America Under Siege? white nationalism or...

America is under siege by whom? I'll use two words: "White Folks!" Waving Trump & Confederate Flags, etc. All full of home grown bigotry and hate! All of this white nationalism alt right hatred was resurrected by the election of this pathological lying narcissist Donald Trump as he was viewed as their Adolf Hitler prototype, etc. Trump as president actually legitimized the views of white nationalism and white supremacism! These crazy racist white folks felt emboldened to speak out and take action against the government of these United States by attacking our United States capital! Yes they did! Gfb QQ... Hell the world viewd these stupid angry White Men and Women breaking into and vandalizing your seat of government! All the while the nation watched on millions of television sets, etc. Several people died on that day, jan 06, 2021, and many Capital police were beaten, etc. All caused by who? We know who summon these clown traitors to Washington DC, and told them to go to the Capital! Hell, did you see that "white boy" waving that "Confederate Flag" inside the American Capital? Yet "all" Republicans are now viewed as embracing this insurrection against our government! This was an "seditious" act against our united states government and as all the other terrorist acts, is a criminal act of trying to "over throw" the government of these United States! All these insurrectionists committed federal crimes! In my view this former president is in violation of his oath and is considered to be a traitor to this nation! Those who broke the law must pay for their crimes against this government to the full intent of the law! The threat to america comes today from within from mostly white home grown terrorist . take in that view again at Jan 06, 2012, did you like what you saw happening before and even after breeching the Capital? What about those Trump & Confederate Flags? Is this the america you want for your children, grand children, etc.? Now for the big question: "Do you want to live under authoritarian rule by some Nazi styled dictator? Well??? Btw, White folks break into the nation's capital kill and hurt the police, and walk away as if nothing just happened! while a black man is murdered right in front of our eyes by a police officer smiling with his hands in his pockets while kneeling on this dying black man's neck! Here is your America citizens!!! When will you stand up and say enough of this BS!


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