
    Let's take the four already presented at one per-day and see what that goes as there's multiple Q',s. A's going in them individually. And anything is just where we find it, but not mixed like one big gumbo in one pot. Feel that? The after that, maybe a summary is, if you/I feel like it. Meaning...Optional either way.
  • 2. Get any jazz from anyone for that decision?

    It is never easy or simple to change your beliefs. That's why people rarely do it and those who do rarely publicize it. But in that previous marriage I was the one who stayed loyal to religion. At least for awhile. The contention between my then wife and I forced me to think about things as I've never had to before. That's the thing. If no one challenges you its very easy to sick with the same beliefs because your brain actually doesn't like switching.

    The brain is more difficult change the older you are because its easier to learn new things than it is to disconnect all those synapses. The brain is like a ball of yarn. Your very identity can be caught up in the configuration of your neural network and therefore it naturally defends itself against changes and may perceive threats as enemies. Again, going back to the Matrix, this is why it is difficult to free minds that are too old. I love my mother but the reality is that she is entirely indoctrinated. I say things she forgets. If her pastor says the same thing I said then she remembers. This was put to the test once.

    On one occasion I broke down to her the whole thing with the tetragrammaton and the name of God. She seemed genuinely interested but gave up on really going further with it. I gave her pastor the time of day, not saying my time was all that valuable, and I didn't dislike him, and he was curious and not defensive. So we had a respectful conversation and perhaps she thought he was going to "fix" me because all she cared about was me coming back to HER church (HER beliefs). Instead, a week or two later, surprise surprise, her pastors teaches a sermon on exactly what I had just taught her and he started using God's name more in general. And of course he was right to do so. There was never any reason not to. It's just that THE CHURCH(tm) set the precedent, influenced by the Masorites (Jews) to not speak the name. But that's ridiculous.

    For me... if you had said the sky is green and the bible says its blue I would call you out on it. Now, if you said "the bible says its green" I'm still going to call you out because that's not what the bible says. The way you are about plagiarism is kind of the way I am with accurate interpretation of the bible. Why should it matter to an atheist? Fair question. But most of the people I know aren't atheists so maybe if 90% of the people you know are being lied to you can be okay with that but for me, its not cool. But you cannot fix a lie with more lies. If you accept lies that are against the bible then you might as well accept the bible's lies. But I'm not a hypocrite and I learned that from Yeshua.

    For family members who take issue with my beliefs I will sometimes debate with them if we both feel like it. But I do try to hold back what I say because you kind of have to use your spirit to know when a person is receptive and when the reality is that people just don't want to know the truth. I have had to learn that many people simply aren't ready and cannot be unplugged. Of course that doesn't stop them from assuming you're a believer and assuming there's something wrong with you if you aren't.

    We've come along way from the slave ships. At that time, it was the opposite. Why would you ever believe in the god of your slave master? (rhetorical question) If their god allowed them to take you as a slave then what kind of god is that? But when the majority accept then we start justifying and the script gets flipped.

    I made the mistake of getting too real with one of my favorite aunts who does love me in spite of our conversation. But simply because I asked questions she compared me with Satan. Because of course in her mind, that's what made Lucifer into Satan, because he questioned God. My thing is, what does it say if you can't question God?

    And why do we think it's okay if God is a dictator? What does it say if we believe that God would even get angry at us asking questions? How insecure would he have to be for that? But the reality, we do all this thinking on God's behalf because he is out invention to begin with and so the more you talk about him and the more you ask questions it is only a matter of time before the very human thoughts and feelings of those who wrote and believed in God are revealed. It's the same as reading a book or studying a painting. Doing so is going to reveal at least some part of the artist.

    At this point I don't care who knows about my beliefs in my family but it isn't too dissimilar from "coming out" to them. You want to be somewhat careful at first because no one wants to be the black sheep of the family or the one that everyone is praying for. But feeling rather bold in 2019, I addressed a room full of my family in Canada. The overall response was so much better than I could have ever hoped for; not because everyone agreed with what I was saying but because they absorbed it in a way that made them think and they weren't defensive about it. It was good. And it allowed me to integrate a lot of information they simply didn't know and their church hadn't (and normally wouldn't ever) taught. At the end of it an elderly gentlemen who was there as a friend of the family (this was a sabbath afternoon near my uncle's 70th birthday), asked for my number and with perfect humility said that he had learned more from me than he had in church for about 60 years. I appreciated hearing that but more so I enjoyed sharing that experience with them.

    The reality is that it takes a certain fearlessness to ask questions; even if you aren't the one directly asking. Some people can't even answer these kinds of questions because they are too afraid. But its not simply fear of God. It's also fear of society and being different.

    One of the questions I asked the group was "If God told you to kill me, would you do it?" And it was amazing. One person actually said yes so without trying to embarrass him or anything, because he's a great guy and I love him, but it was a good conversation.

    So overall, the response you get from people isn't something to fear because ultimately you are partially in control of it. The more you know what you're talking about and people can see you have a good character and you're not crazy or angry or whatever else they may use to try to justify you being different, the better they can relate to you in spite of that difference.
  • 3. I think I asked this on before? The Decision: Spontaneously? Long Or Short Decision? Anything Else? In my world, it's called, A Backstory. The Gestation-Period. Any like or similar modus operandi?

    As I said... at first your brain goes kicking and screaming.

    kids don't have to be convinced because to them its the same as an imaginary friend. Once they accept that its imaginary it doesn't have a hold on them.

    The other thing is that the more intelligent you are the better your mind is at defending your beliefs regardless if they are right or wrong.

    That's part of the reason why I can say with full belief that some Christians (like you) are just more intelligent than others. And no, its is not polite to talk about the intelligence of people; especially when it sounds dismissive. But the reality is that there are differences in intelligence as plain as day if you're looking or if you've had a job where you had to be responsible for other people and you end up wishing they were smarter.

    And then there are Trump supporters...

    But yeah... at first I couldn't "bend the spoon". All my experience up to that point was in the past and I thought that experience gave me an advantage when it came to knowing the truth. The more I knew the more I thought I couldn't be wrong and that made me arrogant and that arrogance accidently dripped out at times, making me sound condescending and if anyone ever gets that feeling from me I truly apologize because I don't like that.

    There's all kinds of evidence that points to the fact that the bible was man made. It's just that most of this evidence is debated among scholars, not lay people. And I was a lay person who basically made himself into a biblical scholar, not trying to be, but fashioned through the fire of competition/conflict.

    But if you aren't looking for the evidence... just like the bible says "seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you." But the irony is that the bible is right about many things (because some who wrote it were wise men) and wrong about many others. It's easy to take the parts that are right and completely ignore the parts that are dead wrong but that is what we do. We make excuses for that which we DESIRE to believe.

    So no it was hard. And in a way, I realized the more I knew to that point, the harder it was to see through it all and escape. And it is that fear... the fear of God, that normally keeps people in line and not asking questions... that fear is like a curtain and behind that curtain you see that the wizard of Oz is just a dude.

    But the one thing I couldn't tolerate... and the thing that eventually led to me seeing that Moses was a mass murderer... was the way that women were counted as spoils of war. The fact that other tribes or nations may have done the same thing doesn't help. It makes it worse because it says that the Israelites were no better and it wasn't because the law told them to be better and they didn't listen; it was the fact that it was clearly and conveniently left out of the law.

    If God didn't want them to do it he could have simply said "Thou shalt treat women as equals" and that would be that. If the bible said that women would not have had to fight for voting rights almost at the same time as slaves.

    This is where my righteous indignation kicked in because I grew up admiring knights and the idea of honor and chivalry. I believed in being a gentlemen and that men should protect women. To me, this was ugly and twisted, more akin to the idea of a caveman beating a woman over the head and taking her back to his lair. Perhaps we updated the club to Tequila but you get the point.

    And its not like it was my first time reading about this in the book of Numbers. I simply hadn't read it with open eyes before. I read it and defended it as a Christian zealot instead of honestly as a human who knew better. At that point I couldn't excuse them or God for talking so much about righteousness and how you had to follow this law and that, and the Israelites had to wear tzit tzit (fringes) of a certain color to remind them; all these reminders... feast days et al... all for the purpose of reminding them to be righteous and a holy people unto God.

    So when yap so much about abortion, for example, when you're not above beating an officer with an American flag... just rings very hollow. You know?

    The Israelites were very clearly doing their own thing. At first Moses had tight control but even he, even after executing many of them like a character from the game, Evil Genius, even he could not control them and their appetites and so he made political calculations the same as a modern Mitch. And since he was speaking for God, but wasn't God, he simply wasn't against the mistreatment of women because he wasn't enlightened as to that being, not a good thing.

    I never got over that. If God were real, so much suffering could have been avoided simply by putting a few extra lines "of code" (programming reference) in Exodus 20. Slavery could have been ended long before we were ever in chains. And that's also why this is all still important to me, as an atheist. Because so much of the world still holds the bible to be the absolute word of God. And if the word of God doesn't condemn slavery and Jim Crow and people beating each other, then we're in big trouble if everyone keeps following that same old voice.
  • 4. so now tell me please what and why Atheism is the bomb

    It's not, lol. It simply is THE TRUTH.


    It's not without benefit either. The benefit is freedom without fear. I do practice a religion. I simply do not believe in a personal God. But with my understanding of what God means in Hebrew... my understanding of "God" is the same as their original concept.

    god = power

    The reason why people worshiped the sun is because they knew it was powerful. The sun comes up and you feel heat. That's all it takes to know the sun is powerful. Did they know how far away it was? No.

    It is remarkable that they had no concept of just how far away the sun is and therefore the power it would have to have to be felt so far away. That's like yelling from Texas and being heard in New York.

    So, without personifying "power" into some form fashioned by superstition... I'm free to consider... ponder... wonder... etc. about the existence and the flow of "power". Just because the concept was taken over my literal people trying to religion, doesn't mean everyone in the ancient world took religion as literal truth.
    They used gods like imaginary actors, playing different parts that explained how things worked in their environment. In other words... they were very early scientists.

    That's why priests often knew things most people thought were magical. That's why there was an actual showdown between Moses and the priests of Egypt. It wasn't power vs no power. It's just that they had answers most people didn't know yet.

    So now my freedom allows me to keep things in perspective and appreciate the sun, the grass, the trees, the water, and everything... for what they are. And beyond that... I believe everything is energy. And so fortunately, it's not like I do not have a religion. I simply choose one that didn't force feed the notion of a personal God. I choose one that is based on a fictional story that doesn't pretend to be anything but. And I couldn't be happier. Well maybe... but I'm very happy and still have a community.
  • Whew! Truth there on my end! If yours holds sand like mine does, I don't think any qualified rational psychiatrist would like the idea of analyzing us in the same room at the same time out of fear of being murdered, and just for shits and giggles just to see if we could successfully pull it off. But, of course the shrink would never know it for his lack of being unable to see it and then confirm the same.
    "If God told you to kill me, would you do it?"

    Not out of hand, but with a heavy, heavy heart and certain particularly kinds with wonderful inducements and uncontainable of amounts $$$$$$$$$$$$, in cash, and other inducements, like a dozen defense lawyers and a bunch of unscrupulous jurors guaranteeing me acquittal like the day after they've been charged with the case, I'd bid you a heartful laurel and hardy felt farewell to you and croaked you'd be as dead as Julius Caesar. And then I'd weep as I counted all of my ill-gained loot with fourteen nymphs, of the virgin kind, and then mourn you like ooooh-soooo fondly and be out of Dodge at the speed of light!
    Nothing personal, mind you.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!

    "...at first I couldn't "bend the spoon". All my experience up to that point was in the past and I thought that experience gave me an advantage when it came to knowing the truth. The more I knew the more I thought I couldn't be wrong and that made me arrogant and that arrogance accidently dripped out at times, making me sound condescending and if anyone ever gets that feeling from me I truly apologize because I don't like that.".


    The Following PSA Dear Readers Is Known To Be Called Is A Witch's Brew Of Self-Motivated Absolutions & Pardons Administered By, To, And Exclusively To & For The Benefit Of Oneself.

    I too have employed this canarard, which is a nice way meaning it's, Pure Bullshit! Straight-Up, No Chaser. Now then, the upside is if you're a durty-durty bitch, you can walk away clean and with the sure and certain knowledge you won't feel jack shit about it, and wouldn't feel a thimble worth of pity if you did give 2-shits about it if the first place. Oh, guys?
    No such feeling for us, Nuh'uh. Fuck 'em two 'mo times AND kick'im when their down...and STRAIGHT in the NUTZ!!!!
    Just A PSA From Your Publisher...Durty & Shitty Dangerous Greg McGee.
  • I'll get to it all tomorrow, Zee. Dinner & Fam Time Now. Nice job. o:)
  • I'm not sure I understand the rest of question 4. But being an atheist is more about a return to the way things were in the beginning. The belief in gods is accepted as normal but it is all based on assumptions.

    Studying history to a certain degree, what jumps out at me is that I believe the concept of gods emerged as part of ancient science, like I said. And ancient priests were like scientists of their time. But the gods weren't "Real". They were fictional characters like Ross and Rachel. And they stood in as substitutes for all the things we didn't know.

    That's why, if you look at Creation myths from around the world, their similarities are all based on rational use of human imagination. The question is how seriously did everyone take it? If everyone knew the people who wrote the story there was no reason to assume those people were any different than them or had any special knowledge they lacked. So I think they accepted these stories as fiction. They understood it was just a "MYTH" and they weren't mad because they never felt deceived.

    Fast forward. Eventually priests found ways of taking advantage of their position. Maybe someone took the myth literally and were willing to serve the priest because by serving the priest they felt like they were serving the gods. However it may have happened, it became apparent to the priests that people would be willing to serve them if they thought the myths were real and if they took them literally.

    So depending on the culture these stories went from things no human could possibly know to things only a small handful of elites knew because they were specially chosen by the gods. Kings joined in on this act. Priests would proclaim that the king was chosen or was born from the gods. This way, their rule wouldn't be questioned so long as the gods weren't questioned. And since there were multiple gods, even if god #234 wasn't effin with you, god #128 might. And just like favorite characters on Friends, people developed attachments to different gods.

    Initially, this didn't matter because a small tribe could be divided like this with no problem. But as the population size goes up then these could turn into factions the same way that we are split into different religions. With each faction evolving along different lines, led by different priests, they could also offer different benefits to the faction.

    So understandably it would be problematic if the king was from the wrong faction and that faction wanted to take over.

    We know things like this happened because we know there was a point at which ancient Kemet tried to convert to monotheism. And it wasn't "oh they wanted to worship God". No. There is a separate benefit to monotheism that has nothing to do with who it is. It is a way of consolidating power. The power that the king has over split factions isn't the same as the power he would have over one unified nation. Ahkenaton tried this and failed. Constantine tried this and succeeded at the cost of merging his own religion into Christianity. The question is why he would be so willing to do that.

    This again goes back to how people used to treat these gods as mythical beings; works of fiction, not to be taken too seriously. So Constantine being a sun worshiper didn't matter outside of having a greater affinity towards the sun god faction. There are many solar deities so this would be like Democrat vs Republican on a global scale. Constantine didn't want to just lead Rome. Rome was an empire that wanted to conquer the world. So therefore the religion had to have more global (pagan) appeal.
  • When you understand all these and the political nature of it, you can see how modern science replaced ancient science but the political aspect of religion, harnessing the power of humanity, survived. It survived but it was largely Europeans who traveled the world and assumed that all the pagan beliefs they encountered were the immature beliefs of savages because in their mind there was a literal god who had given them permission to destroy anyone who wasn't a believer.

    Now... I think Moses was a monster for what he did to his own people. But I understand the politics of it. Obviously, if you kill off 1/3 (I don't recall the actual number or ratio right now) of your people the rest will fall in line out of fear. Humans use fear because they don't have super powers. Can you imagine Superman thinking he needed to kill 1 million people in order to keep criminals too afraid to commit crimes? No, fear is not a weapon for a true God. It is a weapon of a false god. It's just like Q anon, using fear, to get white people to feel used and victimized and also preach that the devil is leading the opposite party and that's why they eat babies and want to rape children. People will believe anything you tell them if you can hack their brains.

    This idea that God would EVER need you to kill for him... it is an idea that dethrones God. On the one hand, you are willing to do whatever he commands because you feel like a good soldier and he is your authority figure; your commanding officer. But God could wipe out billions with a snap, like Thanos, right? Why would he need you to do it? Again... you have to see through to the very HUMAN characters behind the story; the ones often telling the story. I'm not questioning God. I'm questioning them! They wrote the story.

    In Thanos's mind killing 1/2 of life in the universe was good. Do you agree? Thanos sought to acquire the power of God, in order to wield it to do his own will. Good or evil? Your God wants to wipe out billions upon billions of humans (and based on your theology want to torture them) simply on the basis that they don't believe the stories told by other humans that this god exists. As far as sin goes, everyone is equally guilty, but there is a strange type of guilt applied to people who simply don't believe. Why? Because they are not following along with the story... with THE PROGRAM.

    If you believe then the people in power leading you can get you to help them carry out their evil designs; the "snap". And make no mistake about it, Christians are simply waiting for some dude to say he's Jesus and if enough people are convinced they will try to take over the world because it was always about world domination.

    What about heaven?

    Nope. Sorry. That's just a carrot to help motivate people to sacrifice their lives. And did the people helping Thanos really think they would be victims of the snap? Of course not. They thought they would be exempt. Everyone always does. When people participate in evil schemes they often believe they're the good guys.

    That's why when this person in Canada said he would kill me if asked to by God, I asked him how would he know that was actually God?

    I would ask the same question to you since you also volunteered to end my life, even though I thought we were pretty cool, and even though we can both agree that murder is wrong, but as per the agreement I cannot ask any questions. What I will say though is that if you have a conscience, don't ever let anyone push you to turn it off or suspend it. That person is evil, trying to get you to do evil too. Yeshua said a tree is known by its fruit. So what does the bible say about murder? The bible is pretty clear which side of Good and Evil murder falls on. But even though this is true, and even though the bible says this is what the devil wants to do and that he is a deceiver, and that the devil wanted to be God, all it would take for you is for the devil to say "I'm God. Now Go murder Zealot X." And I'm dead.

    This is why I could never be a Christian. For all the talk about good and evil, it's like it really doesn't matter which side is which. It's just like when, in Star Wars, Palpatine takes over the Senate and turns it into an empire. All he has to do is pretend to be a good guy long enough to get into a position of ultimate power and then next thing you know, the "good guy" hero of the story is murdering children. And partly because they don't mean anything compared his own family.

    Moral ambiguity...

    All these people building and operating the Death Star. And it took rebels to destroy it. Even the guy who built it, because he wasn't loyal to the Empire, built in a weakness that could have been take out with fewer casualties with a simple act of sabotage. But they didn't because they thought they were the good guys.

    It doesn't matter who gives the order, some orders are simply WRONG and shouldn't be followed. You learned this in the military. Yes, they wanted you to follow orders and mostly without question. Their argument to this is that if you question orders people (on your side) might get killed while you're busy trying to sort out if its the right move. Again... fear. They magnify the concept in your mind that your side is more important than their side. This is the same as ancient humans being told their God was more important than other gods and so they needed to kill in order to win.

    oh "SNAP".

  • You realize, of course, there will never be a mutual 360 degree agreement with this, well one exception, possibly. 'We're going to need a bigger boat..." boat. JAWS, 1975, iirc.

    Today is going to be a...touch and go thing with me kinda deal. Time isn't going to be on my side, and at least until after 5'ish. We'll see. When on it, I'll need to tackle things Post #1 and Post # Two, de accord?
  • "You're gonna need a bigger boat".

    That's not for you, Zeeman. It's a kinda sorta a note to myself to get on with my....ummmmm....my summation. I see now it won't be easy. I'll be doing it...well...on second-thought...maybe not because I haven't got Act III fully together yet. I not mean that as-in length. Just plot. My conclusion.
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