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APRIL 1, 2021

There have been alot going on since the last thread posted by us on this website. There have been many killings, many plots, massive lying and collusions, and the list goes on and on. In order to understand whats going on in Ohio one must first understand the history of Ohio. Befrore I begin, it is important to note that there have been attacks against Big T, Little B., Dread, Blackthought, Wise, Solomon, Garcia, Montu aKa Muhammad Eury, and many many others. Even Hatap Rayay, who is the black roommate of the white supremacist, "Charles Cyphert" have been under attack. It is so much going on that the designers of the chaos remain hoping that the people will continue at one another's throats and miss whats unfolding right before their eyes. In Cleveland, the Regional Transit Authority employees, mostly black females, are having serious problems with riders because they speak to men and women old enough to be their parents and supreme parents (grandparents) as if they were literally nothing important. The femasles have tooken the "face masl" mandates to an insane and violent level. People with medical problems are either fainting or become unconscious when having to cover both nose and mouths. The female RTA employees don't care and verbally say it. Some female employees who target specific men and women daily that are on some sort of surveillance watch may say something to invoke violent altercations from some riders. Remember, at this time they have the intercom on either the buses or the trains turned off. But when one have been inflared from the female RTA employees violent verbal attacks, usually they speak back and this is when those same female employees would turn on the intercom so that who ever monitors the intercom can hear what is being said to them. Everything is about calculations. If one time a video or a voice recorder to catch something at a specific time they can make it speak for them even if it wasn't the whole truth. Many people find that many RTA employees are rude and verbally threatening. The sad thing about this is that usually those employees are black.

So why is certain black female and male employees for RTA only attacking blacks and hispanics? This goes back historically. There was a Euopean named Wiiliam Lynch, who was responsible for most of the methods being used to cripple and destroy blacks and latinos. Enclosed is his formula for controlling slaves: Excerpt from the letter:

“I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves; and I take these differences and make them bigger. I use fear, distrust and envy for control purposes. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South. Take this simple list of differences and think about them. On top of my list is “Age” but it’s only there because it starts with an “a”. The second is “color” or shade. There is intelligence, size, sex, sizes of plantation, status on plantation, attitude of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley, on a hill, East, West, North, South, have fine hair, coarse hair, or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you an outline of action, but before that, I shall assure you that distrust is stronger than trust and envy stronger than adulation, respect or admiration. The Black slave receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands. Don’t forget, you pitch the old Black male vs. the young Black male, and the young Black male against the old Black male. You must use the dark skin slaves vs. the light skin slaves, and the light skin slaves vs. the dark skin slaves. You must use the female vs. the male, and the male vs. the female. You must also have a white overseer who distrusts all Blacks. But it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us. They must love, respect and trust only us. Gentlemen, these kits are our keys to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them. Never miss an opportunity. If used intensely for one year, the slaves themselves will remain perpetually distrustful. Thank you gentlemen.”



  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    WEillie Lynch's method for controlling slaves last for about 300 years. Abd like Montu stated in many of his lectures, and I quote: "Every 300 years they must mix in (mix with people of color) or the entire species will die." What Montu states seem to go hand and hand with Lynch's controlling of a slave for 300 years! If you read the letter by Willie Lynch thoroughly you would have observed how they break down the blackman in front of the black women making her dependent on them. In today's society, especially in Cleveland, Ohio, many black women and men consider themselves knowledgeable but lacks true knowledge of self and kind. Like with the men hating and very hateful females working for RTA, many of them consider themselves to be strong women. But in truth, their unbalanced strength is masking their vunerability. They are watching the world around them change and like any slave, they attack those closet to them instead of those responsible for the chaos. Black females have watched euro-american police kill blackmen in a variety of ways and have watched police physically stump the heads of men while on the ground. The Fraternal Order of Police has very close ties with white supremacy which is why most euro-american cops that kill blackmen unjustly the FOP always try to get them reinstated on the job. A black and latino's life is nothing to them and its a normal business day as usual for them. Cleveland may be a city in the northern states but it surely holds a southern atmosphere. Many blacks have been deeply indoctrinated by euro-americans and by blacks in power tio distrust their own. This allows white supremacists and those globalists who worship Moloch or NAN.NAR to do unto blacks as they see fit. The Covid conspiracies have really turned people against one another and one can see the teachings of Willie Lynch even withinm this Covid Medical Martial Law. FEMA has tooken over and several things have changed, such as:

    A. Executive Order #10995: Seizure of all communications media in the United States.

    B. Executive Order #10997: Seizure of all electric power fuels and minerals, public and private. This one is very triccky because authorites haven't seized all firearms. And until they do utility companies will keep on electric and water.

    C. Executive Order #10999: Seizure of all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control of highways, seaports and waterways. Cars and other vehicles will be seized as the coronavirus cases grow. They will claim that people are infected and is causing wrecks, or is driving like they afre impaired. Many people will agree with this assessment, and from this your vehicle use will be modified.

    E. Executive Order #11000: Seizure of all American people for work forces under federal supervision including the splitting of families if the government finds it necessary. We all can see this taking place right now. Local and national media sources are saying the governors are making this call. But in truth, FEMA is giving orders in stealth mode so that people can't link them to whats taking place.

    F. Executive Order #11001: Seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, public and private. All across America libraries, welfare offices, and schools, to name a few, have been ordered close. Those who don't comply will suffer one way or another like the church in Louisiana which refused to close. The local and national news media put them under the radar, which isn their most fierce tactics.

    G. Executive Order #11002: Empowered the postmaster general to register all men, women and children in the U.S. This is a tricky one. The local and national news medias will report that others are involved with this but in truth, doesn't the media manipulate over 90% of its news reporting? So we can safely say that they are paid liars hired, individually, by the children of the Pleaidians.

    H. Executive Order #11003: Seizure of all airports and aircraft.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    I. Executive Order #11004: Seizure of all housing and finance authorities to establish Forced Relocation Designated areas to be abandoned as "unsafe." This Executive Order is in the works right now. They just have to find someone to place the blame on by saying they were responsible.

    J. Executive Order #11005: Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, public and private.

    K. Executive Order #12919: Signs June 3, 1994, by President Clinton. Encompasses all the above executive orders.

    Take for an example Public Transportation. FEMA Executive Orders have been executed and very few can see the change. The female RTAemployees ranting daily for sick people to cover both their nose and their mouths which have sent multiple people to nearby hospitals has caused a decline in people using Public Transportation. The financial intake for RTA have declined since 2019, and is continuing to decline. So you see FEMA is involved with a different approach when it comes to shutting down Public Transportation. By working with freemasons, Eastern Stars, and their superiors, RTA employees act out in certain ways which forces people to stopm riding Public Transportation as much. And the females seem to get more and more verbally abusive, sneaky, et cetera, as the days continue to move along. Some females, and males, may watch certain riders get off the bus or train and will let someone know which way they are heading or what building they went into. Police, alot of times, may lie and claim that a specific blackman, black woman, latino male, or a latino woman is a person of interest in order to gain access into certain phases of their lives. It is stated that police can be trusted, but after all of the white supremacist police websites, and even hundreds of those who were on Facebook from Pennsylvania and Ohio, how can the people truly trust them? And yet the government keeps giving them greater powers over people they have slaughtered, assassinated, or used against their own people! One reason why white supremacist cops and others keep getting the advantage over people of color is because they have infiltrated your websites. The white supremacist known as Charles Cyphert have verbally told people that his relatives, amongst many others, have frequented this website. They are learning what people of color is taking for granted. Then they use superior knowledge meant for you against you! There are countless backyard deals and pay offs which have tooken place within the past 2 to 3 months as a result of some of the threads on here! So why is Ohio such an important State in the New World Order? Why is Ohio, a northern city, much more treacherous than many southern states.

    First and foremost, let it be known that East Cleveland, Ohio, was once occupied by the Illuminati Rockefellas. T9oday, their huge homes are occupied by members of the Boule Society. There is something taking place in East Cleveland that is terrifying. But the black people won't stand together! The youth is assassinating people behind things as petty as a bag of marijuana. The U.S. government was responsible for creating the youth you see before you today and is using the actions of the you to disarm and destroy you! Blacks and euro-americans, at one time, kept their lifestyles separate, but in 2021 there are many euro-american females who demand actions in black neighborhoods while the blacks and latinos travel around as if nothing is happening. Ohio has a history and this is a briefexerpt of it: Before the American Civil War, a large number of fugitives from slavery passed through Ohio. One of the major reasons fugitives from slavery came to Ohio was the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a system of safe houses and hiding places connecting the slave-holding South to freedom in Canada. Caucasian and African American "conductors" served as guides along the way. Members of the Society of Friends, or Quakers, were actively assisting fugitives from slavery as early as the 1780s. People residing in Ohio began playing a major role in the anti-slavery movement by the 1810s. Levi Coffin and John Rankin were two of Ohio's more important participants in the Underground Railroad. Historian Wilbur Siebert estimates that three thousand miles of Underground Railroad trails ran through Ohio. Not all fugitives from slavery chose to remain in Ohio. Although slavery was illegal in Ohio, a number of people still opposed the ending of slavery. Many of these people also were opposed to the Underground Railroad. Some people attacked conductors on the Underground Railroad or returned fugitives from slavery to their owners in hopes of collecting rewards. To truly win their freedom, fugitives from slavery had to flee all of the way to Canada.

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    Prior to statehood and the growth of cities, many fugitives from slavery lived with friendly Native Americans. Many blacks hoped that euro-americans, already fearful of Native Americans, would not look for them among the natives. During the late 1700s and the early 1800s, many blacks settled in Upper Sandusky with the Wyandot natives. Many blacks moved to the rapidly growing towns and cities of Ohio. Most blacks had little money and could not afford to purchase land to become farmers. They hoped to find jobs in the cities and become factory workers or skilled artisans. Less fortunate blacks took poorer paying jobs as housekeepers, waiters, and day laborers. Most black people usually lived in the same neighborhoods. They did this partly out of fear of slave owners and also because many people did not want blacks living in other parts of the cities. Race riots sometimes occurred, especially if it seemed that blacks were gaining too much power or taking jobs from euro-american workers. In 1829, a riot occurred in Cincinnati because Irish immigrants disliked competition from the black community. The next year, Portsmouth residents forced approximately eighty blacks to leave the community. Sometimes blacks formed their own towns. Such was the case for Carthagena in Mercer County. During the 1840s, local residents forced the black settlers to leave the area. After statehood in 1803, the Ohio General Assembly enacted a number of laws limiting the rights of blacks. The Ohio Constitutional Convention of 1803 prohibited blackmen from voting. This right failed to reach approval by a single vote. Women of all races could not vote in Ohio. Blackmen could not enlist in the militia, serve on juries, testify in court against euro-americans, receive assistance at the "poor house," or send their children to public schools. In 1804, the Ohio General Assembly passed a law requiring all blacks to post a bond of five hundred dollars to insure their good conduct. Despite these restrictions, many black people continued to come to Ohio. By 1860, almost thirty-seven thousand blacks lived in Ohio. Most of them continue to come because of job opportunities. But on most jobs where euro-americans own and control the facilities there is moind control which occurs daily. Most euro-american business owners hire blacks to force them to work 3m times harder than their euor-american counterparts. And there is always a ring set up to destroy anyone who complains about racial discrimination. But why is euro-americans, with Social Slave Numbers or Social Security Numbers, always attacking blacks and using blacks and latinos against each other? First off, during historical slavery revolts took place which involved both blacks and euro-american slaves. Conditions got changed immediately and globalists assured each other that they would never allow blacks and euro-americans to get so close, mentally, as to revolt like what took place in the 1800s. Also, there is an even deeper psychosis at work here.

    The Secret Masonry is setting up "our own, to all appearance, off position which in at least one of its organs [Nazis] will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards." "A new war in defense of democracy and of alleged law is being prepared in all haste. An alliance of all the Jewish groups is already complete; it bears the official title of the alliance of the three great democracies, the English, the American, and the French. . . . The State of Israel requires world war and soon!... The State of Israel is positively of the opinion that time is getting short. To their mind, their world war is a necessity in order that, in the name of indivisible peace, all that portion of humanity who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke, may be laid low." Revue Internationale des sociétés secrétes, April 1937. The last significant effort to oppose the Order was the "First International Anti-Jewish Conference" held in Dresden in September 1882. The conference attracted 300 prominent businessmen, aristocrats, politicians, clergy, lawyers, physicians, farmers and intellectuals from Germany, Austria, Hungry and Russia. They produced a manifesto addressed to "the Governments and Peoples of Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism" which shows how Jewish hegemony was a fait accompli 139 years ago, and explains why the West's racial cohesion and Christian heritage are in serious disarray. The Manifesto begins by saying Europe has been invaded by a foreign race more dangerous and insidious than Arabs, Tartars or Turks in the past because of "its means and objectives." Jewish "emancipation" following the French Revolution ("Equality, Fraternity, Liberty") removed protections against "a race whose first and foremost thoughts and energies are everywhere aimed at putting other nations in the moral and material shackles of slaves..." "According to the Jews' religious and national traditions, all of these peoples were created merely to serve them. The principle of equality was also applied to a race that does not wish to be equal with us, that considers itself a people privileged by God and [regards] the rest of mankind as lower beings, impure animals. The principle of fraternity was also applied to a race that does not even acknowledge non-Jews as neighbors and fellow human beings and according to whose Talmud non-Jews are enemies destined for eradication."

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    "Moreover, cheating, stealing from them, bleeding them dry, bringing ruin upon them, perjuring against them, dishonoring, and even killing them constitutes an activity pleasing to their God. Small wonder, therefore, if modern liberalism, identifying more and more with the ascendant Jews, has taken the shape of pseudo-liberalism. In the Jews' hands, it has turned into a convenient tool for realizing their plans for world domination and putting irons on the European peoples." As a result of Jewish monopoly on government and finance, "the farmer, the big landowner, the industrialist, the artisan, the merchant, etc. , have all gotten caught up in material dependency upon Jews...they were forced to turn into their obedient servants, their train bearers. What's more, the Jews hire influential men who are active in public life to fill well-paid positions at banks, railways, insurance companies, etc. These individuals are thus virtually kept as Jewish vassals and are the most zealous and influential supporters of Jewish power in the legislatures and governments. " As a result of Illuminati Jewish instigated wars, "the governments of some indebted countries have become nothing more than Jewish institutions, Jewish collection agencies. This explains the complete inactivity of these governments with respect to the Jewish question and also their hostile behavior against their own populations in favor of Jewry." Due to media ownership, "until recently no newspaper in Central Europe would have dared to speak the truth vis - à - vis Jewry. Thus the Jews have become absolute masters, fabricators of public opinion. Any complaint raised against them, however, justified it may be, is suppressed. Any article that addresses the subject of Jewish dominance to the slightest extent is done away with." Political advancement "is dependent upon the favorable position of the Jewish press...As a result, intellectual slavery and moral cowardice vis - à - vis Jewry is one of the most characteristic features of our age." Ambitious seekersme train bearers of Jewish power; they turn into traitors to their own nation and race and thus to their own blood relations. In many countries, the Jews have adulterated the system of [Freemason] lodges, stripped it of its essence, and degraded it into one of the most dangerous and effective instruments of Jewish power.""Mainly by means of the press, Jewry increasingly undermines anything other than Judaism ,... saved the European Aryan race from moral bankruptcy, on the one hand, and semi-civilized barbarity, on the other, and also regenerated it. It did so by setting the civilization and culture of the European Aryan race on firm religious, moral, and social foundations."

    The 1882 Manifesto deftly describes the impotence of Christian leadership which is just as obvious today. There was no "Second International Anti Jewish Conference." The participants recognized they were fighting a lost cause. They did not propose measures because "this nation of parasites has become much too deeply ingrained in the body of our societal and state life for this first congress to operate under the delusion that its potentially detailed propositions could be carried out today." This was in spite of the fact that Eugen Duhring, laid out a detailed program the previous year (1881) in his book "On the Jews." Ironically, it required the Illuminati Jewish-sponsored Nazis to enact many of Duhring's proposals, which were similar to racial policies in effect in Israel today. The rise of the Nazis led to the genocide of about six million German antiSemites (i.e. Nazis) in WW2 and some 50 million other non-Jews. Given the 1882 assessment, do you think the Nazis could have achieved power without Illuminati Jewish sponsorship? As in chess, often you sacrifice a player (i.e. non-Zionist Jews) to win the game. Generally, the tone of the Manifesto gets more petty and racist, tarring all Jews with the same brush, saying all Jews are cosmopolitans with no loyalty to country or attachment to land, incapable of honesty, hard work or scientific and creative originality, driving farmers to destitution with their usury. While I agree with the Manifesto's description of Organized Jewry, & its goals, many if not most Jews were patriotic, hard-working and wanted to assimilate. An estimated 100,000 Jews served in the German army in WW1, and 18,000 won the Iron Cross. 12,000 died in action. In the 1930's, 60% of all German Jewish marriages were interracial. The Illuminati had to create Hitler to force them to go to Israel. To be continued...

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    Afterthought: While the mainstream narratives love to focus on the political fracas that indicates the values of the world, there are very important stories buried in science journals that are making more and more arguments for life in space and the possibility of that life already among us; not only independent from human and animal life, but mingling with human life as it is being evidenced through genetic revelations of a Second Genesis. We can now admit that that extraterrestrial biological entities visited planet earth and that according to ancient writings these entities took part in DNA manipulation and even produced a new hybrid of human through sexual contact with primitive specimens of pre-humans. Normally, genes get passed down from parents to their young. But sometimes they can jump around, moving from one species to another. Genes are quite capable of hopping from one organism into a completely different species. Not only do these genes jump, but when they land in a new host they can actively change it. This can give the host species new abilities, sending it down a new evolutionary path. Even humans play host to alien genes, and it seems they have shaped our evolution. When we have children, we pass on some of our genes to them, and so those genes find a new host. Sometimes the genes get altered along the way. These changes, known as mutations, help ensure that the offspring are different to their parents. Over many generations, enough mutations can build up to create a whole new species, and in the long run, all the diversity of the natural world. Sometimes a gene can jump directly from one organism to another organism, which might belong to a completely different species. This process is called horizontal gene transfer. As it continues to successfully occupy the body it stands a greater chance of long-term survival. Then comes the transference through the breeding process. It then stands an even greater chance of surviving and spreading throughout the population. What is fascinating in 1999, it was found that a layer in the placenta of a human fetus contains viral genes that human ancestors picked up millions of years ago. Everything from viruses to insects have given humans genes, and those genes have changed the ways the human bodies work and helped sometimes aided in evolution.

    Horizontal gene transfer indicates that our relationships with the other life-forms on Earth are much closer than we thought. However, different from us an organism may be, it seems their genes can often be remarkably useful to us. We are only starting to discover just how many alien genes we have in us and what it means for humanity and a genetic relationship with possible extraterrestrials. With all of the new data it is becoming obvious that aliens, especially those we had an ancient relationship with might look a lot like us, due in part to convergent evolution. For example the dinosaurs, especially those at the top of the food chain displayed behaviors and traits that somehow resurfaced after their extinction. They resurfaced in humans. Look at elephants, monkeys and dolphins, they are intelligent creatures in fact it is suggested that their brains approach ours in intelligence. But they are lesser species because of the fact that elephants and dolphins lack the proper appendages and monkeys lack the adaptability to various environments that we have. Octopuses are present in all of the Earth’s oceans and have shown a great sustainability among the other aquatic life that shares the seas. Their large brains and ability to solve complex problems with little observation have mystified researchers for years, coercing wonder of their true intelligence and cognitive abilities. The reveal of their DNA has researchers wondering more about the tentacled creatures, their origins, and why they are unlike any other animals on the planet. It was found that the genome of the cephalopod mollusk, according to the Huffington Post, is quite complex. Over 33,000 protein-coding genomes were discovered during recent research. In comparison, humans have approximate 20,000. “The octopus appears to be utterly different from all other animals, even other mollusks, with its eight prehensile arms, its large brain and its clever problem-solving abilities.” The mystery surrounding octopuses and their existence on Earth is now more complicated than ever before. Adding to the unique genome sequencing that removes it from the evolutionary connection between so many other of the planet’s life. Octopuses have the ability to camouflage their skin, the use of jet propulsion to move through the water, eight tentacles that are suction lined and capable of intricate manipulation of objects, and most oddly, the ability to regenerate limbs that may have been devoured by other animals. Of course, there are plenty of cynical scientific critics that say that the study has been misinterpreted and that the scientists involved with the research were really just using a clever metaphor to highlight the unique complexity of the octopus genome. It seems that the biggest problem with these critics is that they are saying that people now believe octopuses are from other planets.

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    All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds. Terrestrial bodies have evolved in such a manner that a logical and intelligent design has made us who we are. Our eyes are over our nose putting them closer to our brain, eliminating visual lag. Our nose is between our eyes so it does not obstruct our vision. Its size helps us get better downward visibility. Our mouth is below both as to not obstruct our airflow, not obstruct our eyes, not interfere with our brain and give food the quickest path of least resistance to our stomach. The trachea is in front of the esophagus and closes upon excitation of a nerve as food is swallowed. Digestion takes place giving us fuel and energy. Celestial bodies may absorb nourishment through their skin and may even eliminate waste through their skin as well. They may have an inability to chew food or perhaps they have a trachea or breathing tube behind their esophagus. This would make normal eating impossible. In humans, if the trachea was behind the esophagus, the likelihood of choking on food would increase. With the esophagus being in the back, food takes the path of least resistance down to our stomachs. Mucus secretions fall effortlessly down the back of the esophagus into the stomach instead of clogging up our lungs. From the same area we generate our voice, for communication. Now celestial bodies or extraterrestrial we have been told speak telepathically and use images to convey their message. They may even communicate with bio-luminescent patterns of light… Maybe an alien has may diaphragms built into its main body cavity that vibrate a voice – or perhaps a moan that by frequency and pitch is a method of language, they could speak through a liquid or even oxygen to transmit information.

    Final Thought: (Covid And You) The Covid hoax has given humanity a unique opportunity to throw off the yoke of the satanist (Masonic) central bankers responsible for Communism, war, depression, pandemics, terrorism, corruption & decadence.There are several Covid 'vaccine' trials going on that are using children as guinea pigs. This is total insanity, but what is happening now is even worse, as trials have begun on infants as young as 6 months old. The past trials, which are all atrocious, have been on children above the age of 11, but now these murderous pharmaceutical companies are targeting children from 6 months to 11 years old, all with the blessing of "your" government. Both Pfizer and Moderna have been testing on older children. Pfizer has been using 12 to 15 year olds, while Moderna has been using 12 to 17 year olds. Now both are experimenting on children from 6 months to 11 years. Johnson & Johnson has also announced that it would be testing their "Covid-19 vaccine" on infants as well as newborns! "Pfizer's trial will test three different vaccine doses: 10, 20 and 30 micrograms per shot, according to the Times. (The Pfizer dose for adults is 30 micrograms per shot, according to CNBC.) The doses will first be tested in children ages 5 to 11, then 2 through 4 and finally 6 months to 2 years, the Times reported." Pfizer's second trial is set to begin soon with 4,500 children; two-thirds will receive the real shot, and one-third will get a placebo. This is all a plotted set up for the mass injection of all children, and I expect that this will become mandated for all children in schools across the country at every age. The most evil monster Fauci said "he projects that U.S. high school students could be vaccinated in the fall and elementary and middle school students in the first quarter of 2022, according to CNBC." So the stated plan is to inject every single child in America with this toxic, poisonous, gene altering, and mind controlling concoction. People are dying worldwide due to these deadly "Covid" injections, the side effects have been horrendous, and sickness has been rampant due to these shots. Now they are coming after your children.

    What sane parent would allow their children to be used as experimental rats by this evil and corrupt government and its partners in murder? What kind of parent would allow their newborn or infant child to go through virulent exploratory testing by giant corporate whores? What parent would allow the use of aborted fetal cell lines into their own child? These are not parents; they are uncaring predators!...Children are not fodder for the government and its criminal partners in the pharmaceutical industry to use for experimentation. Newborns, infants, and young children cannot protect themselves at all, they cannot opt out, they cannot fight back, and they cannot defend themselves from evil and immoral parents. Government cares nothing about you, your children, or your grandchildren, unless it benefits their desire to harm and kill in order to stay in power. All of us should do whatever is necessary to stop this abuse and slaughter of young children being used by this government and all its criminal partners for their own benefit. Any parent using their young children for government experimentation should be confronted, they should be investigated, and they should be prosecuted for child abuse. Why would people of this country that they would use their own babies as tools for the state? What has happened to society when they do not question such atrocities? What will be the fate of those that stand by and allow this abuse against children at the hands of tyrants? The souls of humanity are at stake here, as nothing could be more depraved than this exhibition of allowed abuse against the most innocent of all mankind. A child's life is precious, it is the epitome of innocence, and all those that touch a child leave a mark. All should protect the innocent, so that the mark left is one of love and not the mark of the beast that is this evil that is before us today. "If we don't stand up for children, then we don't stand for much."

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    End Note: The Covid vaccine will eventually creep into every facet of society and before you know it, if you don't have a vaccination card you will be faded out of society no matter how many lies they tell you. There are some blackmen and women who have prided themselves in getting the vaccine. But when you pay very close attention to them you will notice how they are changing. The Draconians of today believe that they must poison the population purposely to create disease that does not and would never occur naturally; Portray the purposely created disease as being caused by something invisible, outside the realm of control or knowledge of the average person; Create a toxic vaccine or medication that was always intended to send the population to an early grave. Repeat as many times as possible upon an uninformed population because killing a population this way (the art of having people line up to kill themselves with poison......known as a "soft kill" method) is the only legal way to make sure such eugenic operations can be executed on the masses and in plain sight. GAVI, or Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, is partly funded by the UK Govt has many pharma industry representatives on its governing board. This group which sets the price for vaccines and stimulates demand. The AMC is a special financing mechanism set up in 2007 by Gavi and six donors (Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Russian Federation, Norway, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) to stimulate development of vaccines. It is clear that vaccine manufacturers, govt agencies and financial institutions are embedded in a revolving door of a vast industry that is constantly pushing the 'pandemic' button in the hope of a world wide vaccine programme. The corruption of this agency is well documented. In the meantime, we have the The ID2020 Alliance. Launched with an initial grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. Bill Gates is a founding partner in a company called the ID2020 Alliance, and its goal is to give every human being on earth a digital ID. How do they plan on accomplishing this feat? By combining mandatory vaccinations with implantable microchips. The ID2020 Alliance is a digital identity program that aims to "leverage immunization" as a means of inserting tiny microchips into people's bodies. In collaboration with GAVI. Bill GATES is part owner of the coronavirus vaccine via Pilbright Institute. He helped to create a pandemic exercise with the Chinese CDC just a few month before the reported 'outbreak' using the same virus. He is involved with CEPI who are funding the vaccine manufacture, GAVI who sets the price for the vaccine and ID2020 who will use vaccines to microchip the public in line with the UN,s agenda 20/30. The Pilbright Institute which has a patent for the coronavirus has links to Bill Gates and Dr Adrian Hill of the Jenner Institute. Hill is the man who was involved in Ebola vaccine studies! Innovate UK , the agency pushing the smart/5G agenda, is also linked to Pilbright and fund trials.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    Various independent researchers around the web, for around 2-3 weeks now, have highlighted the coronavirus-5G link despite Google (as the self-appointed NWO Censor-in-Chief) is doing its best to hide and scrub all search results showing the connection. The coronavirus 5G connection doesn't mean the bioweapons connection is false (it's not a case of either-or), but rather broadens the scope of the entire event.was one of the test cities chosen for China 5G rollout; 5G went live there on October 31, 2019, almost exactly 2 months before the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak began. Meanwhile, many scientific documents on the health effects of 5G have verified that it causes flu-like symptoms. 5G can exacerbate or cause the kind of illness you are attributing to the new virus. The rabbit hole is deep so let's take a dive. Now Huawei is pretending 5-G is some kind of cure. For the deeper background to 5G, read Makia Freeman's 2017 article 5G and IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast. Many concerned citizens, scientist and even governmental officials are becoming aware of the danger of 5G. It has already been banned in many places worldwide, such as Brussels, the Netherlands and parts of Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, the UK, the USA and Australia. After all, 5G is not just the next generation of mobile connectivity after 4G; it is a radical and entirely new type of technology - a military technology used on the battlefield that is now being 'deployed' (military term) in the civilian realm. It is phased array weaponry being sold and disguised as primarily a communications system when the frequency bands it uses (24GHz - 100+GHz including MMW [millimeter waves]) are the very same ones used in Active Denial Systems, i.e. crowd control. Even mainstream Wikipedia describes Active Denial Systems as directed energy weaponry; it disperses crowds by firing energy at them, causing immediate and intense pain, including a sensation of the skin burning. Remember, directed energy weapons (DEW) are behind the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the fake Californian 'wildfires'. DEW & Laser Weapons are Being Used Against the American People. DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) are no longer the stuff of conspiracy theory. In the last few months in the US, there have been a number of incidents where DEW, laser weapons and perhaps other high-tech energy weapons have been openly deployed against the American people.

    This pandemic is being used to forward Agenda 20/30, the UN's policy of complete control over the world population. Of course, this is sugar coated. This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognize that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. And because people like Montu is fully aware of this the powers that be have even employed parties tied in with Nuwaubians, as spies and setup artists. The vaccine will transform humans into creature like demons who will lose their minds and their selves entirely. In this way you won't put up a fight when the physical and brutal takeover takes place. Freemasons, Eastern Stars, secret societies, and the Illuminati uses the moon as a time for rituals, and actions.
  • White supremacists don't have spell check? That's not very white power of you.
  • Where oh where are the Snipers, Helicopter Gunships, Mortar Tubes, Heavy Arty and Napalm Fast Movers when you'd love to have and need them the MOST I'll even settle for one of these...
    I have my own pins...and spikes. I'm a prudent half Yardie.
  • Who among you really reads all this BS? Why bring at that crap up in hea anyway? I kno that I ain't about da read all that crap! I'll wait as JP said, "for da book da come out!" i DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT NO Willie Lynch bull shyt! Why bring that old made up by white folks bullshyt up hea? What's this writer tryna prove? F#@K them and Willie Lynch! Posting all this shyt up in hea! Like des MF's givingus a history lesson! LMBAO!! ova hea!
  • Yawl actually READ that shit? 😱I don't read anyone in a damn blog talk about being enslaved. If you were REALLY a slave you couldn't write this on a goddamn iPad. I just absolutely hate when people on a fuckin computer say 'we slaves'

    Stop insulting our ancestors. Goddamn it 😡

  • How dare they, man? 😡a fucking blogger on a meter website - marginalizing our ancestors. Nobody on this fuckin web site is a slave. Period.

  • What up Greg

    Hey man who let this subhuman cracker post this yawn iproducing shit? Ain't he got some goats to fuck?

    . lol fuck him AND his mother

  • No one is really reading it. Reading it or not isn't the point. The point is that this person is a white supremacist and thinks he's somehow hiding it and that anyone on this site would be fooled by any of these ridiculous stories.
    What up Greg

    Hey man who let this subhuman cracker post this yawn iproducing shit? Ain't he got some goats to fuck?
    . lol fuck him AND his mother

    Yo JP. Just looking at CNN with all that security jazz not far away from your burg.
    I'm like, 'go head bitches, try that shit again, why don't'cha?, and bring Donald Duck wit'cha'.
    Anybody in the good guys mix we know, and who D's in your ear about?

  • Opps...meaning a captain kinda guy?
  • Rams the Capitol Building blockaded huh?

  • strAightalk1strAightalk1 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA
    magnetic wrote: »
    APRIL 1, 2021

    This GOES back historically. There was a Euopean named Wiiliam Lynch, who was responsible for most of the methods being used to cripple and destroy blacks and latinos. Enclosed is his formula for controlling slaves: Excerpt from the letter:

    “I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves; and I take these differences and make them bigger. I use fear, distrust and envy for control purposes. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South. Take this simple list of differences and think about them. On top of my list is “Age” but it’s only there because it starts with an “a”. The second is “color” or shade. There is intelligence, size, sex, sizes of plantation, status on plantation, attitude of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley, on a hill, East, West, North, South, have fine hair, coarse hair, or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you an outline of action, but before that, I shall assure you that distrust is stronger than trust and ENVY stronger than adulation, respect or admiration. The Black slave receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands. Don’t forget, you pitch the old Black male vs. the young Black male, and the young Black male against the old Black male. You must use the dark skin slaves vs. the light skin slaves, and the light skin slaves vs. the dark skin slaves. You must use the female vs. the male, and the male vs. the female. You must also have a white overseer who distrusts all Blacks. But it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us. They must love, respect and trust only us. Gentlemen, these kits are our keys to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them. Never miss an opportunity. If used intensely for one year, the slaves themselves will remain perpetually distrustful. Thank you gentlemen.”

    Failed raCist Tactics.
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    APRIL, 2, 2021

    In Part 1, several of us who were responsible for the writing spoke about slavery, mind control, and Cleveland, Ohio. White supremacists run Ohio and their many black and hispanic flunkies secretly keep racismm and genocide of people of color a daily business. As I;ve stated before, it is important to note that there have been attacks against Big T, Little B., Dread, Blackthought, Wise, Solomon, Garcia, Montu aKa Muhammad Eury, and many many others. Even Hatap Rayay, who is the black roommate of the white supremacist, "Charles Cyphert" have been under attack. It is so much going on that the designers of the chaos remain hoping that the people will continue at one another's throats and miss whats unfolding right before their eyes. Each of the above Nubuns, which most of you term black, have had something very interesting to say about their places of employment this week. There appear to be parties who try to remain hidden that make contact with everyone those above meet. There is a network of white supremacists online along with many black and hispanic members who have posted photos and stranger, yet fabricated testimonials of blackmen and women who are targeted by white supremacists and some of the worst black sellouts in history. Big T. recently stated that when he rode the train in Cleveland, because of his connection with the Science of Blackness many black females targeted him and others. Big T. and others have asthma and cannot wear face masks over boith the nose and the mouth without possibly falling out. Most of the time they target people who euro-american cops and black local politicians told them to be on the look out for. Wise then added his wisdom to the equation. He spoke about how when blacks in Public Relations positions and those who work with RTA target other blacks there is a serious netwrok of collusion where they are all saying the same things about the person, even though it be lies. They can create an atmosphere about a person that makes it appear that the person is exactly as they described even though it is all a lie. Some black people, like Montu aka Muhammad Eury, have been targeted by white supremacists allo of his life. Montu's supreme (grand) father was a freemason and refused to join the the depopulation agenda and genocide of people of color. And because he refused white supremacists, really freemasons, because they were -photo-ed going into masonic lodges, they set his farm on fire forcing Montu's supreme father to flee from Reidsville, North Carolina, to New York in the late 1950's and early 1960's. There are photos which show the men who were responsible. Montu knew that they would go after certain relatives who showed fear towards white supremacy, and would rat out their own parents if forced to do so. And because of this those photos have been in a safe place for nearly 60 years in prestine shape. held by a close personal friend of the Eury family.

    In Blackthought's case, he states that he woprks in Cleveland heights, Ohio, a place where white supremacists rule and show no fear about it. Blackthought swears that in Cleveland Heights certain black females have been used to destroy blackmen due to the William Lynch syndrome. Blackthought also swore that when blackmen are targeted by police or the feds, whatever job they get has contact with at least one of those targeting the blacks or latinos and will make sure the head of the entire company is well i9nformed about the so-called disobedient slave. The information then trickles down to a supervisor or two who has direct access to that person(s). The supervisor pretends that he knows nothing and shows more interest in that targeted employeem than others which raises a seruious red flag. Then he goes outside of his way trying to be friendly even though his eyes tell a different story. Montu, however, contended that when he recently gave the lecture about blacks needing to take cell phones with them on every job and allow voice recordings to take place each time there is interaction between blacks and euro-americans pretending not to be white supremacists, the white supremacists in the Cleveland Heights area stepped up their game. They immediately started using certain females claiming to be from places that are known hispanic countries, sublimenally suggesting that they are minorities from war torn countries, but who appear more euro-american than those pale people from America. These so-called hispanics skins are just as light or is lighter than euro-americans in America. Just another case of how european females have been granted the right to sleep with any man across the globe in order to enslave that original race! And the strange thing is how when blacks in positions of authority in Cleveland target certain blacks and latinos, ionce those targeted start working under euro-american supervisors, the black sellouts stop what they are doing inj their tracks and the euro-americans takeover. Montu stated that when he spoke about how blacks should take cell phones and record situations, white supremacists took it a step further by making all conversation pleasant but encirclses the black person with the device and several euro-americans will conspire. They'll use the mixed race female in their schemes and involve her in the rewards from massive illusional and fabricated conspiracies. Then they will begin to look in on the black worker every 3 to 5 minutes, and afterwards moving fast to small mini like laptiops. This is very real collusion!

    Some of the real black leaders of today have to work jobs under euro-american supervisors because blacks and latinos in [powerful positions have sold out t9o the New World Order. There are blacks in Cleveland that will worship the pal;e image until the day they transition to the next level. There are black people who seem to work with whiote supremacists in Cleveland, and who feeds them information daily from websites like this. But most of the time they'll just point out the website to the white supremacists and the evil ones will troll specific members.

    1. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the drug dealers who sell poison to kids.
    2. They are the so-called thugs who terrorize our streets and schools.
    3. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the violent criminals.
    4. They are the perpetual litter makers who create children they cannot afford.
    5. They are the child abandoners who refuse to provide for their children.
    6. They are the people who pollute our natural resources and neighborhoods.
    7. The sellouts and Uncle Toms are the people who sell financial products for banks and other firms that are aimed at ripping off Black consumers.
    8. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the preachers and activist who charge people who have faced injustice in exchange for their “services.”
    9. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the pastors who demand 10% of income from church members in an impoverished community without giving something back to that community.
    10. Sellouts are people who refer to other Black people as n’s and b’s.
    11. Uncle Toms and sellouts are those who equate Blackness with negativity.
    12. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the sexists, misogynists, homophobes and bigots.
    13. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are colorsist and internalized racist who hate Blackness.
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    As Montu have stated many times, the Black Devils are more treacherous than white supremacists because they are the ones who target and point out black threats to white supremacy. Then they give the information to white supremacists as if they are doing it in stealth. But there is a trail of names in the Cleveland area, of black and hispanic sellouts. They don't seem to think that people talk about their conspiracies but they do.; And they have given names. In time those names will be revealed. But we will see just how far they will continue to go with their conspiracies against certain blackmen and women. When blacks and latinos speak ill about white supremacists, many blacks and some latinos will start to single that person out. They fear white supremacists so much in Cleveland that they shield themselves from the destructions of other black people. They use them as shields to stay in good standing white white power in Cleveland, and in other parts of Ohio. Montu stated that black people cannot separate themselves from euro-americans because their isn't an economical plan set up tom transfer over to. There are very wealthy black people but these black people have no interest ion bulding factories and huge buildings which employ mostly blacks. Even Oprah Winfrey, with all the wealth and power she has didn't do anything to liberate black people from modern day slavery and neo-colonialism. Sure she opened up a school for black female children but many of those children were molestered, some disappeared and wasn't heard from again, others were severally traumatized from the activities which took place at the school, while very few actually accomplished what Oprah's agenda was all about. Oprah, like many so-called black celebrities with wealth and unlimited power, always claimed Abraham Lincoln was a friend of the black people. Montu made this information known online over 5 years ago and it still explodes DNA to this day. This is what Montu lectured about over 5 years ago: "Freemasons and Eastern Stars taught black children, at young ages, that Abraham Lincoln was a good man because he freed the slaves. This "LIE" couldn't be further from the truth. Mr. Lincoln, on at least 4 occasions, made it known how he felt about the black race. He stated:

    June 26, 1857, at Springfield, Illinois: "There is a natural disgust in the minds of nearly all white people at the idea of an indiscriminate amalgamation of the white and black races. A separation of the races is the only perfect preventative of amalgamation but as immediate separation is impossible, the next best thing is to keep them apart where they are not already together."

    September 18, 1858, at Charleston, Illinois: "I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race."

    August 21, 1859, at Ottawa, Illinois: "I hold that a negro is not and never ought to be a citizens of the United States. I hold that this government was made on the white basis, by white men for the benefit of white men and their posterity forever, and should be administered by white men and none others."

    August 14, 1862, to Negroes at Washington: "Even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with white people on this broad continent not a single man of your race is made equal of a single man of ours. Go where you are treated the best, and the ban is still upon you....I can not alter it if I would."

    So as you can see, white supremacy is very real and is even tied into the New World Order. In Clerveland, and in other places in Ohio, white supremacists still control every aspect of a black person's life thanks to thoise so-called black leaders and their many minions working with and for them. White supremacist men and white power freaks pride themselves on how many blacks have rolled over on one another for them. Blacks in authority are attack dogs for the white supremacists and even after reading this blacks will pretend to show interest in one another for a day or two. But afterwards, they will continue to avoid each other, distrust one another, and walk across the street just so they won't have to walk down the same sidewalk as other blacks. Blacks in Cleveland are being conformed to practice and believe that if you're black get back because white is always right! These trends are started by the most influencial of blacks who control the fate of others. They are responsible for the many photos and fabricated backstories on certain websites which demonize the conscious blackmen and women with knowledge of self. millenials and Generation Z really doesn't care about black pride which is why taking black lives hold very little meaning to them. The white supremacists love this because even though their rule is no more they still seem to remain in power pver black people because of how so many black women look to them for wealth for survival. The black female continues to plot against the blackman, even in 2021, in order to maintain a decent job and material possessions. very few of them don't realize that the european race is moving towards extinction. European scientists know this and the information have spreaded to every euro-american and european community across the globe. White supremacists who have embraced the CFovid conspiracies have been using this time to dvide people of color. But when you notice many of them they still move in crowds. In Cleveland black people are so divided to where when a blackman is sitting at a bus stop or a bench awaiting a bus or a train, they will do all they can to remain separated from one another and it has very little to do with social distancing. There is another demon at work and it continues to favor the so-called whiteman's rule over people of color. Many black people in Cleveland walk around in rags while most euro-americans dress to impress. Imagine the sort of image this have implanted onto the youth?

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    And those black people who seem to have wealth look down on all those blacks that don't. As Big T. have suggested, even this thread will be read by countless white supremacists, and their many associates, which they use as ammunition against black and latino people. The way black see it that have money rolling in for them, as long as the money continues to roll in they have no problem singling out destruction for other black people. Cleveland is like a southern city in the north. Euro-americans are so well connected that they are into everything about black people making sure to get rid of those who doesn't favor white supremacy. Montu recently stated that many euro-american men are psychopaths and alot of black people in Cleveland, with money or not, have embraced that same psychopathic mentality. Montu further says that psychopaths succeed because they use many tools of manipulation, lies, charm, intimidation, and sometimes violence in order to procure their position of power. A psychopath has a knack for glibness; a grandiose sense of who they think they are, a lack of empathy and a failure to be accountable or accept responsibility. Now it would be an easy jump to say that all psychopaths become murderers; however, the degree of the disposition can lead to disregard for human life and from there we see the psychopath act upon their desires to eliminate anyone or anything that gets in the way of their power trip. When some speak of psychopaths they are sure there are plenty of images that run through your mind of what one is; however, the psychotic thing os that there are at least 15 million out there most people are completely unaware of. People only assume that psychopaths are always vicious or appear to be crazy. The truth is that they blend in well and finding a psychopath can be very difficult for humans at times. Psychopaths are compelled to acquire powerful positions; they often resist critique and scrutiny and develop a network of followers and disciples that are unaware that they are being manipulated. Most of the disciples are damaged goods, but not so damaged as to not carry out the wishes of the psychopath.

    Black thought recently stated in a small meeting that in Cleveland Heights where he also works at many black muslims are denied the right to practice salat and to go to their weekly Jumu'ah for fear of losing their jobs. But euro-americans seem to make their weekly ritual to Christian Churches. Imagine that! Blackthought proclaims that black people have very few rights in Cleveland, and its other black people that attacks them when they pull from under the white supremacist banner. Cleveland seems to be one very big Slave Plantation where house negroes, who are also psychopaths, seem to be in positions of authority over other black people. Eeveryone in positions of authority lies on the black threat that is against white supremacy, and their connection is most effective! Big T. says in Cleveland Heights where he also works euro-american supervisors, under jebusite or Jewish leadership, works the blackman like an ox on a farm and when multiple euro-americans get together, they all laugh at their handywork. They make fun of the black or latino who works harder than any euro-american on the job. But where are the laws to protect the black people? White power freaks are laughing at the Hate Crime Bills because they know how to get around it. One blackman name Peter G claims that white supremacists are pletiful in Cleveland, and many of them wear so many different faces that most blacks can't see it because of how many blunts they smoke daily which kills thousands of brain cells and juggles the memory. Peter G further stated that he knows a euro-american female who have spoken some serious stuff to him about the white supremacist known as Charles Cyphert, who lives at 3254 West 38th street. During one of their sexual encounters, the femakle known as Sabrina revealed how Cyphert was one of the most racist people she have ever met. She said that while she was recently in his company he talked about how he have been lying on his black roommate who is known as Hatap Rayay. She said that Cyphert believes that the way to destroying a blackman is by not only lying on him daily, but using others, including family members, in those lies. She said Cyphert told her that he has a daughter that stays on Miller drive in North Ridgeville, Ohio, and that he prided himself in saying that she was just like him, but much more creatively sinister. Apparently, his daughter gets on websites to find out what is being said about her father and then and then tries to crush who they think are responsible for the many facts spoken against Cyphert. White supremacist females are alot more cunning than their makle counterparts and many people of color who were men bought into their seductiveness, only to regret it later.

    Sabrina thinks Cyphert is one of the most evil white supremacists she has ever met and claims that he is always targetinjg strong blackmen such as Hatap Rayay. Hopwever, Cyphertm have also managed to call too many blackmen niggers who haven't forgot it. He has also yelled racial slurs out of his vehicle windows during road rages. He has no idea it is because of his black roommate that noone has done anything to him. But, according to sabrina, she thinks Charles Cyphert's ego is fueled by relatives who have spoken lying and sinister things over the internet about certain black people to support their father or relative. Hatap rayay, his black roommate, recently showed photos of how Cyphert would eat his food while he was gone to work. he also showed video footage of how someone tried to get into his room from the many deep gashes and things done to the door. But Cyphert, according to Sabrina, says his daughters will believe whatever he says and because of this his psychopathic actions have never been checked. Like any Air Force Veteran who is a white supremacist, the motto is deny everything. Many white supremacists find it a thrill to get on the computer, learn what blackmen say, adapt their wording and wisdom, and then use it as their own against black and latino people. And like most white su[premacists, especially the many corrupt cops throughout Cleveland, its very important to keep blacks and latinos divided because if the two species ever really joined forces against white supremacists and white power freaks that will be the complete end to white power! Most white supremacists state that the world needed a cleansed because of the black and brown human filth on the planet that is abusing the earth and robbing it of its resources. They are also talking about the planet heating up and the ice caps melting. They are also obsessed with the Bible, especially Revelation, Chapter 9. They believe that the government is preparing the United States for a race war, even though it is happening right before our eyes, and an environmental scare. It is obvious that the agendas of civilization clashes, racial tensions, apocalyptic preoccupations and global pollution, (a new ice age or warming) are all programmed into many many euro-americans. Their ideas are seeds that is part of the modern agendas and schemes that are part of the platforms of the technocrats and globalists. Many speak preached ghoulish lunacy about stacking up bodies to cleanse the Earth from the damage humans have caused. The ghoulish lunacy they propose is now the agenda of the “globalists” today.
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    Eugenics went underground after WWII, but continued under the guise of population control and environmentalism, proceeding partly with the aid of Rockefeller family wealth (who are from Cleveland, Ohio). Rather than focus on quality control the emphasis is on quantity control. One of the first books to tie these ideas together post-WWII, titled Our Plundered Planet, was written by Fairfield Osborn, who in 1921, served as the President of the Second International Congress of Eugenics in New York. You see, the best Eugenics plans were not thought up by the Nazis, they were created by Americans! While the counter establishment crowd has always been with us, the tools we have now to fuel it to extremes, namely, social media and other things that manipulates many, especially the youth. Look at the current situation of millions living on the street, causing diseases and the same culture of drugs, crime, and the disadvantaged. We have plenty of cancers on both sides of the political spectrum, so called leaders who still have a following when it is obvious that they have killed, schemed, and mislead people to get their positions.

    COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY BEING USED TO CRUSH US ALL: Computer Technology is quickly changing the world. Creating a New World and a new culture. A fast paced cyber-consciousness. It is happening so fast that the world outside of the cyberculture is beginning to wonder if this outré world is really a runaway train. A perverted extension of who we are. A threat to the information watering holes we used to use. Without a common enemy nothing seems to hold The United States of America together. Without Fear in our lives we are not motivated. We tune into television shows where we watch the other pathetic criminal down the block get his teeth bashed in by a large group of police men in body armor. This is the future. Watching the war from front row center, in a lazy boy with a bag of pork rinds and a beer. We do not choose an enemy any more, he has been chosen for us. The enemy is demonized by the media and by Hollywood and whether you like it or not Hollywood has more relevance than you realize. The media has more ways of educating you than you think. If those who press the consensus reality buttons in your world don't talk about it, It's as if it never happened. It may sound uncomfortable to you but the Internet has created a monster in the real world. It has sparked the fears of the once mighty empire, and when an empire loses its grip it grows nervous. It worries about every little militia, cult, Subversive or extremist who might be hell bent on plotting anything behind its back. It can therefore justify constitutional violations such as eavesdropping, imprisoning without due process, more wiretaps and of course Internet filtering and spying. The Government paranoia trickles down to people paranoia and one reinforces the other. It's a Vicious circle. The Cold War is not over. It has been moved. The geographical landscape is not a place of mountains, oil wells, and missile silos. It is the Internet; a place that has built in itself the same utopian and apocalyptic capabilities as the real world that fuels it. It's not always glamorous and it isn't always perfect. But it is an extension of us. Not a perverted one as some would have you believe but the actual consciousness of a world that wants to speak. That wants to be heard. That wants to achieve. It's a world that wants to challenge the news, not just listen to it but be interactive with it.

    But that is competition. To a power aggregate that wants to do all the talking, all the cover stories and cover ups this means one thing to them, competition. Intelligence cabals need to be one step ahead of their competitors. When the intelligence of the people is constantly running at 56k there is room for leaks. There is room for subversive information and room for back door intelligence gathering. This is the competition. Intelligence agencies consider it a threat. So they make attempts to gain control. They decide that the only way to safely derail the competition is to engage in frenzied efforts of spreading lies about it. Always they must deceive those with average intelligence and average education or else they will not be believed. The way to do this is to create the fantasy with enough reality mixed in for general plausibility. You release it in pre digested sound bites That really need no processing whatsoever. You must convince the people that it is for their own good, and in order to do so you pay highly priced spokespeople to come on and tell you that they are smarter than you and know better. It is like a game of poker on a larger scale. Every player sends false signals to the other and least part of the time. No one wants to lose control of the game. That is why those who are in authority, those who control us, those we have put on the top are never told why they have to punish those who question their motives. And those who feel like they are on the bottom of it all feel helpless and keep their mouths shut. These same people we have elected have taken it upon themselves to regulate things they no nothing about. They make their decisions based solely on reports invented by the media and sycophants who continue to flatter them and suck up just for that power contact high. The Internet is the enemy. Not to it's user. Not to it's benefactor. But to its competition. Those who push the limits will not continue. It is all planned out. Unless you fight back. Be ready. Those who voice the truth will be opposing those who manufacture truth for their own purposes. The Internet has already been tainted with Horror stories. Every one of them manufactured by Hollywood and the media and factions that look to the Internet as the enemy.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    There are more than a million Websites that are available on the Internet and more to come. The Web has made us all publishers in our own right. More people are generating more printed materials since the invention of the printing press. This means there are more choices, and more things to read. You can get information about the same topic indefinitely in some cases. 7 Million people worldwide have chosen this information tool. But yet there are those who feel they do not need this in their homes. It seems strange for those who have been taught and indoctrinated with old media and old communication tools. So those who fear the technology can easily believe the demonizing of it. Those who fear it's potential can lie about it. You've heard that the Internet is a perilous wilderness of deviant pornography. That every little militia and satanic cult under the sun is lurking in the shadows to jump out and attack your child online. These devices have been applied and still stick with the misinformed but average educated public. The very same paranoid public that were fed this disinformation from a Time Magazine Article (that was later criticized by it's own editors as being as misleading and over exaggerated) Are the same people who rally behind their senators who passed the 1996 Communications decency act regulating free speech online. It was soon after that the Internet received another black spot on its record. During the Easter Season of 1997, Thirty nine members of Heaven's Gate drank a mixture of Vodka and Phenobarbital in hopes that they could shed off their earthly containers and be whisked aboard a spaceship somewhere in the tail of the Hale -Bopp Comet. Marshall Applewhite the leader of the group had access to the Internet and had read and received information that a spaceship was hidden in the comet tail. You see, on the Internet Events are not reported, they just occur and if more people collectively agree that something happens then it becomes news. This argument is used by the mainstream media and Hollywood movies to show that there must be a way to regulate standards and practices online to prevent unstable people from cracking up. Doing the very same thing that for years they had accused their opponents of. Demonizing them as the liberal media. Obviously there is no honor in the marketplace. Hollywood can never get it right either. But it is believed as gospel. They played on our Paranoia with The movie Wargames about Hackers who break into Defense systems. Strange Days, The Net, Sneakers, That all those who play with computers are evil and that Hackers and freaks hide in the shadows waiting to steal your identify and your privacy. The Intelligence groups, the ones you elect to protect us from ourselves, use fiction to Justify their heavy handed attempts at suspending constitutional rights of free speech and in one particular case, suspension of 5th amendment rights and due process of right to trial, and right to prepare a defense.

    What white supremacists want: 1. Immigration & Migration - To re-engineer humanity as servants. The four legs of human identity (collective force) are race, religion, nation, and family. Migration undermines two of these directly, race and nation, and the other two indirectly. They are a form of gerrymandering to ensure people of European descent become a minority and are disenfranchised.

    2. Vaccinations, Chemtrails, Fluoride and Soy. They are inoculating us with diseases, making us comatose and feminizing males. In general, a satanic cult such as Western society has become, controls and exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick. Western society is obsessed with sickness which is a bigger industry than war.

    3. Control of information and discourse - Media and higher education now are mind control instruments. Political correctness & censorship punish thought crimes.- Non-Conformity leads to loss of employment. Gaslighting - political widgets can say anything and be taken seriously. As with 9-11 plane disappearing into Pentagon, the goal is to make us question reality.

    4. False flag terror is used to confiscate guns (Christchurch) and to justify war (9-11) or civil strife (Notre Dame)

    5. Satanism, occultism, violence and sexual depravity in the entertainment industry. Major stars are all Satan worshippers. Their success isn't based on talent alone. They have sold their souls to the devil. Increasingly our culture and entertainment reflect that of a satanic cult.

    6. Agenda 21; "Climate Change" -- comprehensive UN Plan to limit economic development & control the world.

    7. Mass surveillance using CCTV, Internet and smart devices.

    8. Attack on marriage and family by erasing traditional heterosexual values using pornography, sexual liberation, gender dysphoria, homosexuality and transgenderism. Disregarding female rights by allowing trannies in their bathrooms.YOU ARE NOW IN SLAVERY

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    After thought: Until the advent of superior antiretrovirals for patients with terminal AIDS, now being used as a vaccine for the so=-called Covid, it was the reactivation of Toxoplasma gondii that was associated with the insanity and large holes in the brain. As far back as 1978, there were biological labs that had interest in a little something called, Transmissible Viral Dementia. Litton Bionetics, a biological lab that is well-known for its experiments with cancer and other ravaging viruses had an interest in Kuru for use as a biological weapon. Kuru is a disease that can be found among the cannibals of New Guinea. Kuru was also being investigated for use as a silent weapon of mass destruction by the Japanese during World War II. We now know that Kuru is a prion that is in the same family as mad cow disease. The prions in the brain sound like alien parasites because they appear as crystal capacitors that are store houses for energy and they start their work as if intelligently controlled, firing little holes into the brain causing the breakdown of faculties, rage, coma, and then death. During the Defense Appropriation Hearings held in 1969, there was talk of creating a stealth weapon that would attack humans on a parasitical level for the sole purpose of genocide or the thinning of the herd. In the report, it states that, “The Department of Defense can take 24 years of biological research, use 76 of their bio-warfare labs in operation, add 10 million dollars on top of the 31 million dollars going into nefarious warfare research, and come up with the ultimate stealth weapon, a synthetic bio-agent for which no natural immunity could have been required, from H.B. 15090, Dr. MacArthur DOD Subcommittee 1969. The documentation from the closed-door hearing made quite clear that at the time all biological agents used in weapons systems continued naturally occurring diseases. The codes of these diseases could be cracked and cures from the effects of such crippling agents can be found. All of the components of lethal weapons were known by scientists throughout the world. It was then proposed that perhaps it would be time to create a new infective microorganism, which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organism. Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, a noted psychiatrist, claims that we are seeing mental illness increase in the world at a faster rate, and he thinks that it has nothing to do with environment. He believes it has everything to do with an unknown virus that somehow has come through and is now increasing the rate of instability.

    He and his colleagues suspect that such an unknown infectious agent is responsible for not only that increase, but possibly other biological factors as well, such as changes in diet, and exposure to toxins. Growing population and urbanization allowed the infectious agent, a virus or parasite, to spread more rapidly. Could we be seeing a possible viral infestation that triggers each of us to manifest seemingly demonic activity, and is it responsible for the reports of demonic possession? Can our physical struggle with powers unseen be the will to fight against that which uses our life force as a tool for chaos? One of the most effective science fiction stories that clearly illustrate the alien parasite theory has always been the Body Snatchers, by Jack Finney. While the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers was inspired by the book, and the alien threat were spores that attached themselves to seed pods that eventually replicated human bodies, the main story was that of how an alien threat existed that somehow entered the mind of the host, and eventually an entire town would have their emotions tranquilized. This is where the horror begins. It begins when morality is whittled away because of hopelessness, and the inability for us to be creative and innovative in a world that appears to have no future, and a world that somehow has stopped listening to people who have new ideas and new ways of thinking. So whether Hillary supporters get angry about this or not, she knows everything to happen to the world's population. And if you listen to CNN, MSNBC, and Foxnews lies, the destructions will come upon you like a thief in the night. Africa will be the safest place o be during the destructions which is why they are killing out species on the Continent.

    End Note: For those who don't know, Membership in the Masonic "Boule" is about blacks and latinos selling out their people for personal gain. The same model applies to whites. Our leaders are also house nigras in a world governed by the Masonic Jewish banking cartel. What passes for "politics" is a "conflict" between two Masonic factions, ultimately a charade. They are all crooks. In 1904, the first African -American Greek Secret Society was formed in Philadelphia, by Dr. Henry Minton and five of his colleagues. The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi) and pronounced "boo-lay"), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and women. Fashioned after Yale's Skull and Bones, the Boule historically takes pride in having provided leadership and service to Black Americans during the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the Civil Rights Movement. What could the Boule offer America's Blacks in the early 20th century? Joining the exclusive secret society offered advancement and perks to select Blacks in return for loyalty to its objectives. The upper tenth of Blacks started to live the good life as Boule members, while the majority of ordinary Blacks were disenfranchised. But what were the Boule's objectives? The Boule recruits top Blacks in American Society into its ranks. Today, 5000+ Archons, (male Boule members) and their wives, (Archousais), with 112 chapters, make up the wealthiest group of Black men and women on the planet. "Archon" means "demon" - the kind that like to keep hidden. But to who does the Boule really serve? The Satanic (mostly white) global elite! As long as the Black member conforms to the rules, the riches will be in abundance; if not, down comes the hatchet. Blackmail is part of the deal. This Masonic secret society has a pyramid style like all the rest. The lower ranks are kept from knowing what the upper ranks are doing.
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    The early 20th century was a period of reconstruction. Marcus Garvey's "Back to Africa" Movement was in full swing. Garvey represented genuine Black leadership. W.E.B. Dubois, founding member of the NYC chapter of the Boule said, "The Boule was created to keep the black professional away from Marcus Garvey". The remaking of the House Negro was necessary to institute a group of Blacks who had a vested interest in protecting the Elite White System. It was about selling out their brothers and sisters for power and money. The majority of Black lawyers, doctors, engineers and accountants were members of this secret club. According to Bobby Hemmitt, underground Metaphysician and Occultist lecturer, "This Black elite society based on Skull and Bones (Yale) was chosen by the U.S. Government (Illuminati) to run Black neighborhoods." See here: . Anywhere there are prominent professional Blacks, chances are they're in the Boule". Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson are reported to have been Boule members, among many other high profile, successful and moneyed Blacks such as Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Thurgood Marshall, to name a few. The members of the Boule pose as Freedom Fighters or Civil Rights Activists on the surface. In truth, the elite members are operating for personal gain. The Boule works in concert with their masters in maintaining the grip of Illuminati supremacy on their people. The Boule is another arm of the nefarious secret societies that recruit, indoctrinate and cull for the dark forces. Therein are perks galore, power and notoriety all lying in wait for the easily compromised soul.

    This is an ancient story. The New World Order is The Old World Order. The elite Blacks of the Boule are culling and controlling their own for a slice of the elite white man's pie. Like other secret societies, the Boule encourages homosexual trysts as initiation practices. This must be done to join the ranks. Bobby Hemmit says, "Any kind of top-notch Negro gets together and they f*ck each other." These perversions are then cataloged and stored on record. Later, if needed, these abuses may be used as bargaining tools in the ULTIMATE GAME. What is the Ultimate Game? Capturing human souls. The enemy may appear to have a white face but it goes much deeper than that. This is a force cloaked within many facades, personas, fictions and governing powers. We, the black people, have been handed cultural, political and religious belief systems used to great advantage by these generational Satanists and lying collectives. These elite systems promote dissension, division, hatred, bigotry and war. According to the ruling powers, people are objects that need to be controlled. Therefore, we have men and women in high places that are soulless and beyond the reach of normal reasoning processes. We have an ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants. The evil elite has had a good run. Though they may be certain skin colors, certain nationalities and creeds, they are apart from you and me. They have long ago abdicated any and all connections to a shared humanity.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    APRIL 15, 2021

    The question still remains, do black lives really matter? In order to answer this question one must first question those who intend to speak for black people. Do all black people matter or just a certain type, sect, or bloodline? Who is behind the publicity of the George Flody case and trial? Why was a young black man of 20 years of age killed by police just days ago? Why was a black serviceman in the Commonwealth of Virginia, targeted, physically assaulted, and pepper sprayed by white supremacist cops who claimed that they only stopped him because of speeding? Believe it or not, most of whats been going on involves some blacks, some hispanics and a few others working with white supremacists. We have posted many threads about how blacks and latinos are being targeted and eliminated, along with being mass incarcerated. The sad thing is that there have been enough outformation which should have gotten you out of the information. The information, or in-formation means to get you in line for whats to come. Since the posting of our last threads there have been attacks on the characters of Big T., Wise, Blackthought, Kareen, Little B, Montu aka Muhammad eury, and a whole host of other conscious blackmen. Destroy the messengers and the message gets difficult to fathom. On April 7, 2021, at about 12;00 pm, Montu was riding the Regional Transit Authority train to his job when the train started with a series of explosive fireballs at the apex of the train lines. Everyone who was on that train was trapped on the train for about an hour. The driver of the train called in for aid and was advised to try and move the train several times which caused those explosions to get much much worse. On Aril 8, 2021, the same explosions occurred with another train and RTA stopped all train travel in West Cleveland, Ohio, for a certain period of time. So why did those trains overload and start exploding? The spokes people for RTA, who have no problem lying to the people, claim there was electrical problems. But an engineer who fixes those issues from another state claimede that those explosions were caused because of so many things being used at once. He stated that he came to Cleveland recently and rode the RTA trains and found out that customers were having their privacy invaded by parties usinf public wifi ion those trains to steal information while riders were using their cell ophones. Some ex employees for RTA swore that alot was going on at RTA and even black employees were being used to spy on and lie on certain passengers. This may sound far fetched but trust us, many of these people testifying against RTA doesn't have a history of lying.

    On April 13, 2021, a black female who drives bus #81 was recorded being in a serious confrontation with another female. She claimed the female refused to put on her mask and provide identification to support a bus pass. Thus, police were notified and the incident took on a more serious nature. That same black female bus driver was later overheard at the West Blvd rapid station bragging about what she did to a hispanic driver. But before we get into the face mask deception we would first like to explain whats been going on behind the scenes. Out of the blackmen spoken of above who have been targeted on a daily basis there is yet another blackman who have been targeted, and because he have been targeted it have given police ammunition to target many blackmen all across America. There is the blackman who is the roommate of Charkles Cyphert, the white supremacist in West Cleveland, Ohio. They live at 3254 West 38th street in West Cleveland. there have been factual evuidence proving for at least a wekk there have been parties who know Charles Cyphert that have been posting all sorts of things over the internet about blackmen. Many of them have targeted our threads and have been distorting the information. These racist parties are being aided by both blacks and some hispanics which have empowered white supremacist cops nation-wide. This may sound like something that is hearsay, but we assure you all that its not. Whatever have been happening to black people by racist cops, apparently, have gotten a boost from parties who have been using Cyphert and family. They may be character assassinating Big T., Montu, Hatap Rayay (the blackman who is the roommate of Cyphert), Blackthought and others, but the truth of the matter is that it have been behind the attacks and the deaths of other blackmen by white supremacist cops. There are many many black RTA employees along with so-called mysterious others who have empowered white supremacy and have secretly declared testimonial lies being used against certain black passengers. So the question do black lives really matter depend on the type of black person involved. Montu, Hatap Rayay, and Big T., to name a few, have not involved themselves in any illegal activity. They are the source of light, so to speak, behind many of these threads. And its certain black people in Cleveland working with white supremacists that have been behind the propaganda. Like Big T. recently stated, he has asthma and when he rides the RTA bus or train black RTA employees demand that he cover both his nose and his mouth with face masks despite his difficulty to breathe. They then secretly communicate with parties making them aware that the same blackmen wouldn't cover their noses.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    White supremacist cops use these black demons to search out and destroy those black people who are threats against their rule. These black people have been put on blast by other blacks that have singles them out for white supremacists to get rid of. Montu once stated that in Africa, long before the slave trade, the country was divided into 9 different regions because not all black people were allies. Today in America those disagreeable blacks from rival tribes have been placed into positions of authority which is the root behind all of the assaults and killings of blacks by white supremacist cops. Certain euro-americans in Ohio are all involved in a website where they make allegations against certain blacks and hispanics. These websites also have white supremacist cops that are members. Black lives doesn't matter to many blacks because they are the onesw who is lying on strong blackmen and women for white supremacists, especially in Cleveland, that is leading to many atrocities. And if you the readers go back and re-read all of our threads, you will see that Mpntu and others predicted what would happen which is now happebning. Montu stated that the vaccines would maim and kill, and this have become fact. DMX, the Hiphp artist, from factual testimonials and oservations, actually died from taking the Covid vaccine. But it is being said that other reasons surrounded his untimely death. Pfizer and J&J vaccines have been causing alot of physical problems and deaths which is being reported by other news outlets across the nation. The Illuminati governors like tDewine in Ohio still demands that everyone gets vaccinated. If black people cannot see that they are being eliminated then there is nothing one can do for them. Even white supremacists in Parma, Ohio, contend that the coronavirus is a myth and all those who died, have died from other maladies. Everyt death have been blamed on coronavirus because this is what doctors and nurses were told to say. In Cleveland, there have been countless doctors who have administered the vaccines that have declared that they would not take the Covid vaccines themselves. They claim that those vaccines are both dangerous and deadly to human survival. But there are trolls on the internet who go around attacking facts. In Cleveland, blacks who have spoken out against injustice and corruption have had their photos taken and have been placed on certain websites with fabricated back stories demonizing the messengers. But if the readers pay very close attention you will see that what has been revealed is coming to pass. They cannot hide all of the lies because those lies are coming to the surface.

    There are some blacks and hispanics, along with euro-americans, who are on informant payrolls for targeting others. Will there be a massive civil unrest to take place as a result of the george Floyd trial? Will Derek Chauvin be aquitted of murder? And why did Joe Biden and his Shadow Government Commander, Kamala Harris, order that the military remain in U.S. cities because of civil unrest? Are they plotting the aquittal of Chauvin and will use the military to not only control the civil unrest but also go house to house demanding guns? Joe Biden recently signed an Executive Order for this to happen. Is kamala Harris, the neutranoid female who controls the Shadow Government, really behind the uprising of men versus women, and the black women attacking and using police against blackmen? There are parties in Washington who declare this is factual. Police are being accused of framing blackmen all the time and if there was a thorough investigation behind all black felony convictions everyone wikll see that lies and deception was involved to convict blackmen. However, some black youth are demon seeds who have been committing crimes which is aiding all of the Executive Orders being signed into law. There is indeed alot going on right now and because black people cannot put down the blunt, the drugs, and the daily alcohol consumption many will perish. The Shadow Government is very busy! Then there are those chemtrails being sprayed into our neighborhoods which is not only making people sick but is causing others to go out of their heads to commit psychotic crimes!,+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero).

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio
    Lil Nas X and the Stanic conspiracy: A federal judge sided with Nike in ordering a Brooklyn company to temporarily stop further sales of “Satan Shoes” it produced in collaboration with Lil Nas X. The company who made the knock off Nike’s, MSCHF’s claims its lawyers had argued that Satan Shoes were “not typical sneakers, but rather individually-numbered works of art,” following on the company’s “Jesus Shoes” based on the same Nike model in 2019. They said a temporary restraining order was unnecessary because shoe buyers would not think Nike was involved, and all but the 666th pair had already been sold and no more were being made. Nike’s lawyers, in contrast, said “even ‘sneakerheads’ were actually confused by MSCHF’s shoes,” and MSCHF had a “history” of shipping infringing shoes faster than courts could stop it. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times and Yahoo News is headlined, “Why America’s Record Godlessness is Good News for the Nation.”Op-Ed: Why record godlessness in the U.S. is good news - Los Angeles Times; In part it reads, “The secularization of U.S. society–the waning of religious faith, practice and affiliation–is continuing at a dramatic and historically unprecedented pace. While many may consider such a development as a cause for concern, such a worry is not warranted. This increasing godlessness in America is actually a good thing, to be welcomed and embraced.” Furthermore it goes on to say that Democratic societies that have experienced the greatest degrees of secularization are among the healthiest, wealthiest and safest in the world, enjoying relatively low rates of violent crime and high degrees of well-being and happiness. Clearly, a rapid loss of religion does not result in societal ruin. For the first time since Gallup began tracking the numbers in 1937, Americans who are members of a church, synagogue or mosque are not in the majority, according to a Gallup report released this week. Compare today’s 47% to 1945, when more than 75% of Americans belonged to a religious congregation. This decline in religious affiliation aligns closely with many similar secularizing trends. For example, in the early 1970s, only one in 20 Americans claimed “none” as their religion, but today it is closer to one in three. Over this same time period, weekly church attendance has decreased, and the percentage of Americans who never attend religious services has increased from 9% to 30%. In 1976, nearly 40% of Americans said they believed that the Bible was the actual word of God, to be taken literally. Today only about a quarter of Americans believe that, with slightly more decreeing the Bible is simply a collection of fables, history and morality tales written by men. And the percentage of Americans who confidently believe in God’s existence, without a doubt, has declined from 63% in 1990 to 53% today.

    Fears that this rise of irreligion might result in the deterioration of our nation’s moral fiber, and threaten our liberties and freedoms, are understandable. Such concerns are not without historical merit: The former Soviet Union was a communist country deeply rooted in atheism and was one of the most corrupt, bloody regimes of the 20th century. Other atheistic authoritarian regimes, such as the former Albania and Cambodia, were equally crooked and vicious. But here’s the thing, they were all godless dictatorships that tried to forcibly destroy religion by persecuting the faithful, actively oppressing religious institutions, and making a demagogic cult out of their thuggish rulers. Such coercive secularization is, indeed, something to dread. Another major factor is the ubiquity of the internet, which provides open windows to alternative worldviews and different cultures that can corrode religious conviction and allows budding skeptics and nascent freethinkers to find, support and encourage one another. In the United States, these factors are further compounded by strong backlashes against the Religious Right, never before in contemporary history have we seen such an organized effort by the media and elsewhere to encourage organic secularization of the country. There is also an upsurge in active Satanism in the country as well. This Satanism is not connected to the Satanic Panic of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s even though there have been resurrected elements of it brought to us by none other than the followers of QAnon. A number of factors contributed to the increased interest in, and fear of, the occult during the late 1960s and 1970s. The Manson cult’s operation in the late ’60s culminated in a string of murders in the summer of 1969 that shocked the nation and put organized ritualistic killing on the brain. That same year, organist-turned-occultist Anton LaVey published his philosophical treatise The Satanic Bible, which plagiarized several sources and mostly regurgitated earlier philosophies of self-actualization and self-empowerment from writers like H.L. Mencken and Ayn Rand. Nevertheless, it became the seminal work of modern satanism and the key text for the Church of Satan, a group LaVey had officially founded in 1966.The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals: Anton Szandor Lavey: 9780062427502: Books

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