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MARCH 17, 2021

We will continue the thread entitled, "INFORMANTS...VACCINATIONS...STIMULUS PACKAGE....PART 2", a bit later because this tyhread deserves alot of attention. We have pushed alot of factual knowledge about Cyphert to both black and latinos, but it appears that there are some hispanics working in alliance with him. Cyphert spends alot of time at 3306 West 52nd street in West Cleveland, Ohio, but lives at 3254 West 38th street. He has a roommate who is a highly intelligent blackman. But Cyphert, like most euro-americans in Ohio, think he is slicker. Since the writin ofd "INFORMANTS...VACCINATIONS...STIMULUS PACKAGE", Cyphert have been in cahoots with some euro-american cops and white supremacists in the Parma, Ohio, region. For some apparent reason Cyphert have been going around claiming that the hispanics living beneath him at 3254 West 38th street has keys to his apartment, and just recently he claimed that they were behind the destruction of his laptop. The information was given to a certain polce officer he knows, and the conspiracies have went stealth. Cyphert told his black roommate that the hispanics living beneath them were plotting against him and anytime he came home they would get very quiet as if to listen to every sound coming from his room. But at the same time Cyphert have been secretly eating up his roommate's food while taking money from him for rent. Cyphert then went around telling parties that he has nearly $4,000 saved to move mysteriously out o0f a neighborhood he despises. Stealing his roommate's food have allowed him to save nearly 4$,000 he so egotistically have been bragging about and something very serious is about to happen in the hispanic neighborhood when he leaves. He also claims that hispanics have been beating up his burgundy small compact car which seems to have alot of problems, as he say. Whether or not this information was given to police or not still remains in question. So why would Cyphert accuse all of these people of offenses against him even though he is accident prone? Why is he telling white supremacists in Parma, Ohio, lies about his encounters with blacks and hispanics, which on March 16, 2021, in the morning hours, a police cruiser with a known white supremacist cop was slowly creeping down West 38th street. This was the very strange. And on March 16, 2021, in the eveninhg hours, Cyphert creeped away to a place all night long. So whatever he and those crooked copps have planned against blacks and hispanics Cyphert claims he has had encounters with, the bubble is about to pop.

One reason why Cyphert is slowly moving to a white supremacist community in stealth is because there are rumors that something massive is about to occur in April of 2021. There is a white supremacist, according to very reliable sources, who goes by the name of "Al." A euro-american female who stated that white supremacists are about to attack people of color claims that Al's phone number is 216-496-3582. She claims that Al is a registered soldier for Donald Trump, and he was connected to several parties that was in the riot which took place at the Whitehouse in DC, on January 6, 2021. She also says that Al, and a very large number of white supremacist Trump supporters staying in Parma, Westlake, North Ridgeville, and in Solon, Ohio claim that April of 2021 is their Last Stand. Is this why CVyphert stole food from his roommate and took money from him only to depart while his roommate was at work? Something wicked is coming! Cyphert is an old white supremacist who feels that he should stay around his kind. He lies, steals, and cheat people of color to get his way. He have told unbelievable lies about things which wouldn't stand in any court of law, and his family seems to support his evils. The black roommate was robbed and do not know if Cyphert did something to his food which, as he stated to one female, was in containers. Cyphert is a very evil and calculating white supremacists who is always planning some sort of attack against a person of color. Is he tied in with Al and the rest of the white supremacists in Northeastern Ohio remains to be seen. His black roommate fed him when he was hungry and purchsed all of the neccessities such as toilet paper, et cetera, only to have money tooken from him and Cyphert mysteriously depart overnight without calling. It is very difficult for euro-americans to be trusted in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, because nearly everyone thinks they are more smarter and intelligent than the average person of color. In truth they are more intelligent when it comes to plotting against people of color and using police to mass incarcerate them. So what is really going on, some must be saying!

White supremacists connected to the guy name Al claims that the best time to attack people of color in multiple ways is when they are enjoying the Stimulus money euro-americans claim they are giving people of color. While people are going to stores spending, getting high and getting drunk, there is an army preparing for battle against you! They are focused on the month of April before executing it. They further claim that Joe Biden isn't the President of the U.S. and the military doesn't recognize him as the president. Most black people claim that they are in denial. But is there some sort of truth to what they are saying? Is Joe Biden really speaking from areas not connected to where trump spoke, and is it true Biden have never flown on Air Force One because of military rejection? There is alot to be experienced as the days get closer to the month of April, 2021. People of color need to start paying more attention to the mindset of euro-americans they are communicating withbecause many of them are making moves that is not normal. The fact Cyphert robbed his roommate before he took off is very questionable about what is about to happen to black and latinos in the coming days. Cyphert, according to people who know hios family, would never do what he did to his black roommate unless he was sure that white supremacists, including police, had people of color in checkmate. And from what people that know Al have been saying is that he has serious ties with white supremacist cops in Parma. But there is no need to investigate because they claim that there is enough blacks and hispanics in some sort of position of authority that will block your every move. It was further stated by Al, according to the same female, that white supremacists run RTA or the Regional Tranist Authority in Cleveland, even though there are more people of color as employees. The high ranking men and women in charge are euro-americans. Would black and latinos believe that when you ride any RTA train, et cetera, there is wifi on board? Did you know they have been using wifi to steal your information from your cell phones while lkistening to your calls?



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    They watch everyone who gets onboard their trains and the team which monitors the wifi connects with the engineering team who controls the intelligence of the signals. Something unbelievable is about to happen to people of color and any party(s) who have either spoken against or somehow was against my threads are deeply involved. There are multiple blackmen who claim that a euro-american female, simply called Kara (216) 505-9110, who apparently is from Pennsylvania but stays in a certain section of Ohio. She, according to video feeds, have deep ties with this character known as Al. But according to people who know her she is much more deadlier than any euro-american man. She throws out money to black and latino people but gets the goods on them. Most ofm them who know her claim that it was their worst mistake ever giving her their cell phone number and other information. Whoever she knows within the Collinwood, Ohio, police department may have ties to the feds some say. Remember, when the so-called riot took place at the Whitehouse there were cops and federal agents involved. So there are alot of white supremacists everywhere and the thing standing between black people and white supremacists are those black people who protects them and act as their attack dogs. The month of April is supposedly going to be something terrifying for people of color while you are enjoying your Stimulus. Some people are going to die, and this was stated by Cyphert himself, which will be witnessed by at least 13 people who overheard him. So while you black and latinos are enjoying that Stimulus money, you had better keep your eyes on April of 2021. This is suppose to be a time of something very interesting happening. I apologize for the shortness of this thread but it was necessary before we put together some science as to what is making you go out of your minds! below is just a little of the chaos thats confusing you while so many other things are secretly at play.

    After Thought: White supremacists working for the FBI have people of color is their sight. This is just some of the latest happening to people of color. With every new smart piece of smart technology we acquire, every new app we download, every new photo or post we share online, we are making it that much easier for the government and its corporate partners to identify, track and eventually round us up. Saint or sinner, it doesn’t matter because we’re all being swept up into a massive digital data dragnet that does not distinguish between those who are innocent of wrongdoing, suspects, or criminals. This is what it means to live in a suspect society. The government’s efforts to round up those who took part in the Capitol riots shows exactly how vulnerable we all are to the menace of a surveillance state that aspires to a God-like awareness of our lives. Relying on selfies, social media posts, location data, geotagged photos, facial recognition, surveillance cameras and crowdsourcing, government agents are compiling a massive data trove on anyone and everyone that is a person of color. The amount of digital information is staggering: 15,000 hours of surveillance and body-worn camera footage; 1,600 electronic devices; 270,000 digital media tips; at least 140,000 photos and videos; and about 100,000 location pings for thousands of smartphones. In a suspect society such as ours, the burden of proof has been flipped: now, you start off guilty and have to prove your innocence. All of the many creepy, calculating, invasive investigative and surveillance tools the government has acquired over the years are on full display right now in the FBI’s ongoing efforts to bring the rioters to “justice.” FBI agents are matching photos with drivers’ license pictures; tracking movements by way of license plate toll readers; and zooming in on physical identifying marks such as moles, scars and tattoos, as well as brands, logos and symbols on clothing and backpacks. They’re poring over hours of security and body camera footage; scouring social media posts; triangulating data from cellphone towers and WiFi signals; layering facial recognition software on top of that; and then cross-referencing footage with public social media posts.

    It’s not just the FBI on the hunt, however. They’ve enlisted the help of volunteer posses of private citizens, such as Deep State Dogs, to collaborate on the grunt work. As Dinah Voyles Pulver reports, once Deep State Dogs locates a person and confirms their identity, they put a package together with the person’s name, address, phone number and several images and send it to the FBI. According to USA Today, the FBI is relying on the American public and volunteer cybersleuths to help bolster its cases. This takes See Something, Say Something snitching programs to a whole new level. The lesson to be learned: Big Brother, Big Sister and all of their friends are watching you. They see your every move: what you read, how much you spend, where you go, with whom you interact, when you wake up in the morning, what you’re watching on television and reading on the internet. Every move you make is being monitored, mined for data, crunched, and tabulated in order to form a picture of who you are, what makes you tick, and how best to control you when and if it becomes necessary to bring you in line. Simply liking or sharing this article on Facebook, retweeting it on Twitter, or merely reading it or any other articles related to government wrongdoing, surveillance, police misconduct or civil liberties might be enough to get you categorized as a particular kind of person with particular kinds of interests that reflect a particular kind of mindset that might just lead you to engage in a particular kinds of activities and, therefore, puts you in the crosshairs of a government investigation as a potential troublemaker a.k.a. domestic extremist. Chances are, as the Washington Post reports, you have already been assigned a color-coded threat score—green, yellow or red—so police are forewarned about your potential inclination to be a troublemaker depending on whether you’ve had a career in the military, posted a comment perceived as threatening on Facebook, suffer from a particular medical condition, or know someone who knows someone who might have committed a crime.

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    In other words, you might already be flagged as potentially anti-government in a government database somewhere—Main Core, for example—that identifies and tracks individuals who aren’t inclined to march in lockstep to the police state’s dictates. The government has the know-how. As The Intercept reported, the FBI, CIA, NSA and other government agencies have increasingly invested in corporate surveillance technologies that can mine constitutionally protected speech on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to identify potential extremists and predict who might engage in future acts of anti-government behavior. All it needs is the data, which more than 90% of young adults and 65% of American adults are happy to provide. When the government sees all and knows all and has an abundance of laws to render even the most seemingly upstanding citizen a criminal and lawbreaker, then the old adage that you’ve got nothing to worry about if you’ve got nothing to hide no longer applies. As for the Fourth Amendment and its prohibitions on warrantless searches and invasions of privacy without probable cause, those safeguards have been rendered all but useless by legislative end-runs, judicial justifications, and corporate collusions. License plate readers, yet another law enforcement spying device made possible through funding by the Department of Homeland Security, can record up to 1800 license plates per minute. Moreover, these surveillance cameras can also photograph those inside a moving car. Reports indicate that the Drug Enforcement Administration has been using the cameras in conjunction with facial recognition software to build a “vehicle surveillance database” of the nation’s cars, drivers and passengers. Sidewalk and “public space” cameras, sold to gullible communities as a sure-fire means of fighting crime, is yet another DHS program that is blanketing small and large towns alike with government-funded and monitored surveillance cameras. It’s all part of a public-private partnership that gives government officials access to all manner of surveillance cameras, on sidewalks, on buildings, on buses, even those installed on private property.

    Couple these surveillance cameras with facial recognition and behavior-sensing technology and you have the makings of “pre-crime” cameras, which scan your mannerisms, compare you to pre-set parameters for “normal” behavior, and alert the police if you trigger any computerized alarms as being “suspicious.” State and federal law enforcement agencies are pushing to expand their biometric and DNA databases by requiring that anyone accused of a misdemeanor have their DNA collected and catalogued. However, technology is already available that allows the government to collect biometrics such as fingerprints from a distance, without a person’s cooperation or knowledge. One system can actually scan and identify a fingerprint from nearly 20 feet away. Developers are hard at work on a radar gun that can actually show if you or someone in your car is texting. Another technology being developed, dubbed a “textalyzer” device, would allow police to determine whether someone was driving while distracted. Refusing to submit one’s phone to testing could result in a suspended or revoked driver’s license. It’s a sure bet that anything the government welcomes (and funds) too enthusiastically is bound to be a Trojan horse full of nasty, invasive surprises. Case in point: police body cameras. Hailed as the easy fix solution to police abuses, these body cameras—made possible by funding from the Department of Justice—turn police officers into roving surveillance cameras. Of course, if you try to request access to that footage, you’ll find yourself being led a merry and costly chase through miles of red tape, bureaucratic footmen and unhelpful courts. The “internet of things” refers to the growing number of “smart” appliances and electronic devices now connected to the internet and capable of interacting with each other and being controlled remotely. These range from thermostats and coffee makers to cars and TVs. Of course, there’s a price to pay for such easy control and access. That price amounts to relinquishing ultimate control of and access to your home to the government and its corporate partners. For example, while Samsung’s Smart TVs are capable of “listening” to what you say, thereby allowing users to control the TV using voice commands, it also records everything you say and relays it to a third party, e.g., the government.

    Then again, the government doesn’t really need to spy on you using your smart TV when the FBI can remotely activate the microphone on your cellphone and record your conversations. The FBI can also do the same thing to laptop computers without the owner knowing any better. Drones, which are taking to the skies en masse, are the converging point for all of the weapons and technology already available to law enforcement agencies. In fact, drones can listen in on your phone calls, see through the walls of your home, scan your biometrics, photograph you and track your movements, and even corral you with sophisticated weaponry. All of these technologies add up to a society in which there’s little room for indiscretions, imperfections, or acts of independence, especially not when the government can listen in on your phone calls, monitor your driving habits, track your movements, scrutinize your purchases and peer through the walls of your home. These digital trails are everywhere. As investigative journalists Charlie Warzel and Stuart A. Thompson explain, “This data—collected by smartphone apps and then fed into a dizzyingly complex digital advertising ecosystem … provided an intimate record of people whether they were visiting drug treatment centers, strip clubs, casinos, abortion clinics or places of worship.” In such a surveillance ecosystem, we’re all suspects and databits to be tracked, catalogued and targeted. Is Cyphert and many others like the hispanics he swear are against his black roommate, actually working with federal agents? And yet they are around other people pretending they are down by law ride or die troopers
    White supremacists get drugs to their own race...
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    MARCH 20, 2021

    After being gone for over 3 days, Charles Cyphert finally goes back to the apartment on 3254 West 38th street. The blackman who is his roommate was on the phone on a 3-way call. Several parties on the phone overheard what Cyphert said and its about to get very interesting. I will prove to black people nation-wide how evil and deceptive euro-americans are in Ohio. Cyphert claimed that his grand daughter, who he calls "Mya", and family threatened to kill his black roommate. This threat was made against the life of Hatap Rayay his roommate on March 18, 2021. Apparently Cyphert's racist family doesn't like what they read on this website about him and them and have threatened to murder his black roommate who they claim is somehow behind the revealations of several threads. The parties on the 3-way call Hatap was on overheard these very words and some are taking action in one way while others are behind this writing. Cyphert, according to the phone call several overheard, claims that his his family blames his black roommate for all the information posted on this website. According to Cyphert, they have been trolling different black websites attacking members here and there. Also, Cyphert showed his black roommate paper copies of every thread on this website and all of the information within. Hatap, his black roommate, took photos of every thread printed out on the paper. Hatap's friends in East Cleveland then overheard Cyphert tell Hatap that the paper copies were shown to some Recovery Agency, Police, and others. Now lets examine very closely the content within each thread. Most of the information within the threads, aside from the allegations about Charles Cyphert, have gotten people killed by the government in times past. And according to what was overheard by Cyphert, all of the information have been shown to various parties and agencies. Its as though they have tried to single out Hatap to police and possibly to government and federal authorities in hopes of them taking action against him. First off, to accuse Hatap of everything posted in the threads alone is tiotally wrong. Second, only snitches will walk around with paper copies of threads printed out and show them to various parties and agencies. How can something like this be justified? Cyphert's family, according to him, are trying to destroy Hatap, his black roommate, at every turn. He even claims that there are some police giving them pointers. This shouldn't be hard to believe because not long ago Facebook exposed hundreds of white supremacist cops who were bragging about the hell they were causing for people of color. And in West Cleveland, Ohio, many black and brown people have been complaining about how white supremacists and other euro-americans were calling police on blackmen for the thrill of the hunt.

    For the past week, at least, there is verifiable evidence that many euro-americans have been calling police on blackmen for just walking down the street. The men, to them, looked suspicious and had to be checked out. Some of the men walking down the street, allegedly, had bulges in their coats which police contemplated whether or not they were guns. So the blackmen were under surveillance until police felt they could move in on them. On March 18, 2021, euro-americans were walking up behind black and brown men with their phones on video record and without those people being aware, police were called on those people of color claiming they were either threatening or verbally abusive with those euro-americans even though they never turned around to speak with them. Its as though they are trying to do all they can to incarcerate as many black and brown people as they can. So when Cyphert told Hatap that his family wanted to cause him serious harm, Hatap stated that he shrugged it off because it didn't mean anything to him. He knows how ruthless the euro-americans can be in Cleveland. he knows that they are lying on blackmen just to get rid of them. Hatap is a well trained being and have no fear of threats from white supremacists or their families who were mixed in with people of color. It is a known fact that every black person Cyphert's family has mixed in with have died under strange circumstances. The fact that his grandchildren are of a mixed race doesn't make them exempt from being racist against stronger black bloodlines. Now just imagine, all of the information posted about the New World Order, et cetera, printed out on paper copies and shown to multiple agencies. Then Cyphert and his family claimed that Hatap was responsible for all of the information within! Doesn't that sound like someone pointing out to police and others to get rid of that person? Why would anyone made copies of threads from the internet and go around telling authprities that this information is coming from a specific blackman, among others? Bolo, who was speaking with Hatap at the time, also stated that he overheard Cyphert claim that his black roommate called them thieves in one of those threads. But after intense research most of those connected to the G's in Cleveland found that Cyphert went around telling others that members of his family had stolen tools and other things from him. He infact called his own family thieves in front of anyone who would listen. This information was confirmed by parties who use to live around Cyphert when he resided at the Days Inn Motel in Lakewood, Ohio.n This was also an area in which Cyphert had a history with calling black people niggers openly.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    There are a number of cases where white supremacists called black and brown people niggers, and when they react, the first thing the euro-americans do is contact policce. The euro-american police don't care about people of color being provoked to violence by racists. All they care about is incarcerating those people of color who punched the white supremacists for calling them niggers. Many of them were given 30 day jail sentences for punching the euro-americans which there is a record of this. And if people were to investigate the large number of black and brown people in jail, you will find out that a large number of them were put there by white supremacist claiming that they either threatened them or did something to them. Cyphert claims that his grandchildren are of a mixed race. But its very clear which side of the racial barriers they so chooses. Having some black blood within them, in their minds, allow them to enter the world of black people and them relay it to euro-americans who are constantly causing people of color problems. Hatap told us that his Civil Rights attorneys have been monitoring all of the chaos and racism. Even though Hatap wasn't responsible for exposing Cyphert and his racist family, whether they have 3/8 of black blood in them or not, the fact that he is spreading that Hatap is against the government to government employees shows and proves that he is trying to cause serious harm to hatap. In truth, parties Cyphert and his family communicate with are those against the government. Some of them are connected to parties who had friends show up at the Whithouse on January 6, 2021. Lying and spreading that a blackman is against thenm government to take the attention off of them is just another trick of the trade from white supremacists. There is a movement against black and brown people in Cleveland which have been responsible for some of the events taking place in East Cleveland and on St. Clair avenue. Black females working in various places are being used against blackmen which is a tactic white supremacists have used since before the 1960's. Many of the women have been responsible for the arrest of a number of blackmen as if they are working to bring down the population of blackmen. These women have jobs they worship the paleman for having and refuse to aiod and support their endangered blackmen. There is so much going on against blackmen that most euro-americans move around as if they are exempt from police surveillance of any sort. But there is evidence to link many of them to the so-called riot which took place at the Whitehouse on January 6, 2021.

    And there are quite a few white supremacist cops in Cuyahoga County alone, nevertheless in Westlake, Solon, Painesville, Parma, Akron, and Mentor, Ohio. There is also evidence that some of those police officers who have a history of torturing and terrifying black people reside in the West Cleveland area. It was revealed that they live around 137th and Lorain avenue. So how much more chaotic will black females in supervisory positions throughout Cleveland and neighboring towns and cities become towards the blackmen? And why is Cyphert's relatives secretly taking photos of Hatap and posting it to the internet with incredibly fabricated backstories? When euro-americans, or their mixed family members, start trying to get blackmen caught up in federal investigations this takes the racism to another level. There is so much more to be shred about this plight, but we will get to the latest current events and then finish this up later. But remember, white supremacists, and those mixed with black blood in their families, have bee trolling black websites getting the goods on certain people. They feel they are doing police or the feds a service.. They pretend they are black until they get upset and then terms are used which expose who and what they are. So beware. They are hackling IP Addresses and more to find where you are. They will not do anything physical to you. They just want to know where you are and attack from behind the scenes. They are dividing black and brown people! while they attack you individually! The black women they use to attack blackmen usually isn't highly intelligent. They are just efficient when it comes to rpovoking an anger respons from targeted blackmen. This open the doors to newer opportunities from white supremacists and white power freaks! These are the tactics of straight-up cowards. To be continued...
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    After thought: THE LATEST CURRENT EVENTS: The demons using white supremacists and Black Devils to sacrifice black and brown people use the moon and phases thereof in rituals. The three ten phenomena occurs with the full moon waxing on the date of 3/10 moving to another 3/10 or thirteen falling on a Friday, well into the ides of March on the 15th. Thirteen is literally three ten or three plus 10. Three ten’s when heard quickly can be heard as another word. That word is threaten. If we go back in time and calculate the entire year you will see that from day one of the curfews and lockdowns, we have seen our leaders threaten or freedoms.On March 10th of 2020, the digital month and day of 3/10 we were told that measures needed to be taken to limit gatherings of people in most of the major cities. On Friday, March 13th or 3/13 President Trump Declared a National Emergency. On March 15th state governments suggested that bars and restaurants consider closing or limiting their capacity. We started to see Phase One of the paranoia rollout about COVID-19 to frighten people into complying with lockdowns, mask wearing, and social distancing. We were already experiencing the shock and awe phase of this so-called virus. The masses were bombarded with official propaganda, photos of people dropping dead in the street, unconscious patients dying in agony, bodies being stuffed into makeshift morgue trucks, hospital ships, ICU horror stories, projections of hundreds of millions of deaths, terror-inducing Orwellian slogans, sentimental “war effort” billboards, and so on. The “shock and awe” phase was not intended to continue because, eventually those who were studious were able to expose the videos as Chinese scare tactics. Many of those who were dying in the streets or throwing up blood on subways did not have COVID-19 but some other disease. Ask yourself why in the United States there were no videos on You Tube or Facebook showing Americans dying in the streets. No awful scenes of people choking on their own vomit. Or bleeding or being carried away in vans by soldiers wearing hazmat suits.

    The reason is because the Chinese were trying to terrify the world and carrying out a psy-op. Its purpose was to terrorize the targeted masses into a state of submission, to irreversibly destabilize their society, so that it can be radically “restructured,” and to convincingly demonstrate an overwhelming superiority of force, so that resistance is rendered inconceivable. This was a rapid dominance tactic, this alone should be reviewed and used against the Chinese communist party as an act of psychological warfare. This “rapid dominance” tactic has been deployed by empires, and aspiring empires, throughout the course of military history. Its purpose is to threaten people into submission. However, this will be ignored as the psy-op was useful in converting people into being terrorized by the Coronavirus. As a year has passed, we can now see that the United States has been destabilized and terrorized. Behavior has now been changed in America. Now on cue we are hearing that normality is about to be restored but it is a trepidatious normality where trust has now been decimated. People are still afraid of other people, mask wearing is still encouraged, social distancing as well but as President Biden has said, by July we may just be able to gather for barbecues on the Fourth of July. What is most incredulous is that people gathered for Thanksgiving and Christmas and many people did so without getting Covid 19. If there were cases that were observed many of those that got it showed no symptoms or recovered. The continued psychological operation included death tolls on the nightly news that were as important at weather reports. These reports were enough to instill terror, and despair. The official propaganda was relentless. Governments were ruling by edict, subjecting people to an ever-changing series of increasingly absurd restrictions of the most fundamental aspects of everyday life. And now, the campaign to “vaccinate” the entirety of humanity against a virus that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms or, more commonly, no symptoms at all, in over 95% of those infected, and that over 99% of the infected survive and that has no real effect on age-adjusted death rates, and the mortality profile of which is more or less identical to the normal mortality profile) is being waged with literally religious fervor.

    As you have probably noticed, the corporate media, government leaders, and medical experts have been making noise about “the end of the pandemic,” or at least “the end of the emergency phase” of it. Suddenly, “some level of Covid is tolerable,” “Zero Covid is unlikely,” et cetera. This is happening pretty much right on cue. Now that the vaccination push is underway, they are trying to temper the mass paranoia and hatred that they have fomented for over a year with some hope and a vision of a post-crisis future. Governments are carefully relaxing restrictions, making sure we understand that if we don’t obey orders, wear our masks, get our vaccinations, and so, they will crack down on us again without mercy. They want to ease us into the pathologized-totalitarian future gently, so that it feels like we are being liberated, returning to some semblance of normal life, albeit in a new, more terrifying, perpetually-virus-and-extremist-threatened world. But those who are seeing the truth can look at how mush of what is being done is certainly a conversion into how we view our new country and our new form of Government. Washington DC remains under occupation, the Capitol surrounded by razor-wire fences to protect democracy from an imaginary enemy straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, Texas, Mississippi, and a few other states are joining Florida in open rebellion, and allowing people to go out to eat, get together with their families and friends, walk around in public without masks, and otherwise go about living their lives in a totally non-anus-clenched-paranoid fashion. There are still extremist liberal justice warriors who have gone full Karen on everyone. All of the propaganda has transformed them into paranoid, hysterical zealots who now dedicate a considerable amount of time to hunting down alleged “Covid deniers,” “anti-maskers,” “vaccine refusers,” “white-supremacist extremists,” “conspiracy theorists,” “libertarians,” dead “racist cartoonists,” and anyone else who won’t conform to their pathologized-totalitarian ideology, and obsessively trolling them on social media, or reporting their thoughtcrimes to the Reality Police. They constantly warn us that there is a white supremacist Nazi under every rock and that something has to be done to eliminate the deniers and have them behave like good little Germans and be a part of the new party that wishes to eliminate those who wish to violate their new apocalyptic morality.
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    The “New Normal” isn’t just about a virus. The “New Normal” was never just about a virus. You don’t need a new “normal” because of a virus. You need a new “normal” when your current “normal” has outlived its usefulness to those in power. They way they are going about easing us into the new normal has an all too familiar bell toll from the darkest era of history our planet has ever seen. Built on IBM’s Digital Health Pass technology, the QR code-based health data tracking app is only one of multiple blockchain ledger applications the company will leverage as part of its partnership with Moderna. Others include their Blockchain Transparent Supply and Food Trust services, which use the open-source Hyperledger technology to share supply-chain and food sourcing “credibility” data respectively with enterprise customers. Using what have already become clichéd industry buzzwords like “transparency,” “trust,” and even “privacy,” IBM’s Digital Health Pass marketing literature describes the mass tracking app as a “smart way to return to society” that allows people to “return to the activities and things they love. We have seen this before in history, and again we can wear thin the pre Nazi Weimar republic examples of how people were worked into a frenzy over an enemy to their way of life, and those who were not part of the New Party were tracked and later killed. The majority of them were European Jebusites or Jews. The question has always been, how were the Germans were so efficient in finding Jews, gypsies, and others in order to eliminate them in the camps? When Hitler came to power, a central Nazi goal was to identify and destroy Germany’s 600,000 Jews. To Nazis, Jews were not just those who practiced Judaism, but those of Jewish blood, regardless of their assimilation, intermarriage, religious activity, or even conversion to Christianity. Only after Jews were identified could they be targeted for asset confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and ultimately extermination. To search generations of communal, church, and governmental records all across Germany-and later throughout Europe-was a cross-indexing task so monumental, it called for a computer.

    But in 1933, no computers existed. When the Final Solution sought to efficiently transport Jews out of European ghettos along railroad lines and into death camps, with timing so precise the victims were able to walk right out of the boxcar and into a waiting gas chamber, the coordination was so complex a task, and yet there was this precision and uniformity that would need the use of a computer that would have data on every Jew and immigrant they wanted to hunt down and kill. But again this was 1933 and there was no technology available to work with that much efficiency. However, another invention did exist: the IBM punch card and card sorting system-a precursor to the computer. IBM, primarily through its German subsidiary, made Hitler’s program of Jewish destruction a technologic mission the company pursued with chilling success. IBM Germany, using its own staff and equipment, designed, executed, and supplied the indispensable technologic assistance Hitler’s Third Reich needed to accomplish what had never been done before-the automation of human destruction. It was an efficient death list that initialized a card sorting operation that would create lists of Jews and immigrants that needed to be disposed of. More than 2,000 such multi-machine sets were dispatched throughout Germany and thousands more throughout German-dominated Europe. Card sorting operations were established in every major concentration camp. People were moved from place to place, systematically worked to death, and their remains cataloged with this primitive icy automation. IBM Germany, known in those days as Dehomag, did not simply sell the Reich machines and then walk away. IBM’s subsidiary, with the knowledge of its New York headquarters, enthusiastically custom-designed the complex devices and specialized applications as an official corporate undertaking. Dehomag’s top management was comprised of openly rabid Nazis who were arrested after the war for their party affiliation. IBM-NY always understood from the outset in 1933, which was courting and doing business with the upper echelon of the Nazi Party.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio
    The company leveraged its Nazi Party connections to continuously enhance its business relationship with Hitler’s Reich, in Germany and throughout Nazi-dominated Europe. Dehomag and other IBM subsidiaries custom-designed the applications. Its technicians sent mock-ups of punch cards back and forth to Reich offices until the data columns were acceptable, much as any software designer would today. Punch cards could only be designed, printed, and purchased from one source: IBM. The machines were not sold; they were leased, and regularly maintained and upgraded by IBM. IBM subsidiaries trained the Nazi officers and their surrogates throughout Europe, set up branch offices and local dealerships throughout Nazi Europe staffed by a revolving door of IBM employees, and scoured paper mills to produce as many as 1.5 billion punch cards a year in Germany alone. How IBM's Technology Powered the so-called Holocaust. Moreover, the fragile machines were serviced on site about once per month, even when that site was in or near a concentration camp. IBM Germany’s headquarters in Berlin maintained duplicates of many code books, much as any IBM service bureau today would maintain data backups for computers. The Germans always seemed to have accurate lists and records of Jews. Suddenly, a squadron of grim-faced SS would burst into a city square and post a notice demanding those listed assemble the next day at the train station for deportation to the concentration camps. Having punch card machines as a precursor to the computer database was an efficient way to track down and execute those who did not comply with the draconian laws of the Third Reich. It is the most chilling irony that now we are seeing IBM team up with Moderna to issue the Covid-19 Digital Health Pass. “Vaccine passports” which are definitely creepy, which appear to be the electronic equivalent to Aryan Ancestry Certificates, or any other fascistic apartheid-type documents, are in the pipeline in a number of countries. They have already been rolled out in Israel. As you can see, the New Normal is now entering into its kinder, gentler fascist stage. Why would IBM limit their new tracking device and passport to just identifying compliance to vaccine mandates? I am sure the potential is there to weed out and expose undesirables. The pathologizing of political dissent will continue, and intensify, both overtly and subtly. The corporate media will continue to warn of imminent “attacks on democracy” by imaginary “domestic terrorists,” as well as the old “non-domestic terrorists.” They will also continue to warn of imminent threats posed by exotic viruses, and “variants” of exotic viruses, and permanent “conditions” caused by viruses, and other threats to our bodily fluids. Above all, they will continue to warn of the danger of ingesting “misinformation,” “conspiracy theories,” or any other type of unverified, unauthorized, un-fact-checked content. They will thoroughly diagnose the sources of such content, and exhaustively explain the pathological conditions these sources will clearly be suffering from. They will explore a variety of treatments and cures and recommend prophylactic measures against potential exposure to these sources. They can also require that you show on your health passport that you have been psychologically evaluated and that you are one with the party as you have been cured of all those misgivings about being part of Big Brother’s happy family. Think of all of those so-called unhealthy thoughts you that are a threat to our new normal democracy. With all of the right programming and psychological coercion we can eliminate “terrorists,” “viruses,” “misinformation,” “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “transphobia,” “electoral-system skepticism,” “white-supremacist pancake syrup,” “offensive puppets and cartoons,” “Children’s books that depict uncomfortable cartoon images” “premeditated pronoun abuse,” “oppositional-defiant-infant masklessness,” “vaccine hesitancy,” “religion,” and whatever else they decide is bad. It will all fuse into a single Orwellian enemy which “New Normal” children will be conditioned to reflexively hate and fear, and want to silence, and quarantine off from “normal” society, or “cure” of their “illness” with government-mandated, “safe and effective” pharmaceutical therapies.
  • This is sort of interesting as a fictional story but its told really weird. Like I don't get why anyone should think all this information is coming from cypher(t) when it would make more sense being told from the perspective of the "roommate" so seems abundantly aware that he's the roommate of a white supremacist. This sounds more like one of those 3 men walk into a bar jokes. What adult male is so destitute that he's forced to shack up with another middle aged white male and both of them make the decision to live together even though one is clearly supposed to be racist? On what planet would a racist ever agree to live with a black dude who wasn't his slave and who he had to count on in order to pay rent?

    There is so much wrong in this story, including the abundance of insider information, that its quantified estimated credibility has somehow reached a negative number. It is so absurd that you almost want to read it but then its too long so you read a few paragraphs just to criticize the story overall. If it wasn't so absurd I could read it all because I like reading. But... there's a concept in writing called suspension of disbelief that takes the mind of the reader out of the story whenever parts of the story just don't work. And in this story this happens like every couple of seconds. There are like no parts that are believable. Including even the charge that white people are calling the police on black people for walking down the street in the past week. Impossible? No. But no one, including the story teller or the main villain character could possibly have access to this information. So it is obviously being told in a 3rd person omniscient format which suggests the whole think is a fictional work. Cyphert is accident prone? There's no way to know this. And then its interesting to even integrate the current date and then say Cypher(t)'s family are upset as if they are reading your posts. How would they know were to look? Do they randomly google the name Cyphert?

    And its obviously a white person telling the story, claiming it is a story from another white man. It's just so strange. And the amount of overtly racist suggestions in it... is truly offensive. The only thing I believe is that the writer lives in Cleveland and that he thinks he just got away with saying nigger on a black website.
  • This is getting better and better by the moment! LMAO!

    "Cyphert told his black roommate that the hispanics living beneath them were plotting against him and anytime he came home they would get very quiet as if to listen to every sound coming from his room.".

    Damn if I know even where to start!
    1. How in Hell did you, or whoever, WTF Cyphert told his roomy? Got his room bugged? WHAT...HOW!
    2. WTF is up w/a racist having a BLACK roommate? PLEASE don't tell us there's corn 'holin' goin' on!
    3. HISPANICS?! Now they're in the mix, TOO?! More and more, this sounds like a band of fags with some SERIOUS drama goin' on! Do YOU live in this building, too? You gotta be reeeal close to overhear all of this shit goin' on 24/7. I think you got some 'fessin' up to do right about now...
    4. And now, you've got STORM TROOPERS in the mix. :o OOOOOH SHIT! It's ON now! h5sl3q6rqkd7.gif
    5. Man oh man! WHEW! I can't wait to see the sequel when it comes out! What's the plot going to be?
  • The plot will be how many times he can say "nigger" before the mods get him.
  • Z...

    "There was a farmer, the ad a dog, and Bingo was his name!
    B-I-N-GO was his name. B-I-N-G-O...B-I-N-G-O...and BINGO was his name.".
  • Hey Zee...The plot is getting thicker and thicker...with bullshit.

    I did some digging on me own.
    When you get a a Google Search of your own of the telephone number. About 1-3 minutes worth.
    Then, stop on this one. There will be not big surprise.
    Then, go a back up little further on the same Google Page and you'll find this gem:
    ^Wait and see the surnames on the household.^ Pretty funny...but originally sucks to NO end. Dead giveaway, methinks.

    magnetic, sir or ma'am, your future in Psywar is in grave doubt, BIG TIME. Try the Shop courses. Wood and Metal. Forget the Electric Shop option. You'll either zap yourself, and quite possibly any bystanders. Or both. Trinkets is a strong option, too. Something very, very simple. I humbly suggest a shot on the Stanford–Binet Test.

    ^Barring all of the above that^...the animals in the zoo must be fed on a regular basis. Consider the gorillas, lions and tigers, the elephants and the snake exhibits. The boa constrictors and rattlers are known for their amicable nature, warmth, and cuddliness.

    Farewell...and Good Luck.
    Greg...Member In Good Standing Of The Compton Welcoming Committee & Guidance Counselor.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    MARCH 24, 2021

    In Part 1, we spoke about how information posted on websites was being copied from printers in order to show police and other agencies, while the person being pointed out was Hatap Rayay, a blackman who is roommates with Charles Cyphert. But what wasn't revealed is how Hatap's phones were bugged and surveillance was placed upon him due to parties around the 3200 block of West 38th street in West Cleveland, pointing him out as. Remember, all of these people who have been working against blackmen and who have been selling blackmen out goes to church on Sundays. So what does that tell you about them. In the Bible's own contents, Judas Iscariot sold out Yashua (jesus) in the same way. So who are these so-called Christians actually following? What could make them print information from off a website thats only informative news, and show it around while pointing out who they think is responsible for posting the information! West Cleveland, and many people agree, has some of the most ruthless and evil people throughout all of Cleveland. Although East Cleve;and has a problem with snitches, lying informants, and weekly paid informants on payrolls, much like in West Cleveland, in West Cleveland, there are many informants and alot of them hide behind the most influencial in neighborhoods. Information we post is a threat to drug dealers and sell-outs because it calls them out. So alot of them secretly work with police and others, thinking they would never be found out. As long as black people are constantly targeted daily by police and by snitches who get a thrill on watching black people squirm, its a normal day as usual in West Cleveland. But when black people get tired of watching their own suffer daily and expose the wrongdoings they are a major threat. Think about it. Parties used a printer to nearly copy every thread we posted, took it around to police and others, pointed out that Hatap was responsible for posting them, and police, for weeks, have hacked his phone using cell phone towers, and worked with every person in the business field to keep tabs on him! Even Hatap's Civil Rights attorney proved that police were illegally wiretapping his phones, et cetera, based on testimonials from certain euro-americans and certain hispanics.

    The thing these devils must understand is that not everyone is evil and is out to do harm to someone who isn't harming anyone. And after we posted Part 1 of this thread, the demons kept at work the entire weekend; plotting and conspiring. The thing is that they tell on one another. There are alot of hispanics who know whats going on and because they are hispanic they really don't have real love for black people. But when they go through racial discrimination, like most people of color, they look for black people to join their causes. There is a major storm on the way to America and many people won't be able to hide from it no matter how much Santeria they practice. All those who have tried demonizing pious like black people, or people in general for that matter, will have tro answer to greater forces and no government technology is going to save you! Yopu crooked police throw around information about black people as if they have no worth! You misguided and somewhat demonic black people who turn against your own for a job, or because you choose to be part of another race, you too will have to account for your evils. Right now many of you don't care because you think your government, and all of its technology, is more powerful than those who seeded you on this planet. You have been duped so severely that you are at a point of no returning to the Natural way of life. You are too corrupt and to diluted. If there was a hell, most of those from Generation Z and the Millenials don't care anyway. SWo their fates have pretty much already been sealed! positive people just need to stay out of their way as they continue to self destruct. You can only re-wire a robot so many times before it goes bezerk. Those of you who were responsible for police illegally wiretapping Hatap's phone know who you are because you are some of the first to read these threads. Mathematics don't lie! And according to parties with connections to Spectrum wireless, there are several devices attached to the wifi where Cyphert and hatap reside that is neither of their devices. An internet sweep was already done and those who have been monitoring the wifi at their homes are already known. They just have a connection to police and others which is why local police, although they know it, refuses to confront them for cybercrimes and cyberstalking. So much is going to be revealed in the days ahead and all of those who thought that all blame could be placed on Cyphert, simply because he is a euro-american that isn't too fond of people of color, you have foooled yourselves. Your devices are known, the Mac Ip addresses on those devices are known, and no matter who you ship them to, if those devices are used again it will be known! For every reaction there is an equal yet opposite reaction. Overstand that!

    But as for the dedicated readers, and those who we know personally that obsorbs the nutrients from these threads, the mass evil which surrounds us will soon disintegrate. Like I said, there are quite a few people working with police in West Cleveland. Anyway, I will cover more of this in my next thread. Right now I will get with current events. .
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio
    Younger generations in the United States, Canada, and Europe are becoming more secular. Recent polls have indicated that there seems to be a majority of college-aged young adults that have rejected their faith in favor of using science to explain many of life’s mysteries. The technocracy is boasting that the United States has achieved maybe even surpassed its goals of becoming a secular nation. While the Christian-Right is very vocal about a belief in God in the United States, the secular tsunami is taking over as we edge closer to the idea of A.I. singularity and the scientific establishment’s promoting of Climate Change. Sociologists have suggested that the reason this is becoming a trend is because of the fanatical ideological extremes that are now invading the social network of our country. There appears to be a schism that is forming where people with fresh ideological perspectives don’t follow the lines of the two major political parties. Those that are becoming secular are rebelling against the left and right paradigm. They are rebelling against organized religion – they believe that all of the established groups alienate the order of things and do nothing to establish peace and harmony with the environment. The truth is that spiritual health is important in finding respect for human life. From that standpoint, we launch into a form of religious affiliation which eventually becomes the most central form of civic engagement from there, people place themselves in various collectives and develop political views. Now we are seeing a disengagement taking place; a disengagement from, religion, then the disengagement of traditional civil engagements, disengagement from civic duty, traditional political beliefs and eventually an amoral attitude about human life and the plight of others. Eventually, there will be no value in the Old Order and the majority will await a New Order. Those in the older generations will then become insignificant and irrelevant as they hold on to old values and old traditions.

    This signals a darker future for older generations. Even before COVID-19 annihilated much of the world economy, the baby boomer demographic time bomb was discussed by think tanks and policy makers far and wide. During the past 25 years, young people increasingly put off having children with a 4.4% collapse in birthrates during the Dec. 2019-Dec 2020 year of COVID. Today western fertility levels have fallen to 1.7 children/woman which is far below the 2.1 levels needed to replace the population. During this time, the baby boomer generation born between 1945-1960 increasingly found themselves beset with grey hair, and increased healthcare needs in their old age with the first wave having hit retirement years in 2010. While technological advances has extended average life expectancies from 61 years (in 1935) to 81 years today, the demographic imbalance of young : old means that society will essentially be incapable of supporting itself under current dynamics. This was foretold by economists for years. i addressed the issue of zero population growth 10 years ago and the effect the aging baby boomer would have on the health care system. Back then I speculated that the extreme attitudes towards the burden of the aging population would lead to Eugenics directives that would be vital in sustaining a fracture economy. There were many times in the history of the world where technocrat fascists would convince the population that humans were a menace or a cancer on this planet and that some people that are a burden on the economy will be seen as useless eaters. First in the agenda is to establish a group consensus of crises and solutions that include separating the people and eventually culling or removing them. This proposal would be no different than what was carried out against the Jews in Hitler’s day and they were marked for death because of their ethnicity, bloodline and other reasons that were actually made to fit into a corrupt eschatology. Hitler had outlined the proposal of the final solution in his book, Mein Kampf. Hitler stated that it is important to “sift the human material” for those who support decisions of the leaders and those who do not support these decisions. He also believed in culling those who were a burden on society. The agenda of “sifting human material” is also found hidden in the policies of Global Warming Sustainability proposals.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio
    Looking back into the darker annals of history we see that after the Nuremberg Hearings we saw 7 of the 23 Nazi doctors put to death for their role in Hitler’s Tiergarten Fier health reforms, Nuremberg counsel Dr. Leo Alexander wrote in 1949: “Whatever proportions these crimes finally assumed; it became evident to all who investigated them that they had started from small beginnings. The beginnings at first were merely a subtle shift in emphasis in basic attitude, basic in the euthanasia movement, that there is such a thing as life not worthy to be lived. This attitude in its early stages concerned itself merely with the severely and chronically sick. Gradually, the sphere of those to be included in this category was enlarged to encompass the socially unproductive, the ideologically unwanted, the racially unwanted, then finally all non-Germans. But it is important to realize that the infinitely small wedged-in lever from which this entire trend of mind received its impetus was the attitude toward the non-rehabilitate sick.” In his essay, Dr. Alexander described the growth of the euthanasia laws in fascist Germany as the concept “lives unworthy of life” was first introduced into health policy. Under the guidance of “expert panels”, the T4 health codes soon became a driving force of eugenics that saw 270,000 non-Jewish Germans killed starting with handicapped children and elderly before the policy was expanded to embrace Jews, Gypsies and other target “unfit” group. The ghost of Tiergarten Fier or T4 is being revived today and technocrats call it “bioethics.” The fact that the organizations promoting the rise of this eugenics policy throughout Nazi Germany and North America included such powerhouses as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and the Human Sterilization League for Human Betterment (today renamed “Engender Health”) which have all taken leading roles in the World Health Organization over recent decades is more than a little concerning. The fact that these eugenics organizations simply re-branded themselves after WWII and are now implicated in modern RNA vaccine development alongside the Galton Institute (formerly British Eugenics Association), Oxford’s AstraZeneca, Pfizer and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should give any serious thinker pause as we consider what patterns of history we are willing to tolerate repeating in our presently precarious age. After all, it was Bill Gates that stated that vaccines would be effective in reducing populations in some countries. Now that the vaccine is being administered worldwide, scientists are boldly proclaiming and explaining to the “Deer in the headlights” population that they are reprogramming the DNA of each person who gets the shot .

    Recently at a TED Talk, Tal Zaks, the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna Therapeutics actually stated that that they are hacking the software of life and rewriting genetic code. The question is what does that mean for human life in the future? Does this mean that the vaccines are transforming humanity into walking, talking operating systems? Will they enhance life expectancy, or will they diminish it, or will it reduce population over time? Jonathon Porritt, who at one time chaired the now defunct the Sustainable Development Commission, stated that curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming. He stated that political leaders and green campaigners should stop dodging the issue of environmental harm caused by an expanding population.Q & A: Jonathon Porritt. environmentalist Porritt, championed family planning, even if it meant shifting money from curing illness to increasing contraception and abortion. Many of these policies were part of the charter of the Tri-lateral commission. Zbigniew Brzezinski Barack Obama’s foreign adviser was the co-founder of the Trilateral commission along with David Rockefeller. The original stated purpose of the Trilateral Commission was to create a “New International Economic Order.” Its current statement has morphed into fostering a “closer cooperation among these core democratic industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system. The global plan is for all countries to live on the level of third world nations. Economic sustainability they believe could be be achieved through a process known as “end game” strategies. these strategies include controls on ecological systems such as food, water and air. The agenda would severely limit water, electricity, and transportation–and would also eventually eliminate those who are a burden on resources demands and health care systems. To them it is all about the numbers, for example: By 2030, it is currently estimated people over the age of 85 will triple while seniors between 65-85 will double. The financial costs of sustaining this demographic will skyrocket as healthcare services double from their currently massive $1.4 trillion/year to $3 trillion/year (in the USA).

    As cost-effectiveness experts look at this dismal trend, all they can see is a cold numbers game. These experts don’t tend to see humans with cognitive powers and souls and they certainly don’t recognize the existence of such immaterial notions as the “sacred” which might prevent the culling of lives in order to satisfy monetary constraints. They certainly don’t recognize the injustices of a system that allows trillions of dollars to be spent for Wall Street bailouts and Middle East wars but which fails to provide the medical resources to service its own population fairly. These experts can only think in terms of adapting to scarcity and supposedly “fixed limits” but never eliminating scarcity through systemic changes that place human life and creative thought on a higher priority than mere money. When Joe Biden was busy creating his cabinet and advisory board on COVID-19 he called upon a man by the name of Dr. Eziekiel Emmanuel to be part of his medical advisory board.Why I Hope to Die at 75 - The Atlantic While acting as Obama’s health advisor from 2009-2011, Ezekiel Emmanuel wrote a bone chilling study called “Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions” in the Lancet. In this revealing document, Ezekiel’s vision for a new ethic of healthcare management was enunciated with the “Complete Lives System” that would be used to justify who among the needy of society competing for scraps of the shrinking pie, will receive care (i.e: expensive cancer screenings, treatments, drugs), and who will be left to die when he wrote: “When implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 to 40 years gets the most substantial chances, whereas the youngest and the oldest people get chances that are attenuated.” Overthrowing the entire edifice of Judeo-Christian values that defined human life as sacred as well as the pesky Hippocratic oath which prevents physicians from doing any harm willfully to their patients, Emmanuel describes exactly what he intends by his “priority curve” and “attenuated chances” for the young and old saying: “Strict youngest-first allocation directs scarce resources predominantly to infants. This approach seems incorrect. The death of a 20-year-old woman is intuitively worse than that of a 2-month-old girl, even though the baby has had less life. The 20 year old has a much more developed personality than the infant, and has drawn upon the investment of others to begin as yet-unfulfilled projects… adolescents have received substantial education and parental care, investment that will be wasted without a complete life: infants by contrast, have not yet received these investments… it is terrible when an infant dies, but worse, most people think, when a three year old child dies, and worse still when an adolescent dies.”
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    That’s right: Emmanuel’s “cost-effective” curve asserts that the life of a 20-year-old is more worthy of life than that of a 3-year-old, or 75 year old. In the latter two cases, society has invested either too little to make that young life worth saving or has invested too much already relative to the financial worth of the low quality senior. In a more recent 2014 article published in the Atlantic, called, Why I Hope to Die at 75, Emmanuel explained his belief that anyone attempting to prolong their life beyond 75 is delusional, selfish and pathetic stating: “I think this manic desperation to endlessly extend life is misguided and potentially destructive. For many reasons, 75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop.” Ezekiel Emmanuel made the point in his 2009 report that the key to cost-cutting in health care would be found in the application of Quality Adjusted Life Years under the control of independent panels of experts. If you recall this is where we got the term “death panels’ something that was said to have been debunked by the mainstream media. Now it appears that populations are now being targeted and are being reduced. There is really no need for death panels when the population can reduce on its own with the aid of science that basically uses Eugenics disguised as bioethics to meet the goals of reducing the population with plausible deniability. What many do not know, however, is that the seemingly benign academic study of bioethics has its roots in the dark history of eugenics. With that knowledge, the dangers inherent in entrusting some of the most important discussions about the life, death and health of humanity in the hands of a select few become even more apparent.

    After thought: We have been told that the government had an ultimatum to discuss with the country what they know about life in space. The Pentagon has been scrambling trying to find a cogent and homogenized explanation for UFO’s. But of course, the announcement did not come without some warning some indication that something was coming from the sky, something unknown. People were all going about their business and then comes the suddenly interrupted TV programs, the faces in the crowd looking up, the little girl pointing in the air, the mouths opening, the dogs barking , the traffic stopped, the shopping bag falling to the sidewalk, and there, in the sky, coming closer a bright light. It looks like a pin head at first but then it gets bigger as it gets closer. We all knew it was only a matter of time, we felt, in the midst of our curiosity and terror, a certain calm, the calm of familiarity, we knew what was expected of us, at such a moment. Yes, the idea of the aliens arriving was completely like what we expected form the movies, all perfect on cue, terrifying and exciting. This time though, something changes, this is not the alien arrival we were expecting, it is not a UFO or a mothership approaching, it is a meteor the size of a beach ball falling and eventually landing in the back yard of a house. The cause of the fire behind Jackie Wilson’s Peachland home Tuesday night will go down, officially, as undetermined.Peachland grass fire likely sparked by sky lantern. But multiple witnesses and a video that was taken shows a ball of fire coming down from the sky, landing in a yard on Ponderosa Drive, and sparking a fire at roughly 9 p.m. Brush and grass on the steep slope ignited into a large fire, singeing the deck of the home before fire crews’ quick action saved the residence. The Peachland Fire Department says with the amount of water they threw at the fire, any evidence of whatever came out of the sky is likely long gone. Fire Chief Dennis Craig said they were unsure of what caused the fire initially until they viewed the video and heard that the person that called the fire witnessed the fireball fall from the sky. Space debris or meteor, no one will know for sure. We can rule out any talk of UFO’s or aliens for now — only that lately scientists have been detecting some anomalous artifacts that are inside some of the space rocks that have impacted the planet lately. Granted they are small — not enough to be extinction level — but when they are analyzed they raise more questions than answers.

    Last year it was reported that scientists found a complete protein molecule in a meteorite and they’re pretty sure it didn’t come from Earth. After analyzing samples from the meteorite Acfer 086, a team of researchers from Harvard University and the biotech companies PLEX Corporation and Bruker Scientific found that the protein’s building blocks differed chemically from terrestrial protein.A 4641Da Polymer of Amino Acids in Acfer 086 And Allende Meteorites - Astrobiology. The research doesn’t determine where this unearthly protein came from or how it formed — the scientists are just confident it didn’t come from here. This past week, perhaps in spite of the foreshadowing of science fiction three entirely new lifeforms have been discovered at different locations onboard the International Space Station. A team of US and Indian scientists studied four strains of bacteria found on the orbiting lab, and say that three were previously unknown to science. Their discovery could help future astronauts grow food on missions into deep space, researchers wrote in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. Three of the strains were collected by astronauts in 2015 and 2016. One was in an overhead panel in a research lab, the second in the station’s Cupola viewing deck, and the third on the crew’s dining table. The fourth strain was captured from an old cabin air filter that was returned to Earth ten years ago. Scientists are hoping they can analyze them and use them to help grow plants in space. It is life — but not as we know it and I am sure NASA will posit a very prosaic explanation for anyone that wants to conclude that the microbial life forms are in essence alien life. There has always been speculation that these life forms are mutated life that hitched a ride on spaceships form earth and survived the vacuum of space. Depending on your age, there was quote that was made in the movie, Lawrence of Arabia, where T.E. Lawrence says, “Big things have small beginnings.” This same quote was given by the Android, David in the film, Prometheus. The film, Prometheus, was a prequel to the Alien movie franchise, and even though the film sparked controversy and confusion among the fans of the franchise, I understood what it was trying to do.Prometheus: Is David the Franchise's Hidden Protagonist? | Den of Geek

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    It was a breakthrough film that created the dialogue for the theories on the subject of panspermia and intelligent design; albeit, in a way that is far beyond the biblical account and Michael Angelo’s God touching Adam’s finger. Intelligent design has always been a more politically correct way of teaching the controversial biblical creation in the public school system. If you can detect design, then people have a reason to infer a designer. or, an “engineer” of Grand Order of Developers, which creates a highly-appropriate acronym. Evolution suggests how life have evolved over a long amount of time into the countless varieties of creatures and humans we find on Earth. Even though science says that this is enough, it certainly does not satisfy the 46% of Americans that believe that the earth and its inhabitants were created around 10,000 years ago. In the Bible we are told that in the beginning life was brought forth from the light that was produced by an extraterrestrial deity. So in order to get the ball rolling we have to open the Bible. The origin of life on earth is a very big mystery to human beings. There are several theories that attempted to explain how life on earth originated. Spontaneous generation and panspermia are two such theories. Spontaneous generation theory proposed that living creatures could arise from nonliving matter. Panspermia theory stated that life on earth did not originate from here, but it was transferred from somewhere else in the universe. Thus, panspermia theory believed interplanetary transfer of life and the distribution of life throughout the universe. Spontaneous generation is an obsolete theory regarding the origin of life on earth. According to it, life can arise from nonliving matter. In other words, organisms do not descend from other living organisms. Certain conditions in their environment should be fulfilled in order for creation to occur. Spontaneous generation theory was proposed by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Spontaneous generation assumes the generation of complex organisms; for example, dust creating fleas, maggots arising from rotting meat, and bread or wheat left in a dark corner producing mice, etc.

    Panspermia is another theory that explains the origin of life. According to it, life on earth did not originate on our planet. It was transported here from somewhere else in the universe. The Greek philosopher Anaxagoras wrote this idea for the first time in the 5th century. According to this theory, the emergence of life began soon after the heavy bombardment period of the earth since the earth was endured a very powerful series of meteor showers during that period of time. Due to these meteor showers, the living forms went extinct from the earth and then after originated again from transferring from the universe. In order to receive life from elsewhere in the universe, there should be another planet that supports living organisms. The presence of water and the presence of organic matter in space has supported this belief. Spontaneous generation theory is an obsolete theory, Panspermia is an untested theory however there appears to be a lot of proof that in space there are building blocks for life, and that there is a reason to believe that life finds a way to earth even in extreme conditions. Science has dismissed the idea of a creator, spontaneous generation, and they are not at all convinced of panspermia, although by all accounts things are beginning to change on these so called false beliefs. Once a false belief becomes established in the Zeitgeist, it is very difficult to change the minds of the consensus, essentially because the system invents supposed facts in order to support it. Ockham’s Razor warns us against inventing a multiplicity of theories or hypothesis or jumping to outrageous conclusions about subject matter that may be seen as mysterious. However, it appears that many people pull the Occam’s Razor card when awkward facts are discussed, or they see fit to interpret it as an edict to exclude the consideration of new ideas. It is a tool that is used by conformists and rigid thinkers whom make it their job to play a highly misinformed devil’s advocate. However, it may be necessary to once again look at the origin of life as having small beginnings – after all we are all here because a small sperm cell was determined to fertilize and egg in order to facilitate life.

    We understand that when we die we go to heaven, but wouldn’t it be just as logical to observe we came from there too? The idea that terrestrial life has extraterrestrial origins has a long and sometimes distinguished history. The standard version goes something like this: a primitive alien life form, perhaps a bacterium, germ or even a virus somehow hitches a ride through space aboard an object like a meteoroid, collides with our young planet and seeds it with life. Against innumerable odds, its descendants flourish and spread across Earth. n 1871, Lord Kelvin hypothesized “that there are countless seed-bearing meteoric stones moving about through space”. In his 1908 book Worlds in the Making, Nobel laureate Svante Arrhenius named the process “panspermia.” In 1973, Francis Crick published a paper in the planetary sciences journal, Icarus, at that time edited by Carl Sagan. In it, Crick asked the question: “Could life have started on Earth as a result of infection by microorganisms sent here deliberately by a technological society on another planet, by means of a special long-range unmanned spaceship?” As recently as 2009, Stephen Hawking speculated that “life could spread from planet to planet, or from stellar system to stellar system, carried on meteors”. Prestigious backers notwithstanding, panspermia has not found widespread acceptance, although many biologists accept a weaker version of it. Most biologists will agree there is a contribution to the origin of life on Earth from cosmic sources. Most won’t go as far as stating that we are the result of space seeds but some have speculated that many of our diseases and plagues have come from space. When one hears of great plagues one of the first things they think about is the plagues they have read about in religious texts. Out of nowhere strange viruses and parasites would arrive and kill a lot of people. Many of these plagues were either part of prophecy or called down by a prophet who sees his people as persecuted. A disease called down from heaven can be identified as a type of biological warfare. If the disease is unheard of on Earth and if we can’t fight off its affects, it can be labeled an alien threat.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    For example, an archaeological find of Cuneiform tablets was found in the 19th century describing perilous events in after a Solar eclipse in ancient Nineveh which is now known as Northern Iraq. Nineveh is place that is mentioned in the Bible as a very evil place and that Jonah set out to get the people to repent. According to the Cuneiform tablets a plague broke out in Nineveh in the year 765 B.C., where even the king was not able to go out to war, as was custom. This was followed by a civil war and then another plague. A famous eclipse mentioned in the tablets was known as the Bur-Sagale eclipse, which is verified by NASA as occurring on June 15, 763 BC. The path of totality was right over Nineveh. The Assyrian chronicles inform us that a plague had broken out in the city of Nineveh around the time of the eclipse, which was soon followed by an internal revolt which began during the very same year that the eclipse occurred. It was just after these events that Jonah appeared – this would be the reason why the people were eager to hear his message – the wrath of God had shown itself in the sky and some of the people became sick and others went mad and had a civil war. According to medieval history many of the magicians who ran the apothecaries of the day would record that ferocious diseases would break out after the appearances of comets. If passing comets have deposit viruses and microorganisms on this planet, this may explain why ancient astronomers and civilizations attributed the periodic outbreak of plague to events that happen in the sky. Moreover, the subsequent evolution and extinction of life may have been directly impacted by the continued arrival of bacteria, viruses, and their genes from space. Near-culling pandemics and extinction episodes have in fact been preceded by or followed by inserts of viral genes into survivors who have transmitted these viral elements to their progeny, thereby impacting future evolution. Apparently, nothing has changed in the 21st century– however now we are told that the new plague that we are in the middle of needs to be eradicated using breakthroughs in genomics.

    The objective is to reprogram or hack into the DNA like it was an operating system of a computer. This makes us question our own sanity. The COVID-19 virus acts like a technology more than a virus– and while there are many conspiracy theorists that claim that perhaps it was a pathogen released from a lab, the genomic make up of whatever it is, is extremely bizarre. Scientists have been forced to create a vaccine that reprograms the DNA of the human being, and this reprogramming will continue for generations. They have literally introduced a new DNA strand into the human germline. Some say it will make us more alien than human, pushing our evolution closer to transhuman forms. About a year ago Amy Webb, a well-known futurist appeared on a talk show addressed the issue of COVID-19 and how this has triggered someone’s idea of a future dystopia today. She declared that we are living in a dystopia. Webb stated, “Futurists – when we map out scenarios, sometimes when you get to where there is no winning solution to a problem, you kind of hope for an alien invasion.” Amy Webb said “In a way, this is our alien invasion. This virus is essentially malware, attacking the source code of humanity. This should be something that brings us all together. It’s strange to me that it’s not. This is the time, this is the cause, and this is the reason, to get Silicon Valley and Wall Street and Washington, D.C., in lockstep together.” As you may of guessed those comments have haunted me because every once in a while I read news stories that indicate that perhaps what we are dealing with is something like an Andromeda Strain scenario where whatever is plaguing us is evolving quickly like an alien pathogen with variants and mutations that along with mRNA tinkering could eventually land us in some dystopic future that we have read about in books like ” I am Legend” or “Dawn of the Dead.” For example: Using molecular dating tools and epidemiological simulations, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, with colleagues at the University of Arizona and Illumina, Inc., estimate that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was likely circulating undetected for at most two months before the first human cases of COVID-19 were described in Wuhan, China in late-December 2019. Frontiers | Antivirals Against Coronaviruses: Candidate Drugs for SARS-CoV-2 Treatment? | Microbiology

    Writing in the March 18, 2021 online issue of Science, they also note that their simulations suggest that the mutating virus should have died out before reaching epidemic status. That would mean that suddenly in October of 2019 the SARS-COV-2 virus was discovered and was quite possibly force multiplied. The rest is up for speculation, and again the circumstances resurrect the compelling theory that perhaps COVID-19 was a cosmic cross contamination of an organism unknown to this planet, and that it was used as a component of a highly effective synthesized pathogen. In October 11, 2019 over Sonjyan City in the Jilin Province of NE China there was a huge near earth object event where a large meteorite exploded over a wide area. The city is 2,191.4 KM north of Wujan. Some scientists are claiming that if a fragment of a loosely held carbonaceous meteorite carrying a cargo of viruses/bacteria entered the mesosphere and stratosphere at high speed ~30km/s, its inner core which survived incandescence would have got dispersed in the stratosphere and troposphere. The explosive impact may have spread “hundreds of trillions of infective viral particles that were “embedded in the form of fine carbonaceous dust” as it blazed through the Chinese atmosphere until it fell to Earth. The dust could have been spread over great distances and also could have contaminated rain water and the water table. Now, if you are to say this you would be shut down on various social network platforms –and by others that want to push the issue of a bioweapon. However, we may have to open our minds to the idea of an Andromeda evolution process where something alien may have arrived two months before the world knew of COVID-19. Perhaps we ought to reconsider this whole thing about looking for life on other worlds. It would be nice to find it, of course. But that does not mean we could handle it—biologically, epidemiologically and most important, and emotionally.,+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero).,+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero).
  • No, Greg. You see, as magnetic is pointing out, let me take you down this rabbit hole. It's so deep it goes all the way to the Earth's core. You see, that's where Beetlejuice lives with an AI Terminator clone of John Connor. They are girlfriend and girlfriend. Yes. They are hermaphroditic lesbians. They have messed with the TV signal for the show Ellen to turn people gay who watch it and they tested it on frogs and turned the frogs gay. Also, North Korea doesn't exist. It was made up by Charles Cyphert after he went back in time with the help of an old man named Doc and his dog Einstein. I would tell you more but my phone is already being bugged just because the government knew I was going to post this by taking stool samples from my sewer line. And I know all this information because Charles was a part of MK Ultra and was known as 009 in his last job when he went "overcover" as a black man in the Black Panther Party. That's how he knows all this stuff. So now that I've told you, you must now slit your own wrists... not to kill yourself, but in order to remove the microchip with 666 printed on it. Once it stops broadcasting we can get you out of this simulation.
  • Man I forgot about the radiation.
    We've had 3G and 4G for a long time but for some reason 5G is more powerful... because it has the number 5-even though 5G just means 5th Generation, this is actually a super secret lie to cover up the fact that this radiation will turn people into zombies. And then turn zombies into meth so that Joe Biden can get high for the rest of his life-which will be long since he's a Terminator clone of John Connor.
  • No Zee, I believe I have a better idea and solution. Yet, a little skullduggery and reasonable stealth is required, yet it's fairly simple and without much risk if it's done properly, and even in public and even with two individuals that know what they're doing.

    Means. Motive. Opportunity.
    The Tools: A wheelchair. A sufficiently sized blanket. A couple or few syringes. One small vile of Thorazine.
    Lastly, an area of operation and opportunity. I do have some thoughts on that end of the operation. In short. In public, and during the downtown lunch-hour or rush-hour. Lastly, some reasonable disguise and/or makeup job to complete all needs. The KISS Theory: Keep It Simple Stupid.
    Fuck The Dumbshit.

    1. Juice his ass. Full-effect in under 2-minutes, if not sooner.
    2. Park his monkey ass in the wheelchair.
    3. Get gone to a in an appropriately rigged vehicle parked nearby; fake plates and all, POOF the area. Swiftly, but not enough to draw unwanted attention. Next? Whatever the prescription the doctor ordered
  • No, no, no.
    That's all wrong.
    We know he lives in Cleveland. His IP is likely spoofed or bounced off of proxy servers.
    The best thing would be to report him to the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white nationalist terrorist suspect.

    Now as long as we are just joking about what to do then you might as well go all out and be more creative. Waterboard him using gasoline while interrogating him to discover his support network. He's a lone wolf? I doubt it. I've seen other white supremacist terrorist trolls on another forum and it is unlikely this is the same person which makes this a coordinated attack; perhaps by independently operating terrorist network cells.

    And the interrogation chamber should be full of match boxes.

    Of course the "gas" would just be water with chemicals added to smell like gas. I'm not a monster lol.
  • Greg wrote: »


  • Greg wrote: »



    Just WHEW, huh BR? Glad as a fag with a sack fulla dicks that I don't live there. DAMN!
    But then too, you will neva-eve-ah catch Greg in a city that SNOWS and COLD as a witch's tiddy 3-4 MONTHS out of the YEAR! Why you think we go back and forth between Houston, and SPI in Texas?
    It's NO secret to me why mofos commit suicide in snowy and goddamn cold-ass places and kill themselves in the most fucked days in Winter.

  • As a resident of Ohio, the biggest things in Cleveland are The Browns, Drew Carrey, and Hot in Cleveland, lol. How sad is that?
    We should be empathetic.
  • I feel the pain. I have compassion., As a founding member of The Itty Bitty Shitty Committee Of The USA, I shall put forth a motion to my fellow The Board Of Directors, that us, as well as the entire membership, that pays their mutha'fuckin' dues, that a motion WILL be passed and rendered just so to henceforth or as soon as the Annual Get Together And Orgy date is published, done, and over.

    Signed... Dr. Greg Rockingwood, lll.
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    APRIL 2, 2021

    In the mix of all of this Covid mess racism still seems to play a role in the progression or suppression of black people by white supremacists in Ohio. Mind control is a very troubling thing which is very real on jobs in Cleveland. Montu, aka Muhammad Eury, advises black people to take one or more cell phones with them and keep the voice recorder running the entire time in order to provide evidence against parties claiming someone said something that they didn't. There are euro-american supervisors who act one way one minute, but when high ranking supervisors appear they tend to work blacks harder and show very little interest in those blacks. But their attitudes change when the higher ranking supervisors depart. Some blackmen experience things on jobs where euro-american supervisors, as they get in to work, intend to instruct the black to do something a certain way, even though the black already knows this. This is a euro-american's way of saying "I'm over you and I can speak to you any way I feel if you want to continue working here!" Euro-american men who may have been working on a job for years, when they hire some blackman, shows serious racism when they blackman performs the job greater than any other euro-americans; sometimes the supervisors themselves. So he tries to satisfy his ego by constantly telling the blackmen to do the job this way or that way. They may recreate the job deascription in order to make it appear that they are smarter than the blackmen. Yes, the egos of euro-american men in supervisory positions in Ohio are just like this. Blackmen have to deal with this mentality each and every day in order to provide for their families and for themselves. This is why Montu stated it is best to keep at least two cell phones voice recording at all times because should you declare racial discrimination, should they try and lie and claim that you have acted a specific way since such and such date, evidence will prove that they are outright lying. Most euro-americans in Ohio think blacks are the most illiterate of all races in Ohio and uses their ignorance as a way to rule over them. Any person who feel they have to tell you how to do a job even though you have mastered it are people with serious egos and power trips. However, this is another form of mind control. Just as mind control trickles down from the owner of businesses to supervisors working for those same businesses, the same mind control is introduced to children. Let it be known that most euro-americans in Ohio are creative liars when it comes to dealing with strong blackmen and women. So keep that recorder going for your own sake!

    And as far as children are concerned, mind control takes so many different forms. Ever get the feeling that sometimes things are just too eerie? Like the obsession with a cartoon from Japan. Pokemon is more or less a symbol of hysteria than a simple card game, movie or television show. The overall attitude these days is that more and more children are being parented by their televisions. Many say that the reasons we are seeing an increase in child violence is because of the television and what a child sees depicted on the screen. Children, however, are not the only ones committing violent acts. There are adults who participate as well. Violence is an equal opportunity destroyer and so we cannot pin point blame to the cause. Television is the opiate of the masses. People will sit in front of the television and allow anything to be imprinted permanently on their subconscious. Your Television diet can determine many things some people argue. As a man thinks so he is, what he listens to or consumes, as information is what he is made up of as well. Television has become the shaper for what consensus reality is. Sometimes television can create at unhealthy hysteria. It can be argued that fantasy programs that show violence can shape a violent societal norm but statistically speaking there is relatively only a handful of people who commit violence and millions of others that can see a program, realize that it is fantasy and do not carry out violent acts. The evening news is there to tell you what reality is. At least we entrust the evening news to tell us this reality and so the cycle goes. Sometimes there are exceptions that prove the rule that Television can generate hysteria and zombify a number of people without explanation.

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