I LOVE Virtual Reality

If you are looking for a new form of covid-friendly entertainment, look no further than VR.

VR has been around for a long time, in theory. Earlier forms were extremely ugly because the technical requirements of doing VR well are steep. Essentially, you have to have 2 screens, 1 for each eye. Because the image on both screens is different your eyes can function more like they do in the real world and your brain feels more like you are actually there. As you turn your head your vision moves along with it. So the headset has to be able to track the motion of your head. Future headsets will also track your eyes themselves. 

While arguably we're still someone early still in what VR and AR will become, the current state of games and other content is compelling. While it would take 2 PS4s to give you the same quality in VR, things are catching up.

However, the biggest benefit of VR isn't the graphics. It's the active presence and involvement of your body. If you're playing a boxing game in VR you're not simply mashing buttons. You're literally throwing punches. I have a game called Pistol Whip that plays like you're staring in a John Wick movie. Its a rail shooter where you're constantly moving forward but you're also having to dodge bullets. The result is both a lot of fun and a good workout. 

I have another game called Super Hot. In Super Hot, if you move quickly the game moves in real time but if you move in slow motion so does the action. This lets you deflect and slice bullets with a katana, throw a knife at someone, catch the gun that falls from their hands, use it to shoot the guy behind you, pick up a frying pan, hit another guy, grab the knife he was throwing, and so on.

If you like to exercise I have a game called FitXR (formerly BoxVR) where there are classes motivated by coaches and you have to punch incoming blocks with specific punches while blocking and dodging other obstacles. Last time I did it I burned over 660 calories in one class. 

Like sports? I watched part of a recent game, with other VR users, in virtual seats that switch to be under the rim of where the ball is. So what you get is a cross between the TV viewing experience and actually being there.

Like to play sports? Try Sports Scramble. It's a silly game where you might bowl with a football, play tennis with a beach ball, or baseball with a hockey stick. And because it's VR you're not just pushing buttons. You are actively swinging, bowling, pitching, etc.

These are some of the experiences you'll find in VR with more to discover and more being created all the time.

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