Well, "whut u gon do?"

Man, if a fine female close friend of your spouse, girlfriend, etc. sought to entice you into having a secret quiet sexual fling with her, and she's been hitting on you for quite some time, etc. And you know it. Now this is a very close friend of your woman, but she's also a healthy fine sexy specimen of a woman herself. And she has been wooin' yo azz quietly, sending messages, calling yo phone, etc. while tryna not to alert her good friend, your woman. How would you now begin to handle this situation, have a talk with her, continue to ignore her, bring it to da attention of your spouse, woman, etc. Whereas yo azz tryna avoid any drama, etc. Or awww damn, go ahead a bone her sexy azz! Well... your course of action is? Gfb easing on...


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