The Key To Black Survival?

In your view/opinion, as others we all have witnessed QQ... the murder/killing of our black men and women while in the custody of white police officers, etc. This has been happening for hundreds of years, ii ain't just started! Whereas thousands of black men and women were assaulted and killed by white police officers, white mobs, etc. Black ,men and women, including children, were murdered at random, etc. Here this nation is, in the year 2021, and black folks are still being disrepected and murdered, shot down while unarmed, by mainly white police officers, etc. What do we do, riot, raise hell, burn down our own communities, talk and listen to a lot of BS from white folks, etc. Then we retreat back into our hoods until the next killing! Lets all take a step forward hea. "How can we as a racial ethnicity [black folk] begin to address and stop the unarmed killing of our black citizens by usually white police officers?" Address this among yourselves, etc. Now whutchu gots da say??? What should blacks be doing to stop this violent assault against our black citizens? Gfb... QQ...


  • There's no way around the need for wealth and power.

    Why do you think Conservatives fight so hard to maintain it? There is an officer who explained how he would fill his quotas in poor minority neighborhoods because they were less likely to be connected (related or friends with a mayor, governor, judge or prosecutor).

    Since we cannot all be friends with powerful people we have to change the perception that, by default, we aren't.

    The NAACP gets a lot of negative heat from black people as well as hardly any support. As a national organization they can only do so much. The Southern Poverty Law Center has perhaps done more for us.

    However, the point is, if you took the NAACP and actually bankrolled an army of lawyers similar to how you bankroll major home or car repairs... INSURANCE.

    Yes... I'm saying we need BLACK INSURANCE.

    Marinate on that for a sec. Ok?

    Now let's say every black person in America contributed $1/mo to the NAACP for themselves and each child. Is this affordable? Yes.

    This would give the NAACP over 40M each month.

    There is only one reason why Donald Trump has been almost unstoppable in court.


    If the NAACP had 40M each month they could fight a ridiculous number of court cases. They could hire a black law firm in every state. If a case has to go beyond the state level then EVERY black firm under the NAACP umbrella could all work together on each case that goes national.

    More than anything, do you understand what that kind of legal power could do?

    Even if we didn't win every case we could afford to make people miserable and tie them up in litigation for years.

    What's the reason many people take plea deals and settle out of court even when they're innocent??

    It's because the legal system is so corrupt that if a prosecutor (armed with tax payer dollars) wants to go after you all they have really consider are the political ramifications. But they can make a case so strong (the system is built to be this way) that no weak public defense attorney will be able to win and that's why they advice their clients to plea out.

    But what if, instead of a PDA, you walked into court with 12 representatives from the NAACP's national (maybe even international) law firm? And what if the odds of winning the case skyrocketed because of the wealth and power behind you? How many times would the DA want to lose so spectacularly in court before he/she started dropping way more cases involving black people?

    And if the DA tells the police force to stop treating black suspects a certain way or else... how long do you think it would take before it wasn't worth the hassle?

    That's what happens when you have power. And even if you're poor you can have COLLECTIVE Buying/Bargaining power. Same thing happens when you're a member of Sam's club.

    And I wouldn't stop there. I would increase the insurance 2x. The rest of the money I would put into a political action committee that I would call "TUPAC" (The Urban Political Action Committee), which could be run by a handful of people, using the ActBlue donation system, to make sure Democrats won every major election but make a deal with the DNC that in exchange for that money there has to be a quota system of black elected politicians serving on key committees. We would then write the laws that the police had to follow which means also creating higher consequences for police abusing power and severely punishing any act done out of racial bias. Police departments across the country would rush to hire more black people to police black areas so that they wouldn't run the risk of major fines. And that's what you make the punishment. BIG FINES. Statutory fines. Don't even let the judge decide.

    Why do you think we use sanctions against other countries?

    Many KKK groups have had to pay millions to black families they victimized and some have lost their very land to victim's families. They were being financially sanctioned and most people didn't even know about it. And if the sanctions aren't hurting enough, you simply raise them higher.

    If someone drives a getaway car that person is called an accessory.

    Let's make people accessories to illegal racist behavior. That way the racist is putting their friends in danger and there could be major fines for even knowing that something racist was about to go down.

    If we're writing the laws then that means white people have to work for us to enforce those laws and if they don't enforce our laws then we get the FBI to go after them and charge that as a federal crime.

    Until we put our money where our mouth is we should expect white people to place their asses in front of our lips. And at that point we might as well drink a warm glass of STFU. White people support their politics. They use their money to maintain power so they can make more money and live the way they want to. If we're surviving off the money THEY are using to control the political system then its like someone buying you dinner and all you do is complain. Buy your own damn food. Buy your own politicians. You think they're not for sale? Wrong. Read Dr. Claud Anderson's books. And more importantly, we need put our own politicians in there who campaign on doing these things.

    If we do these 2 things, both accomplished by this idea of "Black Insurance", there is nothing else we really need to do. No marches. No riots. None of that. No one really respects those things anyway. You want real change in an capitalistic society? You have to pay for it like you pay for everything else.
  • One thing about it, we CAN'T manage to get rid of the 'KKK', this racist organization is being heavily supported by the entire white race. They collective send their pennies/nickles/dollars to this organization, that's the only reason they have managed to stay in power___It takes money to keep ANY ORGANIZTION running.

    The focus point should be on the 'Commissioner of Police' , they weld ALL the POWER, that's also why we have never got a guilty white cop imprisoned, the police commission is standing at the jail door, circumventing any white cop from going to jail, he would cleary end up dead in jail.

    What should black people do for survival? We have so many issues to guard against, police brutality, black on black assault/crime,
    too many young folk uneducated, so they can't get a well-paying job, too many racist own the company we're trying to be hired for.
    too many black men turning their back toward black women. Whewww, it is so much to contend with.
  • I agree with all that you just stated. One of the most important part of this is undereducated young and older black folk. One will require even a skill of some sort to survive in da 21 Century, and beyond, etc. Eveybody can't sell drugs, etc. Most black men today in prisons are in der behind drugs, that in some states are no longer illegal! Thanks for sharing..
  • But like B.R. said... any organization requires money. However, if an organization is operating against the law it will cost them more money than an organization operating within the law. Used correctly, laws along with the court system, can be used to transfer wealth from white supremacy straight to black people who can then use it for education and everything else.
  • Actually Black people are survivalist, we have managed to survive all the hate and viscous attacks directed at us for centuries.

    What will it take for us to rise above the conditions in the black community_____ another Martin Luther King. Black people for the most part are __ followers. Obviously we have No Sense of Direction, or we wouldn't be in the predicament we're in. Yeah many of us managed to rise about the pettiness of self-inflicted wounds, but, how much further would we be if we found a way to excel beyond our condition (in general).

    Surviving is akin to merely existing. We are a creative people, intelligent, witty___And so much more. Why we can't find the way to loving ourselves is the REAL Issue that has been cast upon us__And many of us have never found a way out of that box.
  • strAightalk1strAightalk1 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA
    Actually Black people are survivalist, we have managed to survive all the hate and visCous attacks directed at us for centuries.

  • @basicreasoning

    You're absolutely right. The other thing though is that we have lost our tribal identities.

    Think about it this way. It's much easier to be a village chief than the leader of the allied native American tribes if such a thing exists. I know there's a federation now but when it mattered I don't think there was. Europeans are (I almost said smart) strategic. Whenever they can use divide and conquer they will do it and play 2 natural enemies against each other until they're both in a weaken state.

    Because we have no tribal identity we're not looking for 100 smaller leaders. We're looking for 1. But if 1 was natural then all of Africa would have been united under 1 leader eons ago and I mean that almost literally. Because that 1 leader hasn't appeared we don't feel obligated to follow anyone and therefore we fall prey to individual thinking and this leads us to competing against each other because we don't accept each other as being from the same tribe.

    Its kind of like a gang and maybe gangs are really the closet thing to the tribalism that we lost.

    But gangs are fiercely loyal to each other and that's what appeals to new members. Gangs help each other survive in the worst environments for survival. Gangs engage in "group economics" to a very small extent and operate a "family business".

    These activities can all be organized as a CEO would organize a corporation because it has a clear hierarchy. Black people do not.

    I humbly submit to you, that this is very much fixable; that something is triggered in our brains when we see other people without our same last name who might be related to us, who might be "family". And the last name is almost pure fiction. Last names are a recent invention. And most of our last names come from our slave owners. My last name is one of the 13 most powerful families on the planet. Can I use it to get me anywhere in life? No. Laughably, I couldn't even use it to get a job a local college bearing the same last name, for a position I was extremely qualified for. But still, when black people with my last name see each other on FB... we "friend" each other. In all likely hood some of us are related and many only related to different groups of us on the same friends list. Why? Because that was the name of the family who went to Jamaica and traded us and started plantations there.

    To fix the problem of leadership we need to create our own new tribes to replace gangs. Each tribe can have 1-7 "family businesses". And each tribe supports its members. With each tribe having leadership over the tribe and people can join or marry into the tribe, and each tribe can offer tax incentives and other benefits, and each tribe can independently seek reparations and fight for different reforms and engage in politics, the power is in the tribal identity.

    You just need people to buy into a new tribal paradigm. It's no different from the show Survivor. You create a tribe and that tribe overcomes challenges facing it. When you do away with tribalism entirely now you have too many people looking to only one person and no where in Africa do you see that. Even if tribalism has been lost to a large degree in Africa, Africa still has many countries where each country is its own identity. We in the US don't have that. All we are is black and then when someone asks where we're from we tell them where we live but that identity does not connect us to the other people living in that state. Those people are competition for survival, not assistance.

    All it would take is for us to start the first tribe, brand it, advertise it, choose leaders, and construct a type of constitution. Greek organizations can be somewhat of a model for this but come on... we need to do better than that. There are societies within the US that are similar to this. Many are called "lodges".

    If you read around this site it is almost embarrassing what they have been able to accomplish (quietly) while we have loudly called for change and because we ask without power we fail to receive it. They even have their own disaster relief fund. It falls under 501(c)(3) and guarantee you that money is only for elks members.

    There is nothing stopping us from doing this. Only ourselves. It takes a huge ego to try to lead an entire nation of black people. It doesn't take a massive ego to lead a small organization. Huge ego = huge problems. 1 leader = 1 target.

    There are real secret societies that have been operating under our noses this whole time and they're not really secret. They just don't advertise. If we created a "tribe" like this, by invite only, we could absolutely create something extremely positive and create a template for others to follow.
  • any thoughts on starting new tribes?
  • One thing about it, we CAN'T manage to get rid of the 'KKK', this racist organization is being heavily supported by the entire white race.

    I think a Few Good Men n6z50jk832s5.png
    and I could.

    1. A Plan: Psywar with Guerrilla Warfare Tactics.
    2. ^That^ tends to destroy from within.
    3. Fear, Mistrust of Members/Membership, Paranoia, Division, "Dirty Tricks", Lethal and Not.
    4. Bounties On Member(s) Heads,
    5. It won't take too long before members, and local non-members to clash to some degree for many, many reasons. One cannot run a terror cell w/o civilian/local help. Piss-off the civvies and point the finger at the terrorizing group, we've just added a new indirect ally of snitches, what's AKA "A Third Column". Now, there will be civilian reprisals. Count on it. But, that inherently multiplies potentially more casualties on the civilian side of the equation. War, is what it is.

    It worked in the 1st and 2nd Gulf War. It'll work here, too. That's my Pipe Dream Of The Day.

  • Well... Let me just say, that although I am about peace and love, it is also natural, when society has a cancer, to have a desire to cut the cancer out. The problem with racism is that both sides convince themselves the other side is the cancer. The other side is not the cancer. The cancer is the FEAR. We cut each other out when we are unable to cut out the fear.
  • I second ^that^...with a proviso or two.
    Fear is quite often a "force multiplexer, or plier(s)". I.E.,hyper awareness, creatively, and a certain kind of physical and mental strength and durability when one needs it the most. And thus, the Medal Of Honor and like and lesser citations, civilian and military awards, were born. Peace, Love, and Freedom ain't Free. A tab is always presented at the end of the day.
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