The Birthplace of Gods

The benefit of seeing only humans means that there is never a superior being telling me to do things that I would morally object to or perceive as evil. What good is it to be offended at slavery if the only reason for your offense is that it was our ancestors who it happened to? What if we had enslaved whites? Would you fight for their freedom? Would you be part of their underground railroad?

Humans, to me, are all the same. How much value we give each one is a matter of perspective.

When a human feels a pull, not only to defend themselves but fundamentally see themselves as more than just their one individual body...

This is when a human begins to speak as a god. What I mean by that is, leaders emerge out of necessity. You, who lead your family, are its voice. Everyone else in the family respects that voice and honors it. The greater your household the greater your voice; the more you seem to access the collective voices of more people.

The more you are willing to sacrifice the individual for the whole the more of this "higher self" mentality you achieve. And then you think and speak as an "enlightened one". Like Yeshua or Buddha or Fred Hampton, or Malcolm X, or MLK, and many others.

People who elevate themselves over their own personal needs may often feel "called", "selected", "chosen". But the truth is that this is quite normal. We all have a conscience. If you give your conscience a megaphone it simply turns into "the voice of God".

But since your conscience is not God it is fundamentally based on your understanding of right and wrong. There are people who are psychopaths and sociopaths. For them, its like this basic programming is either missing or defective. And it allows them to hurt people while "God consciousness" makes you want to help people.

What I'm trying to tell you is that its the same SCALE/SPECTRUM.

All babies start out only thinking about themselves. This is why Trump is often compared to a baby or a small child. Because that's level of his consciousness.

There really is no science of consciousness in today's world. That's why Spirituality exists. But even that is limited because you have different factions and inside of each are people who seek and compete for power. And this could be the power to save the world (sometimes through domination) or the power to destroy it (to remake it in your own image).

Either a person is willing to sacrifice themselves or they're willing to sacrifice others. Each person must simply ask themselves which kind of person they are. How important is their existence, next to another human?

This is the birthplace of gods.


  • "What good is it to be offended at slavery if the only reason for your offense is that it was our ancestors who it happened to?".
    "...if... the only reason for your offense is...".

    "If ". The Big Operative Word. "...if...".
    Here's another "...if...". It's not the only reason. Slavery was abolished via the 18th Amendment in 1865. Yet, and in 2021, some not-so-new shit was thrown into the game big time, these days. These days we got some fairly new shit going on. It's called "Systemic"...Racism.
    It's not the "only reason"...just another one in a new suit and ID badge.
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