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APRIL 26, 2021

On april 25, 2021, the white supremacist known as Charles Cyphert will be given the keys to a new location. He will be moving from 3254 West 38th street. Certain parties have claimed that he gave them mixed information to throw them off. Some people Cyphert told that he was moving near his favorite daughter that lives at 6583 Miller Drive in North Ridgeville, Ohio. His daughter, Sherry Cyphert, who lives in North Ridgeville,Ohio, have been played like a fildler by her cunning father. She has only met his black roommate, Hatap Rayay, twice. On the first occasion Charles drove to North Ridgeville and wanted Hatap to ride for some reason. Hatap sat in the old beat up green van Cyphert once had and was speaking with a few of his muslim friends. They were concerned about Hatap being in the racist community of North Ridgeville, and found out Hatap had sat in the van for over 45 minutes waiting on Cyphert. The second time Hatap met his daughter was when she drove to 3254 West 38th street, which was witnessed by neighbors, bringing her father a beatup gas stove that seems to be a security risk based on inspections. People later found out that Cyphert was informing his daughter that his black roommate would use his cooking appliances and then put them back in trunks. But many who know Charles is aware that he twists information to make him always appear as the victim of some sort. Hi9s black roommate tried sharing things other than food with him but if one puts out something and allow Charles to use it, he has a history of claiming, weeks later, that what he was using actually belonged top him. He takes by manipulation and deception things that belong to others; especially if he is sharing something with a black or latino male. So Charles kept up his deceit and contnued complaining about things when there were no problems. He just6 had problems with people of color which is why he have been seeking to move out of the neighborhood so badly. He even started lying more and more to his daughter Sherry, according to leaked information by his relatives, and she started taking part in most of his ordeals. She would speak to parties about her father going to changes without ever finding out from both sides. Some people that know her claims she is just as racist as her father but much more lethal and extremely creative when it comes to asupporting and promulgating lies. Certain people that know her claim that she has a hatred for black people, even though her mother was married to a blackman by the name of Bill for years until he died of illnesses that should haven been questionable as if he was murdered in a scientific way.

It has been spreaded that Sgherry and another alleged that Bill's family members raped her, which Charles have told to alot of people in Lakewood, Ohio. So she isn't really credible when it comes to speaking about blackmen due to her allegations that her mother's black husband had relatives that raped her! Bill made alot of money and from what certain euro-americans say, he was admired because of all the money that he made. But very few people don't know if Shery's mother fifnj't have some sort of love for Bill. Charles spreaded rumors that blackmen got his ex-wife on drugs and used that to push hatred. Charles is so racist that he opens up his black roommate's food and then lie about it. neighbors have even witnessed how when hatap is off from working on saturdays, Cyphert gets very uncomfortable and calls his daughter Sherry, pretending to ask if she is going to church on Sunday. Those two have a serious sinister relationship, and because Sherry is so crafty, even some black females have fell for her charms. But in truth she harbors hatred towards the black race because this was the orders of her father. And when her father Charles instructed her never to loose the name Cyphert, which was witnessed by one of their relatives who seek to have very little dealings with them, She apparently refused to get married asnd change her name. White supremacy can get very emotional within family members, and creep into the minds and hearts of the weaker minded like an infection. Hatap has connections with Big T, Little B., Montu, and others which is known by outside parties. Cleveland, Ohio, is a northern city with a southern atmosphere which is why many people are into the business of others. Even euro-american cops, along with their black and hispanic counterparts, know that Hatap is a very well black conscious male and is a threat to white supremacy, white power, and mind manipulation of the black race taking the bait to denounce their own for euro-americans. This is why the conspiracy is so intense. And every thread that we posted reflect the type of retaliation conscious blackmen endure from all the haters of facts! However, getting back to Cyphert's moving from 3254 West 38th street, he told some that he was moving to a small apartment in Lakewood, Ohio, a place known for its racism against black people. Charles Cyphert continues to brag about how he got the apartment to relatives which was overheard by neighbors. He used a black female that works for a Senior program against other people of color who had no knowledge that he was lying on them to get what he wanted. Some people noticed how he is an emotional wreck because of the many lies he told on people of color in order to get away from West 38th street, a street which is highly populated with hispanics and some blacks. Cyphert, according to sources, used every sinister tactic in the book to convince the Senior program representative that he was living under horrible conditions with the backup of his daughter whose testimonials are questionable. Cyphert even went around telling myriads of people that she was a drug addict and now has to take certain drugs in order to remain lucid and somewhat stable.


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    His further claims stem from lies he told about his black roommate, Hatap Rayay, who he beat out of money and stole food from, even though his roommate never confronted him about it. When blackmen are hard to move or get angry, white supremacists, and those people of color that support them, have a way of creating lies and using a mass form of collusion to paint a different picture of that person. The thing about it is that none of Cyphert's, nor any of those connected with his lies and trickery, can prove anything in a court of law. They work from behind the scenes and the lies they tell, even though they are rewarded for it, also remains behind the scenes. Other claims were about how his hispanic neighbors was hacking his wifi, amongst other complaints. Then he complained about mice, bugs, and bad electrical wiring at 3254 West 38th street. But the thing that convinced the black Rep. at the Senior program was Cyphert's complaint against people of color, even though he didn't tell the Rep. It was confirmed that Cyphert was using his daughter in his lies, to make allegations about people of color in the area just to get her to do his bidding. According to a few churches, his lies were very convincing even when he claimed that he had several mouths to feed in order to get donated food. His daughter allegedly volunteers for her church with food donations, and at times she supply him with things. But it isn't what he likes alot of the times which is why he steals from his roommate. Euro-americans can tell lies on blacks in West Cleveland and have their lives changed around. And when the person(s) beat those bogus life changing claims, the parties who started those lies in the first beginning are never charged for it. Charles Cyphert even informed his Utility Company, and Spectrum Communications, according to reliable sources, that more than one senior citizen lived in the home in order to get what he wanted. This demon tell lies on other people or uses other people in order to manipulate others to give him what he wants. Cyphert is a nervous wreck because of the many lies he has told on people of color and fear that someone may find out about the many emails he has been sending to his daughter, alomost daily, and to others complaining about this or that.

    It has even been stated that Cyphert made contact with parties who spoke with law enforcement claiming that when he moves someone from his previous location or within the surrounding area will target him. This white supremacist told all these lies daily, just to convince a black female Rep. that his living conditions were terrible. He even told lies to his psychiatric and medical doctors, which was overheard by parties who followed him into the building just to see if he was a sinister snitch as reported. And the black female at the Senior program, from what people have stated, took him serious. She even took him serious when Cyphert tried using his daughter in his lies who made certain allegations to the same Rep. about his black roommate (who isn't even from Ohio) in order to get him a placed near Medina, Ohio. That plan, according to sources, was foiled because by using his daughter in his lies it began blocking his success. So in order to move to another location away from predominant populations of people of color, he had to send lying emails to parties daily claiming his living conditions were horrible. He actually bragged about telling lies to certain people in order to get what he wanted! He also have told people he felt suicidal just to get what he wanted, and later told others he had no real intentions of harming himself. He didn't care about the people he was lying on nor how their names or locations was being placed in computer systems under false pretenses. He cares not that he have stained good names in order to get what he wanted! He is a true white supremacists that destroys people of color in a way most people are in the dark about. Some parties have even claimed that Cyphert has used our threads in order to ramp up evidence for moving away from people of color. He cares nothing for noone but himself and he will steal from anyone he thinks he can get away with it. He is the sort of person who will steal things from others and then get on the internet and write about how those same people stole from him when there is no evidence to support his claims. Even his roommates in times past, in the Lakewood, Ohio area alleged how Cyphert would go to many sources talking about how they were doing this or that simply because he wasn't compatable. Many landlords he rented from spoke about things got missing when he and his daughter rented from them or how everything evolved around mind games when dealing with him and his family. People in Lakewood have been talking about how much time he has been recently spending in the area, and how each time he shows up police seem to target blackmen. From his many lies the man is a complete wreck and his mental illness has something to do with it, although very little will be done about that. Police and others only use him to try and find out about people they know little about. In the case of blackmen who Cyphert seems to despise, police run with the lies and house the information which was a tactic used to assassinate bblackmen a few years back. However, he isn't as dumb as people make him out to be. Cyphert is a very cunning and calculative fellow who tells some of the most convicing lies to get what he wants while preventing any of those tied in the lies or the culprits to have interaction and hold dialogue about facts! What white supremacist in 2021, along with many people of color who have adapted their ways, don't spread rumors about others and try and make sure that the victims never dialogue with the listeners?
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    People in Lakewood still talk about how Cyphert accuses females in his family of stealing hundreds of dollars of tools from him. Maybe the move to a highly white power population could be the best for him. But people of color, whether black or latino, better watch out because when Cyphert moves to a new location, those from his previous location who he targeted sometimes are mysteriously harrassed by police and more. Cyphert has a long history with police in Lakewood and many of them know how he feels about people of color. But many of them feel the same way which is why when he moves to the area there will be more police and people of color confrontations than before he arrived. It is a known fact that Cyphert has been used as a spy against people of color. He will move into an area, target specific people, and then mysteriously move to another location after a few short months. He then runs to 3306 West 52nd street, in West Cleveland, where members of his family resides, and then involve them in his many lies and plots. If one were to listen to Cyphert, every person of color is considered his enemy, and his family knows that he is a racist despite how they may lie for him. Lookout people of color in Lakewood, Ohio, because the man who accused blackmen and women of going in his pockets while he was either getting a soft drink or buying cigarettes, is on his way back into your cipher. This time he comes with newer tactics of deception which are more sinister than before. Like we stated in previous threads, he is a compulsive complainer who complains each and every day about the same or similar things. Sometimes he may switch up, but with his old mind he is mostly set in his ways and chooses the easier way. It is no coincidence that both euro-american cops and black cops, mainly black females, on April 24, 2021, targeted a large number of blackmen in or around the Lakewood area. Cyphert aided authorities into the world of blacks because of how he was given small devices to hack his roommate's private wifi. Cyphert tells others that the hispanics living on the lower level where he stays were responsible. But his roommate have observed too many strange occurrences and devices used by Cyphert for spying on others. And if he doesn't get what he wants he reverts to lies. But he lies in a way that doesn't get police to confront those he lied on immediately. They always allow him to move to a newer location before they start taking down all those Cyphert made allegations about in his complaints. Anyone that knows him will confirm that his favorite method of snitching is through and by the use of the internet on his laptop. Even when Cyphert was homeless and had roommates, even at the Days Inn Motel in Lakewood, Ohio, the roommates always wondered why he was on the computer 15 hours a day. Prostitutes who were payed to give Cyphert blowjobs have often said that he was a strange man always asking them to do something to him no others demanded for small amounts of cash, and when they visited his rooms he always had strange and mysterious devices around.

    Some prostitutes also stated that they felt threatened by him because he was the sort of man who was capable of doing and saying anything, which scared several of them. The strange thing about some of the things which took place while Cyphert was at 3254 Westy 38th street, is that he would take long trips, according to parties who sometimes followed him, to locations far from Cleveland. And when he returned sometimes military helicopters or police helicopters could be heard and witnessed using surveillance within a 5 or more block radius friom where he lives. Blacks and his[panics think that when Cyphert moves out of the area that you will be free from pressures. But in truth your troubles have only just begun. It will get much worse for you and you will soon find out just how tactful Cyphert really was. Even hispanics he spoke to against his black roommate will find out that you will have surveillance on you for quite sometime after he departs from 3254 West 38th street. And the wife of the hispanic male who resides on the lower level of the house that Cyphert lives in, who Cyphert speaks to only when the husband isn't present, will see that telling him person business will come back and haunt you later. His black roommate often found it strange that when Cyphert hears conversations in the lower level of the house from the hispanic tenants how he turns down his television and other devices in order to hear with clarity what is being said. Cyphert has spoken to others in West Cleveland about how a male comes to the lower level when the husband is away at work. Sometimes, from what people have stated,. Cyphert may call the person one of their sons or some other person. This is just how nosy he is and how indepth he gets in order to find out personal business about people of color that minds their own business and has no idea that someone is listening to every word they say inside their home. According to one female that knows Cyphert, she alleges that this have been going on for months, and that Cyphert alwways has a new story to tell anytime they meet up. It is even being stated that policehave been cleaning up areas in lakewood, as far as the Detroit avenue area in order to prepare for the return of Charles Cyphert. They know that when Cyphert moves into the area there will be a myriad of complaints once he gets settled in good. All of those who either worked with or for the same agendas as Cyphert, you will soon see that your good thing will have ended. That connection you had with others who rewarded you in your espionage activities against other people of color shall drastically change for you. You may feel betrayed! One very strange question people are asking themselves within the Detroit avenue area is did Lakewood Police give Cyphert a device he attached to his laptop in order to gain access to every wifi network within his range? Females who were recently speaking with Cyphert witnessed the device inside his car. There is still some mystery there for inquiring minds!
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    Remember, the most successful of crooks were those who were never caught for their crimes. In places like Ohio, euro-american cops often gave special favors to certain families like in Cyphert's generation. Any crimes they committed against blacks or latinos were never pursued which allowed thieves, rapists, pedophiles, et cetera, to only be found out in the 21th century. And like we explained in previous threads, certain agencies and special interest groups have been using Cyphert to not only obtain information about his black roommate, but also about his experiences around people of color. Many cell phone numbers were hacked and calls were listened to in a way phone company representatives cannot detect. parties claim that the nearest Cell Phone Twoers for most services is at Fulton road and Trent. One of the biggest problems is that there are so many different races working towards similar goals and interests as people like Cyphert who have did pretty much the same as he against people he've targeted. The smart thing about Cyphert's black roommate is that he keeps surveillance on himself and his dealings with Cyphert and others. So when these diabolocal matters are challeneged in a court of law Cyphert and his many accomplaices will have a serious time proving their lies. And those who used them as tools to find out information about others will be left under the bus, so to speak. What a webby web that one weave when they practice to decieve. Thus, the chickens will always come home to roost. In retrospect, people like Cyphert are being used to divide people more and more. Not often euro-americans get to stay in the same location with highly intelligent blackmen. This allows white supremacists and New World Order preppers that privilege of obtaining forbidding information along with spying on things they normally wouldn't have access to. Most blackmen in Cleveland are predictable, but people like Hatap is unpredictable which white supremacists, blacks in power positions, and hispanics who seek to conquer the U.S. prioclaiming their rulership in the New World Order, find a threat. Whats in the dark will all come to the light soon! Even facts about the coronavirus and the Covid vaccines is also coming to light.

    After thought: Google Trends analysis, and psychologists have discovered a major jump in searches related to anxiety, panic attacks, and treatments for panic attacks. The researchers used Google search data to examine trends in mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and based on that search, say panic attacks could be affecting millions. They used Google Trends to analyze an extensive list of mental health-related terms that people searched for before and after the World Health Organization issued a pandemic declaration on March 11, 2020. They found a major jump in searches related to anxiety, panic attacks, and treatments for panic attacks, especially remote and self-care techniques, in the weeks following the pandemic declaration. Panic attacks are not rare. At least 11 percent of American adults experience a panic attack each year, and the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that about 5 percent of Americans will develop panic disorder at some point in their lives. Panic disorder is characterized by sudden and repeated intense panic attacks accompanied by overwhelming worry about future attacks and avoiding places or situations where attacks have happened. There hasn’t been much research examining the pandemic’s effect on panic attacks. But surveys have shown that Americans are experiencing elevated levels of stress and anxiety, which, experts say, could contribute to panic attacks. Logically, people are concerned about the Pandemic –and many people would certainly be on edge every time they turn on the TV and see COVID death tolls that are as common as weather reports. However, we are being told that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that we will be seeing herd immunity with these vaccines that they keep pushing on us. But there are concerns that these vaccines are causing problems in people, because their bodies are rejecting nanoparticles that are coated with Polyethylene glycol.
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    Polyethylene glycol has never been used before in an approved vaccine, but it is found in many drugs that have occasionally triggered anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening reaction that can cause rashes, a plummeting blood pressure, shortness of breath, and a fast heartbeat. Some allergists and immunologists believe a small number of people previously exposed to Polyethylene glycol may have high levels of antibodies against Polyethylene glycol, putting them at risk of an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine. Polyethylene glycol is also used in everyday products such as toothpaste and shampoo as thickeners, solvents, softeners, and moisture carriers, and they have been used as a laxative for decades. An increasing number of biopharmaceuticals include PEGylated compounds as well. People online are now joking about getting nanoparticles injected into their bodies and how they are not being affected and yet we are seeing adverse reactions in others and possible nanotech responses that come in the form of nausea, headache and feelings of panic. This gives us a moment of pause and with a little research there may be other reasons why people are experiencing these strange and unwanted feelings. We are in a world that is constantly changing and is constantly manipulated. These manipulations and changes are being made by very powerful people who are twisted enough to warn you when you are in the cross-hairs of one of their diabolical agendas. Using what intuitive skills, we have, we can tap into the storehouse of information we have accumulated over time and understand that there are many things that go one that are not by accident. Things happen for a reason, and there are things that I have reported for you to prepare for that may not be as immediate as you would like but there really is no statute of limitations on predictions that urge preparedness. Clearly, there are manipulators that continually try to cover up and obfuscate their machinations. The more we are aware of them the more we should feel obligated to expose them. However, it is important to fully understand what is happening without jumping to conclusions or rattling off some Illuminati list of enemies that we always hear about.

    Ever since some spoke of humans as the “rational animal,” we have had a picture of ourselves as rational beings that are hampered by shortcomings like anger and fear and confirmation bias. Cognitive science says just the opposite. Cognitive science shows us that humans just are a collection of messy little modules like anger and fear and the modules that produce confirmation bias. We have a few modules for processing logic and probability and rational goal-pursuit, but they are slow and energy-expensive and rarely used. Reactionary override or cognitive override should prompt a rational thinker into understanding when something out of the ordinary may have the potential to be a danger in the future or even in the present. But what if your anxiety, panic attacks and reactionary override are a product of your environment, and that things that you cannot see are triggering unwanted neural responses that can cause fits of rage, debilitating head aches and other maladies that have just crept up on you suddenly? This may be the price we are paying for the continued bombardment of electric influence that pushes us in directions that not only affect us psychologically but as we learn more and more about the effects of technology, we are learning that it is affecting us on a genetic level. What is most disturbing is that this type of electronic bombardment is now being weaponized and there have been several stories lately that are beginning to acknowledge the possibility that the voices people are hearing, the anxiety they are having, and the rage they are feeling is quite possibly a weapon of warfare.Radiofrequency (RF) Sickness in the Lilienfeld Study: An Effect of Modulated Microwaves? | Community News Victoria Microwave radiation has always been a concern for those who are sensitive to what is called electromagnetic smog. Microwaves are ubiquitous in our modern lives. The short radio waves power radars, cook foods, relay messages and link cellphones to antenna towers. They’re a form of electromagnetic radiation on the same spectrum as light and X-rays, only at the opposite end.

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    While radio broadcasting can employ waves a mile or more in length, microwaves range in size from roughly a foot to a tiny fraction of an inch. They’re seen as harmless in such everyday uses as microwaving foods. But their diminutive size also enables tight focusing, as when dish antennas turn disorganized rays into concentrated beams. There is also concern over radio smog about 5G and how it is able to use the human body as a transmitter of these waves. The dimensions of the human head, scientists say, make it a fairly good antenna for picking up microwave signals. During the Cold War, Washington feared that Moscow was seeking to turn microwave radiation into covert weapons of mind control.Now, doctors and scientists say such unconventional weapons may have caused the baffling symptoms and ailments that, starting in late 2016, hit more than three dozen American diplomats and family members in Cuba and China. The Cuban incidents resulted in a diplomatic rupture between Havana and Washington. The medical team that examined 21 affected diplomats from Cuba made no mention of microwaves in its detailed report published in JAMA in March. But Douglas H. Smith, the study’s lead author and director of the Center for Brain Injury and Repair at the University of Pennsylvania, said in a recent interview that microwaves were now considered a main suspect and that the team was increasingly sure the diplomats had suffered brain injury. Of course, it was met with skepticism; in fact, the diplomats and doctors jokingly referred to the trauma as the “immaculate concussion.” Strikes with microwaves, some experts now argue, more plausibly explain reports of painful sounds, ills and traumas than do other possible culprits — sonic attacks, viral infections and contagious anxiety. In particular, a growing number of analysts cite an eerie phenomenon known as the Frey Effect, named after Allan H. Frey, an American scientist. Long ago, he found that microwaves can trick the brain into perceiving what seem to be ordinary sounds. The false sensations, the experts say, may account for a defining symptom of the diplomatic incidents — the perception of loud noises, including ringing, buzzing and grinding. Initially, experts cited those symptoms as evidence of stealthy attacks with sonic weapons.

    There is a clandestine group code named Jason, they are a selective group of elite scientists that helps the federal government assess new threats to national security, and they say that they have been scrutinizing the diplomatic mystery and weighing possible explanations, including microwaves. Asked about the microwave theory of the case, the State Department said the investigation had yet to identify the cause or source of the attacks. And the FBI declined to comment on the status of the investigation or any theories. The microwave idea teems with unanswered questions. Who fired the beams? The Russian government? The Cuban government? A rogue Cuban faction sympathetic to Moscow? And, if so, where did the attackers get the unconventional arms? Could these microwave weapons be in use now, and are certain individuals feeling the effects of these weapons? Early this year, in January, the spooky impact of microwaves on the human brain never came up during an open Senate hearing on the Cuban embassy attack. But in a scientific paper that same month, James C. Lin of the University of Illinois, a leading investigator of the Frey effect, described the diplomatic ills as plausibly arising from microwave beams. Dr. Lin is the editor-in-chief of Bio Electro Magnetics, a peer-reviewed journal that explores the effects of radio waves and electromagnetic fields on living things. In his paper, he said high-intensity beams of microwaves could have caused the diplomats to experience not just loud noises but nausea, headaches and vertigo, as well as possible brain-tissue injury. The beams, he added, could be fired covertly, hitting “only the intended target.” In February, ProPublica in a lengthy investigation mentioned that federal investigators were weighing the microwave theory. Separately, it told of an intriguing find. The wife of a member of the embassy staff, it reported, had looked outside her home after hearing the disturbing sounds and seen a van speeding away. A dish antenna could fit easily into a small van.

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    The medical team that studied the Cuba diplomats ascribed the symptoms in the March JAMA study to “an unknown energy source” that was highly directional. Some personnel, it noted, had covered their ears and heads but experienced no sound reduction. The team said the diplomats appeared to have developed signs of concussion without having received any blows to the head. Reports emerged that American diplomats in China had suffered similar traumas. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the medical details of the two groups “very similar” and “entirely consistent” with one another. By late June, the State Department had evacuated at least 11 Americans from China. To date, the most detailed medical case for microwave strikes has been made by Beatrice A. Golomb, a medical doctor and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego. In a forthcoming paper to be published in October in Neural Computation, a peer-reviewed journal of the MIT Press, she lays out potential medical evidence for Cuban microwave strikes. She compared the symptoms of the diplomats in Cuba to those reported for individuals said to be suffering from radio-frequency sickness. The health responses of the two groups, Dr. Golomb wrote, “conform closely.” In closing, she argued that “numerous highly specific features” of the diplomatic incidents “fit the hypothesis” of a microwave attack, including the Frey-type production of disturbing sounds. Yesterday there was a curious article in Business Insider about how US troops may be under attack in Syria with these silent but debilitating weapons. a group of people walking down a dirt road: Politico also reported that Troops appeared to be mysteriously falling ill in Syria, and the Pentagon suspects Russia is using directed energy weapons on the troops. Four national-security officials involved in the investigation told Politico that the Department of Defense has been investigating the incidents of suspected attacks since last year. Two sources told Politico that this included incidents in Syria, where troops developed flu-like symptoms last fall. Politico also reported that the Defense Department has briefed lawmakers on intelligence about the suspected attacks. But a Pentagon spokesperson told Politico that the Defense Department wasn’t aware of directed-energy attacks against troops in Syria.

    Directed-energy attacks involve directing energy towards a particular target and could involve methods like lasers. It can involve directing microwave energy towards people, which harms people’s health. Again it is hard to pinpoint how these weapons operate because the human body actually operates on electric impulses. This is extraordinarily complex to evaluate when all living beings are technically electromagnetic, and every thought and emotion is a measurable frequency as well. Moreover, even in the absence of external electric fields, there is a presence of tiny electrical currents in living beings due to the numerous chemical reactions that occur as part of the healthy living bodily functions. According to a WHO report, the heart is electrically active and nerves relay signals by transmitting electrical impulses. Furthermore, since all human body systems are regulated by EMF signals, it is essential to evaluate not only how the biologically active human-made electric and magnetic fields impact humans, but also how it impacts all living beings at the cellular level. It is however, a fact that EMF exposure contributes to many problems in the body such as : Sleep disturbances, including insomnia. Headache. Depression and depressive symptoms. Tiredness and fatigue. Dysesthesia (a painful, often itchy sensation) Lack of concentration. Changes in memory. Dizziness.Depression and Headaches. As we evaluate why human-made EMFs are more bioactive than natural electromagnetic fields, there are perhaps more questions than answers. Since biological effects are measurable responses to an electromagnetic stimulus or a change in the environment, should we not put efforts towards having a sufficient understanding of the impact of human-made electromagnetic fields on biology on a cellular level? Think about how more people are complaining of not getting enough sleep at night — or how many of us experience tiredness or fatigue if we spend too much time at the computer. We may just attribute it to just being tired and overworked but there are other factors that seem to point to the possibility that we are now becoming electro fatigued and it is having effects on our immune system. There have been studies that indicate that the body’s response to electromagnetic smog triggers what is called the pro-inflammatory cytokine network in the body. What pro-inflammatory cytokines do is trigger malaise. It is simply the feeling that you have disease. It is the constant fight or flight response that is ever present as we are not only being told that we are going to die but are being exposed to weaponized microwave weapons.
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    APRIL 26, 2021

    the main thing that seems to trick people, especially black folks, is the fact that many white supremacists use religion to enslave. even Charles Cyphert attends church every Sunday, according to sources, and is a pure demon every other day like many who attend the religious services. Most church goers are taught that there was a war between Michael and Satan. Satan refused to bow down to the hue-man and started a contiuous war. Now lets analyze and reflect upon the first few paragraphs. What is an angel? According to the Greek translation, the word "angelos" derived from the Hebrew word "mal-awk", which means messenger. But what kind of messengers are they? Okay, its stated that Satan and the 1/3 which followed, refused to bow down to the hue-man. The word "hue" means something with color, and the word "man" refers to the masculine. Does this give an idea as to why the blackman is so hated and despised all across the planet? So we have beings without souls hating on those who have souls! Sound familiar? The scholars created the word god to trick people into following whatever they had to offer using the term "god" as some sort of trigger word. Sounds like MK Ultra mind control, right? A god is anything or being in control of other things and beings. And the word god in religious texts was purposely translated as that from words like Zuen, Tarnush, Moloch, Asmodues, Baal, Lucifer, and the list goes on and on. People without root knowledge as to where words originated have tooken what freemasonis and Eastern Star ministers, Pastors, Rabbis, Shiekhs, et cetera, explained to you on face value. They told you what to believe and how to believe it, by using your mothers to indoctrinate you at very young ages. If you bring up a child in a way when they are grown that way will never depart from their minds unless some phenomena occurs. And don't think the Luciferians wasn't prepared for those phenomena because they were. Your Bible stories are the same as the Sumerian stories involving the battle between both Enlil and Enqi. Abnd the stories from your Bibles and Qurans came from ancient Sumerian tablets. Thopse angels spoken about who hate the hue-man were from the european race. Some of the most evil from european tribes exist right here in America. They go around calling themselves white which is even intertwined within police departments when they conduct NCIC checks. If you are black then get back, but if you are white you are always considered right! Get the point? In truth Montu explained who the caucasian race was in a lecture he gave. However, what they fail to explain to humans is that the is a Galactical Confederation many people seem to call god, without knowing anything about the Confederation. Montu states:

    " Kamala Harris is from the neutranoid race and alot of investments have been placed into her by the Queen of England. Their intentions for America is of Socialist and Communist rule. Kamala Harris is very important to the equation because it was her rhetoric which led to some of the very first protests during the TRump Administration. Kamala Harris also comes from a race which owned slaves during the 1500s and the 1600's. The word "Kamala", when all three syllables are broken down derives from its root word, "kameel or cameel", which means to finish or to complete. Her job is to use her suthority to enslave the races while pushing for more neutranoids to work on the federal and state levels. What they are doing against humans is a violation of universal and natural laws upheld by the Galactical Confederation. Humans must understand that this planet is controlled by extraterretrials. And many of you have no idea how deep their influence is within your everyday lives. . From Anunnaki to Enqi and Enlil, these beings are the same good and evil beings of the Torah. They were overseen by the Anakim or Eloheem or Alihat. Both sides seek to rule earth and all of its resources, including livestock, who they see as animals and humans. Many other extraterrestrials have also come and joined the conflict, which is why people are seeing more and more so-called UFO's. Most humans are under a spell of hypnotic sleep. These humans are worshipping their slave masters. There are so many extraterrestrials that humans don't know who to worship. These humans live by faith, hope, and wishes. They believe in God or Gods unseen. In Christianity if you don't live a certain way you cannot partake of earthly success. The same goes with both Islam and Judaism. In truth, those Sumerian demons overseeing all earthly religions is fighting to break all religions down to one. This is one reasom why in their New World Order the religion shall be a One World Religion. The Catholics are the first to fall. And many others shall fall as well. Some say this One World Religion is about sun worship. But is really about the worship and sacrifice to Sumerian Deities.

    In the universe we have whats called the Galactical Confederation of Planets, where beings from higher worlds will come together or convene in many places throughout the galaxy for peace in the universe. The Galactical Confederation is also responsible for passing judgement on planets. From this fact comes Judgement Day, even found within your Bibles and Qurans (Korans). The Book of Revelation speaks of the end of a species rule over the planet. The Galactical Confederation passes judgements on planets to see if knowledge and consciousness have been raised. The quarantine was/is about renegades being sent to earth to incarnate as humans, and is a prison for those beings. This is why they crave wealth and power. This is their heaven. However, many of these beings had done very evil and wicked things in other places and earth is like a prison for them. At the Millenium, the quarantine was lifted and many of these demonic forces are being removed from earth. Thus, the Pleidians have already had their 144,000 removed. Those left here on earth presently trying to stay in power are the Children of the Pleiadians. The Galactical Confederation is closely monitoring to see if there are beings on earth qualified to rule over earth. Humans need to pay very lose attention to this! Many earthlings don't know or don't want to know that there are myriad different species on earth presently. Through religion, Illuminati controlled schools, and the local, national, and celebrity news media manipulations, people have been successfully programmed in thinking that they are the only life that exists on earth. Many beings ruling today suffer from sucidal tendencies, and before they give up rule they are willing to kill themselves, all humans, and even destroy the entire planet. The Galactical Confederation are the higher neings who police over 300 different Star Systems in this Galaxy alone. The Galactical Confederation is responsible for seeding life on planets and is responsible for destroying planets. Earth is presently headed on a path of destruction, and even NASA and the media are revealing upcoming meteorites headed for earth.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    The Pleidians approached President George Washington because he was a freemason. Every 10 years they must upgrade. Then on April 15, 1999, when they met at Bohemian Grove in California, thats when Molech or NAN.NAR, at the 40 foot tall Owl, had to sacrifice the little girl. They then decided to back off and drop the Arcturians (Bible..Job 9:9). Thats the Anunnaki you find in the Bible. Then blocked the Aldebarans and gave power to the Draconians. If you read the Quran, it tells them at the end of the world a lizard or beast will come from underground (Quran 7:82). The beings working with Bill Gates and others know the science of DNA, and see all humans are not the same. They are injecting insect-sized nano-technology in human beings. However, this comes from another species of aliens so that if you get any disease, the nano-technology can go directly to the spot, kill off the cancer, and then flush itself out of one's body. In reality, they are only wiring people up for total ccontrol. In these times it is important to know that when you expose Arabs, they will first try and destroy your character, secretly to a select few in blacks, latinos, and caucasian communities, which like an infection, begins to spread. They always whisper when they plot against others. They will even pay desparate people to kill folks that are threats to them. Some may stand outside your home and fire shots. Not to hit you nor your home, but to invoke a fear response. And if you have been eating things that give off a desirable smell by the Draconians, they will change laws and policies under COVID-19, just to get you out of your homes. Policies under COVID-19, is alloowing them access into your houses. They term it Apophis. Apophis is considered an asteroid and is also the name of an Egiptian Demon symbolized by the snake. Apophis was also the enemy of the Egiptian Deity many call Ra, or the Sun. The sun sustains all life on earth, literally speaking and metaphorically speaking, and from time to time Apophis would launch attacks. if Apophis attacks earth, it will be in the form of a fireball. Meteorites are either metallic or made of stone.

    And when they enter the earth's atmosphere, the friction from the metallic balls cause these meteorites to become flames of fire. The Book of Revelation even speaks of fire coming from the heavens which will consume the earth. If that happens many things will literally burn up. Even though the evil and wicked Arabs try and keep it away from the people, the Kaaba, the cubed shaped struction in Mecca which nearly all muslims prays to and towards, has an even smaller box like structure buried within it. That box like structure holds inside, a meteorite. This meteorite was held in hopes earthlings would remember what took place in places where pure evil reigned. However, the amount of carbon released from the impact of a massive asteroid or meteorite would blot out the sun, and all life will eventually die. Even those who manage to hide themselves will eventually die from starvation. This will send the earth into an Ice Age. This is what happened to the dinosaurs. You can believe in any god they have indoctrinated you to believe in and that god or those gods won't save you from this destruction. Your prayers are not going to stop some massive object heading for earth, traveling at speeds over 3,000 miles per an hour. 68 million years ago dinosaurs were destroyed in this same way. There have been facts uncovered by scientists confirming this. The large craters in the earth in those regions is a reminder. Humans all across the planet, should be back religions to those demons who created it to enslave you. Your heaven and hell concepts hold an even higher dramatic end for those for those of you whose minds and consciousness remains constricted by those demonic controllers. Women must remember that as you are gods over men, you are not yet ready to accept the throne. Many of you have been poisoned by the Children of Pleidians to accept wealth and power over true love and complete unity. material wealth should have no place in your minds as it will surely come should you balance yoursleves. Many of your vibrations still give off inharmonius frequencies showing instability in many ways. There are many very powerful women on earth who could have stopped alot of whats going on now. And because you refused to step up and be the Mother Nurturer, countless humans will die in vain and from starvation. Countless humans will perish, and because many of you have tooken blood oaths, and have performed rituals in order to be accepted in the world of the Children of the Pleiadians, you are bound by your desires. They will eliminate you should you betray them, and this you know.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    So the attacks on specific blackmen which is taking place on a daily basis has a history behind it. Many from the Millenials and Generation Z cannot comprehend this and because information have been censored, and everything you read is being re-written, and most blacks are now called Negroids. A negroid is a negro, and the word negro derived from the Egiptian word, "necro" which means the living dead. This explains why the youth are killing their own race atphenomenal rates which is exploited by white supremacists. The white supremacistsm say, "black people are killing each other everyday and they want to fight against white police who shoots to protect himself?" What can black people say? What fight do you have against this? And its also being stressed that blacks go crazy when euro-american cops kill one of us, but we are exempt from all charges of vioence when we assassinate one another on a daily basis! Something about that picture doesn't sound right and proves that we have been dumbed down to a point where we consider being a psycho something to praise. Many black people are giving up their connection to their ancestors because they are killing down their populations allowing aliens to take over earth! Even when blacks post information like this, usually there are blacks, and others, who will work in secret with white supremacist in order to demonize the messenger. This shall involve a series of tricks, and when they can't get many people to take the bait they'll just start hacking anything within your homes in order to get to you. They may even do you like they are doing Big T, Blackthought, Wise, Little B., Montu aka Muhammad Eury, and hatap rayay, who is the roommate of the notorious white supremacist Charles Cyphert and family! They enjoy making up lies and tales on blackmen who doesn't take the bait and get violent when they send evil people up to them for confrontations. They try and convince us that we are to respect and listen to all women, but who was Lillith in your Bibles? If all females are right & exact at all times for men to follow their rule and leadership, then why are blackmen being decimated and largely incarcerated while a large number of black women secretly lay down and have sexual intercourse with the paleman? How can a goddess be considered as a goddess when she fears her creation? How can a mother of all living sit back and watch her children being assassinated and destroyed on various levels by the alien race? This threadn shall be continued with even more factual data and accounts. mathematics don't lie so mine your mind for the jewels of your souls.
  • "Cyphert blowjobs have often said that he was a strange man always asking them to do something to him no others demanded for small amounts of cash, and when they visited his rooms he always had strange and mysterious devices around.".

    NOW...I get it. 'Fess up. You feel jilted and cheated, huh? He flipped on you. It happens. Get over it...ASAP. All that time invested. All that corn holin'. All those secrets. Asshole flutters and whistles at the slightest breeze. Terrible. Here you go...

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    APRIL 27, 2021

    Contionuing from Part 2 of this missive, uit was reported that after Charles Cyphert and his daughter got out of church the conversation was focuesed on his black roommate. They even plotted how he would secretly depart from 3254 West 38th street without anyone knowing he had left. Some of their conversation after church was about the contents within Part 2 of this missive and Cyphert was instructed to keep his mouth shut so that he could continue doing what was planned without anyone knowing. What Cyphert refused to explain to his daughter is that he keeps his window open which is facing several houses and neighbors do look into the window, and at times, have witnessed him changing clothes due to him not having a curtain or blinds. Anyway, some of the neighbors have listened to conversations he had on his cell phone after his black roommate, Hatap, departs for work. So most of what Cyphert talks about while his roommate is away is overheard by neighbors that watch him. Some of the neighbors claim they keep eyes on him because of how he has recently acted in road rage incidents. he seems to call blacks niggers and hispanics spics when he gets upset with them for either not driving fast enough or cutting in front of him. But the latest craze was something else. Cyphert has reiterated to parties that the hispanics that live beneath him are spies and is hacking calls. He was even instructed not to spend much time on his phone because of the hacking problem. Currently he awaits for the colored female who works for the Senior prgramm (Lorain County, Ohio Housing Authority) to be present on April 27, 2021, so that she can give him the okay to move into another place. The racial tensions are getting more and more intense and it is being said that the euro-americans staying right next door to 3254 West 38th street have been spying on the home Cyphert stays in. But they aren't spying on Cyphert. There is am abundance of electromagnetic chaos between the two homes which prove that someone is spying on another or others. The parties involved feel that what they are doing can never be found out by police because certain officers already know about it. We exoplained that after the guilty verdict from the George Floyd trial blacks will continue to be eliminated by euro-american cops. This came to pass with at least two cases. One case happened during the same day derek Chauvin was convicted while the other happened the very next day. Then there are other stories which should alert humans in the U.S. to the times, although very few really take whats happening seriously.

    People also need to remember that the Air Force have been involved with all sorts of conspiracies against people as a whole. They have even used micro-chip implants within veterans to capture images and sometimes messages of those within the area of the veteran. Cyphert is anwhite supremacist Air Force veteran. The perfect weapon for destroying places from within and dividing people based on race. Many people who are being eliminated are those who push for both blacks and euro-americans to fight against the New World Order. Those spared are the ones who push racism and racial hatred. Under the Covid conspiracies many people are being eliminated and it involves more than just one specific race. On April 22, 2021, it was considered Earth Day. Some radio stations were talking about Greta Thunberg telling everyone that she feels leaders are not doing enough to combat COVID-19. People must remember that reptilians, who parties term the 7 Houses or the 7 Royal families are responsible for the appearance of Greta. However, Greta Thunberg continues to say that only a drastic push toward Net Zero carbon emissions can save the world. But, as Thunberg readily admits, the politics to achieve this do not exist. Thus, you would not know this because it appears that as the mainstream media is now in the process of abandoning its COVID-19 fear mongering and bringing back its Greenhouse gas fear mongering and it looks like the more than a decade’s long greenwashing of the people is working. Even though scientists pushing Global Warming stated that we all should have been dead by now. It was reported over the weekend that according to an NBC poll people’s minds are changing about anthropogenic global warming –and according to the poll the change has the majority in agreement. According to the poll, the majority of Americans are no longer divided politically on Climate Change. These numbers show the next big front in the climate change fight. Now, here is part of the news report: “It’s been more than 50 years since the words “Earth Day” entered the country’s environmental lexicon, and polling data show there is an increasing understanding that humans do, in fact, play a large role in earth’s changing environment. Nonetheless, sharp political divides and challenges to action still remain. Survey data from the Yale Program on Climate Communication tells a story of change and differences among states. In 2014, the program looked at a series of questions around climate change including whether people believed “global warming is mostly caused by human activities.”
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    Only about 48 percent of Americans believe that statement to be true. And at the state level, the idea got 50 percent or more support in only 18 states. Why does the opinion at the state level matter? Because state sends two senators to Washington and, in 2014, those numbers showed how hard it might be to get legislation through Congress. New data from last fall, however, shows how much has changed since then. Asked the same question in 2020, a majority of Americans, 57 percent, said they believed that “human activities” were mostly responsible for “global warming.” That’s a 9-point shift. And, perhaps even more remarkable, a majority of people agreed with that statement in 46 states. The only places that were under 50 percent, Kentucky, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming, are states with deep ties to energy extraction. It’s impossible to know for certain what drove that change, but the extreme weather events of the last few years, from hurricanes and floods to deep droughts and wildfires, might have played a role. Whatever drove the shift, however, those numbers suggest it should be easier for Congress to take action on climate change. Getting people to see the world differently is not easy. If you expect those changing views to lead to action in Washington, however, think again. Here now is part of the news report: “The climate change debate has been a part of politics in Washington for decades now, but polling from 2018 shows that there may be a consensus emerging from the American public. A range of surveys show more people believe it is happening and more people believe humans are responsible. If you expect those changing views to lead to action in Washington, however, think again. In the places where it counts, where laws and regulations are made, the feelings concerning what should be done about climate change are much more divided. On the most basic level, there is big agreement that climate change is a real thing and is happening before our eyes, according to a massive survey from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication. That data showed 70 percent of Americans believe “global warming is happening” and 57 percent believe “global warming is being caused mostly by human activities.” In a nation as divided as the United States is right now, those are remarkable numbers. The American Communities Project went further and analyzed those data through its set of 15 different community types and found similar numbers. Large majorities in all types believe climate change is real and majorities in most communities believing humans are mostly causing the changes.

    The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll provides more evidence of a climate change majority.” Comparing both articles – it seems that two years ago NBC was playing the same tune and twisting the same numbers. They would have you believe that during the Trump administration more people believed in man made climate change and the President wouldn’t listen. Now, with a pro Green Deal leader in the White House it was time to dig up some poll on earth day in order to justify President Biden’s move to cut our country’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. According to the press release from the White House: President Biden is holding to challenge the world on increased ambition in combating Climate Change – is part of the President’s focus on building back better in a way that will create millions of good-paying, union jobs, ensure economic competitiveness, advance environmental justice, and improve the health and security of communities across America. On Day One, President Biden fulfilled his promise to rejoin the Paris Agreement and set a course for the United States to tackle the climate crisis at home and abroad, reaching net zero emissions economy-wide by no later than 2050. As part of re-entering the Paris Agreement, he also launched a whole-of-government process, organized through his National Climate Task Force, to establish this new 2030 emissions target – known as the “nationally determined contribution” or “NDC,” a formal submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The recent announcement is the product of this government-wide assessment of how to make the most of the opportunity combating climate change presents.US climate task force begins work. Well, now we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel with regard to herd immunity with COVID-19 and it appears we have more science to contend with – the science will now focus its attention on Global warning again and if you are paying attention – there are nuances being reported that literally claim tat COVID-19 was beneficial in cutting greenhouse gasses that contribute to Global Warming. COVID-19 has been killing us according to the CDC and the media experts – but now we are learning that COVID-19 has saved us – in a sick and twisted indication that culling the planet with a disease was a benefit to these sick climate cultists.

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    The narrative of the “deadly viral pandemic” is slowly losing momentum. Whether this is through the public having “post viral fatigue” or a deliberate shift in media talking points is unclear. But there’s certainly less energy in the story than at this time last year. That said, it is also perfectly clear that governments around the world are in no mood to give up their newly acquired “emergency powers”, and that alleged “anti-covid measures” are not going away anytime soon. Especially lockdowns, which are being freshly marketed as “good for the planet”. The narrative that locking down the public was “helping the Earth heal” actually dates back to last March, when it was reported all across the world news that only a few weeks of lockdown had cleared up the water in Venetian canals so much there were dolphins swimming through the city. This story later proved to be completely untrue, but that didn’t stop dozens of outlets from picking up the story and running with it. At various times in the intervening year, Covid has been sold by the World Economic forum as a having an environmental silver-lining. Including potentially “saving the planet”. Back in March, there was a curious article that was published in the UK that stated that a Global lockdown every two years would help the world meet it’s goal of eliminating carbon emissions. Published in Nature Climate Change, the report found that carbon emissions fell by about 2.6 billion metric tons in 2020, or roughly a 7% drop from the previous year, a historic decrease. However, researchers said further drops in carbon output, 1 billion to 2 billion metric tons per year—are needed for global emissions to meet the safe worldwide temperature range defined by the Paris Agreement to dodge the effects of climate change. That’s roughly the equivalent of a coronavirus-pandemic-scale lockdown once every two years, researchers said. Now we can guess what is in store for the future — mandated lockdowns in order to combat Climate change, the folks at Davos said it was a silver lining to their plans of Carbon reduction and now since people blindly follow the science, it should be cinch to roll out another reason to lockdown the population in two years. Conspiracy theorists have often stated that these lockdowns are to prepare us for a future event, anything from nuclear fall out to alien invasion – now we have an inkling of a more prosaic reason for doing so. That this is all about marketing and opinion control is only not science. At around the same time, there was another article, warning that emissions will increase to “pre-pandemic levels” once lockdowns are ended. Another saying lockdown has taught us to “love nature”. And another claiming the UK’s “star count” had increased thanks to lockdown. All this kicked into another gear on Earth Day, the theme of which is Restore Our Earth–which by the way is a registered trademark that I am sure is going to be marketed to the climate sheep. The whole plot is to encourage us to “celebrate how much the planet has healed during lockdown.“

    To quote one review : …lockdown offers scientists a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe the extent of human impact on animal behavior, by simply taking us out of the picture. We can use what we learn to re-evaluate and modify our habits, they argue, instead of mindlessly returning to how things once were in a pre-pandemic world. It says, before concluding: It offers an affirmative slant, less ‘we are the virus’; more, the suffering of these last 12 or so months hasn’t been all in vain, as well as a way out of the environmental disaster that we’re unquestionably still facing. The documentary shares with us that humans are the virus, that with us hiding in our homes, the earth went through a healing process, leading the observer to believe that perhaps we are a cancer on this planet. An article in Forbes urges people to “embrace the lessons of the pandemic”: “The planet has had a giant pause during the pandemic and had a chance to repair and reclaim itself. The planet is not the problem, we are, so how do we now continue some of the good efforts that we adopted under sudden social distancing and the threat of Covid-19?” A press release from the Washington State Department of Health says “tele working could save the world”. In it, we read: “By skipping the commute to work, we reduce our carbon footprint. It’s pretty simple: Fewer commutes equals less greenhouse gas emissions. Global Workforce Analytics estimates that if everyone who works in an office would work from home just half of the week, this would reduce the emissions by 54 million tons each year.” It goes on to say that Telecommuting is part of a climate change solution because using electronics to telecommute saves 9 to 15 billion kilowatt-hours of energy each year. Remote work would reduce the amount of oil we use by 640 million barrels and cut emissions by 54 million tons of greenhouse gas. For anyone “out and about” during the early days of the pandemic, it was easy to see how the stay-at-home orders were impacting the environment. Office buildings were dark. There were very few cars on the road. The air seemed cleaner. What if we each continued those efforts, even in a very small way. What would the impact on our world be?” It goes on and on and on. Essentially, “lockdowns” – which, we remind you, are not shown to have any impact on the transmission of the “virus”, are now being rebranded, not just as “good for public health”, but also good for the planet.

    Now we can see what the true purpose of lockdowns were for. They were put into place to heal the planet. Now keep in mind what has been on the agenda even before COVID-19 and how it will apply to our so-called healing process. We know that world leaders have talked about imposing a cashless society, decreased air travel, encouraging population control, mass surveillance, decreased meat production, these ideas were couched in fighting the pandemic, It did not quite catch on, but now times have changed, and the so-called healing agenda will find ways to push these agendas. After all, what is the much talked about “Green New Deal”, if not a prototype of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan? The “Great Reset” and the “New Normal” are policy goals that pre-date COVID and are far more important than any of the tools used to pursue them. The “pandemic” apparently is nothing but a means to an end. They might discard or sideline the narrative of the virus, they might switch story-lines for a few months, or stop using certain phrases altogether for a while.–-but-some-see-troubles-in-privacy-paradise/ar-BB1eLlM6.
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    Last Minute Note: It is iomportant to note that Charles Cyphert mever intended on moving to Lakewood, Ohio. He told people that to throw them off his track. He is deeply involved with the Lorain County, Ohio, Housing Authority, under a senior program and his representative is a female of color. There is alot of mystery surrounding Cyphert's move because he doesn't want any person of color knowing where he is going. The Lorain Housing Authority has no jurisdiction with plaing a client in Cuyahoga County. But several people believed his lies. His appoitment with the Housing Authority, according to a relative of his on West 52nd street in West Cleveland, Ohio, was during the morning of April 27, 2021. Will police go harder after blacks and latinos when he departs? And what kind of juicy stuff does Cyphert have on nearly every person of color he secretly monitored, pretending he was a feeble 65 year old man? Blacks and latinos will soon learn what shall be their fate the minute Cyphert has a truck go to 3254 West 38th street to retrieve his belongings. Like we stated in previous threads, he seem to have a following and white supremacists everywhere is aiding him in his move out of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Parties which got incarcerated in Lakewood and harrassed by police was a distraction. Is the military secretly helping Cyphert? people nearby seems to wonderr!
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    APRIL 29, 2021

    As we continue from Part 3 of this missive, there have been new revelations concerning the white supremacists Charles Cyphert and his plan to move. According to very reliable sources, he was placed on standby. This means that in the very near future he will be moving out of the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, area. And you can believe he is very pissed. According to one or more of his neighbors, on April 28, 2021, Cyphert kept leaving and goi9ng back to where he lives more than 8 tyimes within a two hour time frame. He apparently was taking down notes on a paper pad. Was he writing down all of his encounters from driving around in west Cleveland to use as ammunition in his next complaint to ensure a quicker departure from Cleveland, a place that he hates, or was it some sort of conspiracy against his black roommate, Hatap Rayay? This query was posed because according to sources, Cyphert obtained a kletter from the Social Security Adminstration meant for his black roommate, and according to reliable sources, he copuied the entire name of his roommate for use in cpnspiracies so that he can depart Cleveland faster. When the Social Security Administration deals with black people they usually demand their entire name, including middle names, which is mailed for hackers and instigators. Several people have witnessed Cyphert steaming and yet his connection to and with the hispanics that live below him is just as strong. Many people may claim that they don't deal with this person or that person, but when hackers, who may be hispanicm, attack the same parties that white supremacists target then they are bno better than those white supremacists. Very soon hispanics who have been hacking other people devices will soon come to an end. agencies are getting more and more sophisticated with whats going on and some of them have narrowed down signals to specific rooms in certain locations! Why would hispanics want to work with white supremacists against black people? For one, there are hispanics who have no love for blacks. And then there are those who have no love for highly educated and black conscious Nubuns. Wifi jamming and hacking has accelerated in West Cleveland to a point where most who are being targeted is black people. Even Regional Transit Authority in Cleveland, when someone black is on their cell phone, uses the free wifi to illegal peek into cell phone internet surfing and may even obtain the the IP address of one's cell phone. The engineering team responsible for this sort of activity may lie about it but you can rest assure that only parties in these sort of positions of power are euro-americans with facial features, demeanors, and mentalities of white supremacists. And like black cops who uphold corruption against blacks imposed by euro-american cops, so is there also blacks working for RTA who uphold, support, and answer to euro-americans. Just as George Floyd was a human sacrifice implemented in a power move for the New World Order master-minded by members of the Boule Society (Black Illuminati), the Illuminati, the Luciferians, et cetera, so is the killings of blacks part of that same sacrifice to Moloch or NAN.NAR.

    Black people must understand that Sumerian deities is whats being worshipped by many blacks and other people of color, in 2021. Blacks are under the impression the the Hate Crime Bill protects them. In all actuality it is a tricky Bill which clamps down on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and it will continue until that same Bill will come back to haunt black people. Just as you can claim hate crimes, white supremacists can do the same. This is one reason why Cyphert and many who think like him are continuously making allegations against blacks and other people of color when they have a history of openly expressed racial hatred. Trust us, according to neighbors near Cyphert who can see into his room because of no curtains and a fully opened window, he will be up at all times of the night sending emails and texts about somebody black. Cyphert openly stated that the euro-american female police officer who murdered the young blackman less than three weeks ago deserves an applause. But his hispanic connection targets our threads when we expose him! We know who they are, even though they don't know this. Like we stated earlier, Cyphert is a liar who will make up incredible stories against others, and then there are hispanics and blacks who help him out by targeting those he claim to have problems with. Then they all think noone knows who they are! What fools mortals be! The only reason why blacks and hispanics have jopined forves with Cyphert is because our threads and the many parties connected to them, pose a threat to them because in some way they are hindering others, mistreating others, and worshipping materialism to a point where they'll do anything for it. more about this sort of activity will be covered later in this missive. But for now it should be acknowledged that black youth are under serious attack, and those from the Baby Boomers or Generation X are targeted when they awaken the dead to the realities of MK Ultra mind controlled murders and assassinations. us, the same as there were blacks who held marches of protests against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., these same demonic elements control every facet of black communities and is secretly working with white supremacists, witches, warlocks, the new voodoo preistesses, satanists, and every manner of evil known to female and male living beings. They were also the forces pushing Covid mandates, face mask mandates, and Covid vaccinations. And even though thousands have died because of face masks and covid vaccines, those who stood out screaming ain favor of masks and vaccines are slowly becoming less and less visual. Its like they did their jobs in tricking the people, then they were rewarded, and now they are moving to different regions on earth. Imagine that! Enhancing the vibrations:

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio
    Owing in large part to the U.S. government’s deep-seated and, in many cases, top-secret alliances with foreign nations and global corporations, it has become increasingly obvious that we have entered into a new world order—a global world order—made up of international government agencies and corporations. This powerful international cabal, let’s call it the Global Deep State, is just as real as the corporatized, militarized, industrialized American Deep State, and it poses just as great a threat to our rights as individuals under the U.S. Constitution, if not greater. We’ve been inching closer to this global world order for the past several decades, but COVID-19, which has seen governmental and corporate interests become even more closely intertwined, has shifted this transformation into high gear. Fascism has become a global menace. It remains unclear whether the American Deep State (“a national-security apparatus that holds sway even over the elected leaders notionally in charge of it”) answers to the Global Deep State, or whether the Global Deep State merely empowers the American Deep State. However, there is no denying the extent to which they are intricately and symbiotically enmeshed and interlocked. Consider the extent to which our lives and liberties are impacted by this international convergence of governmental and profit-driven corporate interests in the surveillance state, the military industrial complex, the private prison industry, the intelligence sector, the security sector, the technology sector, the telecommunications sector, the transportation sector, the pharmaceutical industry and, most recently, by the pharmaceutical-health sector. All of these sectors are dominated by mega-corporations operating on a global scale and working through government channels to increase their profit margins. The profit-driven policies of these global corporate giants influence everything from legislative policies to economics to environmental issues to medical care. The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled us into a whole new global frontier. Those hoping to navigate this interconnected and highly technological world of contact tracing, vaccine passports and digital passes will find themselves grappling with issues that touch on deep-seated moral, political, religious and personal questions for which there may be no clear-cut answers. We are about to find our ability to access, engage and move about in the world dependent on which camp we fall into: those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and those who have not.

    “It is the latest status symbol. Flash it at the people, and you can get access to concerts, sports arenas or long-forbidden restaurant tables. Some day, it may even help you cross a border without having to quarantine,” writes Heather Murphy for the New York Times. “The new platinum card of the Covid age is the vaccine certificate.” This is what M.I.T. professor Ramesh Raskar refers to as the new “currency for health,” an apt moniker given the potentially lucrative role that Big Business (Big Pharma and Big Tech, especially) will play in establishing this pay-to-play marketplace. The airline industry has been working on a Travel Pass. IBM is developing a Digital Health Pass. And the U.S. government has been all-too-happy to allow the corporate sector to take the lead. Spearheaded by the National Security Agency (NSA), which has shown itself to care little for constitutional limits or privacy, the surveillance state has come to dominate our government and our lives. Yet the government does not operate alone. It cannot. It requires an accomplice. Thus, the increasingly complex security needs of our massive federal government, especially in the areas of defense, surveillance and data management, have been met within the corporate sector, which has shown itself to be a powerful ally that both depends on and feeds the growth of governmental bureaucracy. Take AT&T, for instance. Through its vast telecommunications network that crisscrosses the globe, AT&T provides the U.S. government with the complex infrastructure it needs for its mass surveillance programs. According to The Intercept: “The NSA considers AT&T to be one of its most trusted partners and has lauded the company’s ‘extreme willingness to help.’ It is a collaboration that dates back decades. Little known, however, is that its scope is not restricted to AT&T’s customers. According to the NSA’s documents, it values AT&T not only because it ‘has access to information that transits the nation,’ but also because it maintains unique relationships with other phone and internet providers. The NSA exploits these relationships for surveillance purposes, commandeering AT&T’s massive infrastructure and using it as a platform to covertly tap into communications processed by other companies.” Now magnify what the U.S. government is doing through AT&T on a global scale, and you have the “14 Eyes Program,” also referred to as the “SIGINT Seniors.” This global spy agency is made up of members from around the world (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India and all British Overseas Territories).

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    War has become a huge money-making venture, and America, with its vast military empire and its incestuous relationship with a host of international defense contractors, is one of its biggest buyers and sellers. The American military-industrial complex has erected an empire unsurpassed in history in its breadth and scope, one dedicated to conducting perpetual warfare throughout the earth. For example, while erecting a security surveillance state in the U.S., the military-industrial complex has perpetuated a worldwide military empire with American troops stationed in 177 countries (over 70% of the countries worldwide). Although the federal government obscures so much about its defense spending that accurate figures are difficult to procure, we do know that since 2001, the U.S. government has spent more than $1.8 trillion in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (that’s $8.3 million per hour). That doesn’t include wars and military exercises waged around the globe, which are expected to push the total bill upwards of $12 trillion by 2053. The illicit merger of the global armaments industry and the Pentagon that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us against more than 50 years ago has come to represent perhaps the greatest threat to the nation’s fragile infrastructure today. America’s expanding military empire is bleeding the country dry at a rate of more than $15 billion a month (or $20 million an hour)—and that’s just what the government spends on foreign wars. That does not include the cost of maintaining and staffing the 1000-plus U.S. military bases spread around the globe. Incredibly, although the U.S. constitutes only 5% of the world’s population, America boasts almost 50% of the world’s total military expenditure, spending more on the military than the next 19 biggest spending nations combined. In fact, the Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety. There’s a good reason why “bloated,” “corrupt” and “inefficient” are among the words most commonly applied to the government, especially the Department of Defense and its contractors. Price gouging has become an accepted form of corruption within the American military empire.

    Driven by a greedy defense sector, the American homeland has been transformed into a battlefield with militarized police and weapons better suited to a war zone. President Biden, marching in lockstep with his predecessors, has continued to expand America’s military empire abroad and domestically in a clear bid to pander to the powerful money interests (military, corporate and security) that run the Deep State and hold the government in its clutches. Glance at pictures of international police forces and you will have a hard time distinguishing between American police and those belonging to other nations. There’s a reason they all look alike, garbed in the militarized, weaponized uniform of a standing army. There’s a reason why they act alike, too, and speak a common language of force: they belong to a global police force. For example, Israel, one of America’s closest international allies and one of the primary yearly recipients of more than $3 billion in U.S. foreign military aid—has been at the forefront of a little-publicized exchange program aimed at training American police to act as occupying forces in their communities. As The Intercept sums it up, American police are “essentially taking lessons from agencies that enforce military rule rather than civil law.” This idea of global policing is reinforced by the Strong Cities Network program, which trains local police agencies across America in how to identify, fight and prevent extremism, as well as address intolerance within their communities, using all of the resources at their disposal. The cities included in the global network include New York City, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, Paris, London, Montreal, Beirut and Oslo. The objective is to prevent violent extremism by targeting its source: racism, bigotry, hatred, intolerance, etc. In other words, police—acting as extensions of the United Nations—will identify, monitor and deter individuals who exhibit, express or engage in anything that could be construed as extremist. Of course, the concern with the government’s anti-extremism program is that it will, in many cases, be utilized to render otherwise lawful, nonviolent activities as potentially extremist.

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    Keep in mind that the government agencies involved in ferreting out American “extremists” will carry out their objectives—to identify and deter potential extremists, in concert with fusion centers (of which there are 78 nationwide, with partners in the private sector and globally), data collection agencies, behavioral scientists, corporations, social media, and community organizers and by relying on cutting-edge technology for surveillance, facial recognition, predictive policing, biometrics, and behavioral epigenetics (in which life experiences alter one’s genetic makeup). On almost every front, whether it’s the war on drugs, or the sale of weapons, or regulating immigration, or establishing prisons, or advancing technology, or fighting a pandemic, if there is a profit to be made and power to be amassed, you can bet that the government and its global partners have already struck a deal that puts the American people on the losing end of the bargain. We’ve been losing our freedoms so incrementally for so long, sold to us in the name of national security and global peace, maintained by way of martial law disguised as law and order, and enforced by a standing army of militarized police and a political elite determined to maintain their powers at all costs, that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it all started going downhill, but we’re certainly on that downward trajectory now, and things are moving fast. The “government of the people, by the people, for the people” has perished. In its place is a shadow government, a corporatized, militarized, entrenched global bureaucracy, that is fully operational and running the country. Given the trajectory and dramatic expansion, globalization and merger of governmental and corporate powers, we’re not going to recognize this country 20 years from now. It’s taken less than a generation for our freedoms to be eroded and the Global Deep State’s structure to be erected, expanded and entrenched. Mark my words: the U.S. government will not save us from the chains of the Global Deep State. Now there are those who will tell you that any mention of a New World Order government—a power elite conspiring to rule the world, is the stuff of conspiracy theories.

    After thought: Generally speaking, rabbinical Judaism, as it appears in the Talmud, is the source of Judaism. Unlike what is generally taught in secular schools--where the source of Judaism is said to be the Bible--the actual source of Judaism is the Talmud. The people who wrote the Talmud are the people who decided what books should be included in the Biblical canon. What they decided wouldn't go into the Bible, was left out of the Bible....One thing we do know is this, and we know it for certain: from the very earliest times, rabbinical Judaism--the religion of the Pharisees--was a religion that hated the rest of mankind. It defines only Jews as human beings. Only Jews who believed in rabbinical Judaism, as enshrined in the Talmud, were regarded as human and everyone else was excluded. Let's get this right: it defines only Jews who believe in Talmudic Judaism as full human beings. Everyone else is on a lower level. These inferior beings are seen as the 'Other'. They must be rejected, pushed aside, and, in extreme cases, destroyed. Rabbinical Jewish law does not prohibit the killing of a non-Jew? This is what you sometimes hear. But no, that is not strictly true. The rabbis do prohibit the killing of a non-Jew, but they do so in a very strange way: they refuse to punish a Jew who kills a non-Jew. If you kill a Jew, you get punished. If you kill even the slave of a Jew--and here it's important to note that Orthodox Judaism has never abolished slavery--then there's a stiff penalty you have to pay. It could come to execution. Or it could be fine. You see, they didn't have jails in those days. But if you kill a non-Jew, what then? No legal punishment! Yes, you're guilty, but there is no penalty in law. God will punish you! When you say something is a crime, but there's no punishment for committing the crime, then it's not really a crime.
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    When you come to the writers of later exegesis, especially the Shulhan Aruch, by that point the writer is already saying that there are situations where you can kill a non-Jew with impunity. Of course, this is written in the 16th century, after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain [1492 C.E.], so the writer has to be careful how he expresses himself and must make use of coded language. He, therefore, refers to the goyim--the gentile--as "idolaters". Note that there weren't any "pagans" left in that part of the world at this point in time. Not in Europe. Not in the Muslim world either. So who on earth could he be calling "idolaters"? Everyone knows who he is talking about. He is talking about non-Jews. The goyim. The worst case is the case of Maimonides, one of Judaism's greatest and most respected philosophers. He decrees that it is permissible to have sexual intercourse with a 3-year-old girl. That is the age of "consent". Problematic, no? Secondly, and even more alarmingly, Maimonides decrees that if a Jew rapes a three-year-old non-Jewish girl, then the little girl must be executed. Yes, the gentile child must be executed for tempting the Jew to sin! The Jewish rapist himself is not executed. His life is spared. For some reason, you have to treat the 3-year-old gentile girl like an animal. She is guilty of putting obstacles in a Jew's spiritual path, and Maimonides quotes some verse or other about a bull... The Rabbis know that the parts of Judaism that are misanthropic--that are deeply discriminatory to non-Jews--pose a problem for them. Because if they try to implement these rules of religion, things could turn out rather badly for them. There could be extremely unpleasant consequences. If they tried to implement the rule that a 3-year-old gentile girl should be executed, for example, for tempting a Jew to commit rape, the result would be a pogrom. So to avoid that situation of a pogrom, the Talmud defines two different states of reality. There is one called "Darkei Shalom", meaning Peaceful Ways. In other words, the reasoning goes like this: "This is the actual religious law, this is how we are supposed to act. But we cannot act like this right now, because it would cause a huge mess and Jews would be killed. So we must behave discreetly and not take any punitive action." This is the meaning of "Darkei Shalom" or Peaceful Ways.

    Now, for how long will this rule of discreet behavior--of "Peaceful Ways"--still apply? It applies only as long as Israel is relatively weak. As long as Israel has not acquired sufficient strength to do as it pleases. When Israel is independent, when Israel is mighty, the whole ball game changes. Israel can then afford to be merciless--to do exactly what it likes. Under those circumstances, it's all over. You can go back to enforcing the letter of the law according to the Talmud. No more "Peaceful Ways" then! No more need for peaceful ways! Nowadays, when religious Zionists look at the world around them, they say: "We've got a state. We've got weapons. We've got a Jewish army. This hasn't happened for 2000 years! In other words, religious Jews believe they are under obligation to bring about Armageddon and the Last Days as soon as possible: in short, to precipitate an apocalyptic war to end all wars. This is seen as God's will... There must be cleansings. Religious law prohibits contact with non-Jews. Of course, these Kosher laws prohibit you from even eating with the goyim. Other laws prohibit you from treating them fairly. You are forbidden to return a lost item to a non-Jew--except in order to "keep the peace." There is no prohibition from stealing from a non-Jew--except in order to "keep the peace." You are not supposed to say "hello" to them--unless there is no alternative. And so on and so forth. There are all kinds of prohibitions that are entirely psychotic. Rules and regulations based on a religion of vengeance. Religious Zionists have a serious problem with the mere existence of non-Jews. The Land of Israel is supposed to be only for Jews. Ironically, we Jews would manage to get along with Muslims if it weren't for the fact that white supremacists and black white supremacistm Judaism are in military conflict with them. Judaism gave to Islam the Torat Hamelech or King's Torah, which tells them that they are free to kill children if there is a reason to believe that one day these children could grow up to harm them. If you killed a Palestinian's entire family and left only him alive, he will indeed have good reason to cause you harm one day. If you stole his lands and turned him into a refugee, driving him into Jordan or Lebanon, don't you think he will have good reason to hate you and cause you harm? Many people have said that this book's arguments are not sound according to religious law, and so on and so forth. But no one has really tackled this problem head-on. It's no wonder the book has become a bestseller! In general, what religious Zionists want is for the Land in the State of Israel to be for Jews (Jew means one whose mother is a witch) only. There are hispanics with Jewish bood, blacks with Jewish blood, pale arabs with Jewish blood, and the list goes on and on.
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    In Jerusalem, Jewish religious students in the seminaries have a despicable habit: they urinate and defecate all over Christian churches. Go and talk to the church staff. You will hear it from every church, that this is going on. Spitting on clergymen in the street is something that happens every single day. If the priest has the courage to hit the Jewish troublemaker back, to slap him or something similar, he is deported. Quietly. They cancel his residence permit in the country. If you want to justify a pogrom, all you have to do is say the words "Missionary Threat".,+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero)

    The latest conspiracies from the many different race of Jews: Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has introduced S.292 — Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2021, and he has garnered support from the gun-grabbing Democrats and Republicans alike. On Wednesday, this latest Red Flag gun confiscation bill, gets a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which includes notorious gun grabbers like Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Dick Durbin (D-IL). Unlike red flag legislation on which TFTP has reported in the past which involve state laws, S.292 will apply to all states and Indian Tribes. Under the guise of a “grant program” the bill will bribe states to enact the most comprehensive red flag law we’ve ever seen. The Assistant Attorney General shall make grants to an eligible State or Indian Tribe to assist the State or Indian Tribe in carrying out the provisions of a qualifying State or Tribal law. S.292 is described as a bill: To provide family members of an individual who they fear is a danger to himself, herself, or others, or law enforcement, with new tools to prevent gun violence. However, as the Free Thought Project has reported in the past, these “tools” have failed repeatedly and pave the way for rampant abuse. Naturally, the “fact checkers” have already taken to defending the bill, claiming that it doesn’t remove due process. However, citizens who are targeted by these laws will be deemed guilty first, and only after their guns are taken will they have a chance to defend themselves in court. This is de facto removal of due process. According to the legislation, “If the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that the respondent poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to himself or herself or others by having in his or her custody or control, or by purchasing, possessing, or receiving, a firearm or ammunition, the court shall issue an extreme risk protection order for a period the court determines is appropriate, which may not exceed 12 months.” This “clear and convincing evidence” can be presented over the telephone, according to the legislation. A court may conduct the hearing required under clause (i) by telephone, pursuant to local court rules. There is a reason murder trials are conducted on telephones. Under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, due process clauses are in place to act as a safeguard from arbitrary denial of life, liberty, or property by the government outside the sanction of law. It is a fact that a person can be denied life, liberty and property outside the sanction of the law under red flag legislation. Although it may be temporary, this is a difference only in degree — not in kind.

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    A recent fact check by Politifact claims red flag laws are not a removal of due process because the accused is guaranteed to have a hearing “not later than 14 days after the date of such order.” Despite citing the elements of Due Process, as laid out by MIT, which specifically states the defendant has the right to know the charges or all the major elements of the charges and in some cases the right to know the rules and policies that are relevant; in some cases the right to know who is the accuser and that they deserve the timeliness of the process and of each step of the process — Politifact claims, without reference, that the 14-day period after the person’s guns have been confiscated, is due process. According to Politifact, “the due process requirements in a given case can vary, though, based on the circumstances or type of proceeding.” They provide no source for such a claim or provide any detail on the alleged variances. By this logic, one could argue that George Floyd received due process and it just varied “based on the circumstances or type of proceeding.” The fact of the matter is that it is entirely possible for false accusations to be made and an innocent person suffer harm by being unable to defend themselves from accusations stemming from the secretive process of red flag laws. Whether or not it is one day or 100, the removal of someone’s right to face their accuser while punishing that person in the process, is wrong. On top of the unethical process of red flag laws, as TFTP has reported, they have proven to be ineffective. One such instance happened earlier this month. On April 15, 19-year-old Brandon Hole did the unthinkable when he stormed into an Indianapolis FedEx facility with a Ruger AR-556 semi-automatic rifle and killed eight people. As he was a resident of Indiana, he was subject to the state’s red flag laws. In March of 2020, he actually found himself on the receiving end of the state’s red flag law. “[Hole’s] mother told law enforcement in March 2020 that her son told her he would attempt ‘suicide by cop,’” CNN reported. “At the time, officials took a shotgun found at his home into custody, Marion County prosecutor Ryan Mears said Monday. And yet, later that year, Hole was able to legally purchase assault rifles.” Another example is the tragedy that unfolded in California in 2019, as a deranged gunman, Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, walked up on an innocent woman, officer Natalie Corona, pulled out his guns and began shooting her repeatedly until she died. Limbaugh then fired several more shots at others before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life. Had more people been nearby, Limbaugh would’ve likely carried out a mass shooting.

    Limbaugh’s case is important to bring up due to the fact that, before he killed a cop, he, like Hole, was subject to California’s “red flag” laws in 2018. Limbaugh was given a high-risk assessment that ordered him to turn in his registered weapons to police, the only one being a Bushmaster AR-15. On November 9, Limbaugh turned in the weapon. Despite being banned from possessing and purchasing a weapon, he still obtained one illegally and used it to commit murder. Nikolas Cruz was a similar case as he had committed multiple felonies, was known to both the police and the FBI, and yet he still managed to obtain the weapon he used to carry out the Parkland massacre. In reality, the impetus behind the red flag gun laws seem to be more about political grandstanding and less about actual safety, especially considering their track record. Despite many states adopting red flag laws and thousands of guns being seized, there is still almost no evidence they reduce crime. “The evidence,” The New York Times reported in 2019, “for whether extreme risk protection orders work to prevent gun violence is inconclusive, according to a study by the RAND Corporation on the effectiveness of gun safety measures.” Plain and simple, government officials cannot be trusted unwittingly with the tyrannical power to arbitrarily remove the due process of individuals on a whim. If not stopped in its tracks, this red flag movement could be the fatal crack in the dam that is the only thing holding back the government from disarming entirely peaceful and non-threatening individuals with whom they disagree.
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    MAY 1, 2021

    As we continue from Part 4 of this missive we will first note that the white supremacist known as Charles Cyphert has tooken on a different approach with the way he did things. It was revealed that he only chooses to speak with his daughter inside of his car because too many people, according to his rants, have been paying close attention to his business. So many lies being told on parties shall now be dealt with insde his car. However, the lies he is being instructed to implement shall still go over the internet and through emails. This demon has a pure evil against black people that is beyond what most blacks can imagine. Cyphert has vowed to destroy certain blacks even if he dies in the process! This have been recorded! There are euro-americans who hate blacks and latinos to a point where they'll commit suicide before taking orders from some blackman or woman. And even if they do, they will always look for some way to bring down that person because its in their nature to do so. It was the white supremacists and members of the Boule Society that fed to blacks all across the U.S. that Abraham Licoln was for black people. But Lincoln himslef stated that he would have never freed the slaves if it wasn't for the betterment of the Union. He further stated that anytime blacks and euro-americans are together one will always try and dominate the other. So he chose in favor of the euro-americans. Once again, take a close look at what he revealed about blacks in his documented events:

    June 26, 1857, at Springfield, Illinois: "There is a natural disgust in the minds of nearly all white people at the idea of an indiscriminate amalgamation of the white and black races. A separation of the races is the only perfect preventative of amalgamation but as immediate separation is impossible, the next best thing is to keep them apart where they are not already together."

    September 18, 1858, at Charleston, Illinois: "I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race."

    August 21, 1859, at Ottawa, Illinois: "I hold that a negro is not and never ought to be a citizens of the United States. I hold that this government was made on the white basis, by white men for the benefit of white men and their posterity forever, and should be administered by white men and none others."

    August 14, 1862, to Negroes at Washington: "Even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with white people on this broad continent not a single man of your race is made equal of a single man of ours. Go where you are treated the best, and the ban is still upon you....I can not alter it if I would."
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    The point we are making here is that the euro-american race shall never accept blacks and latinos as brothers. But they will use latinos against blacks and blacks against latinos in their game of death which should, even though it isn't, alert people of color to just whats next for them. In Cleveland, Ohio, euro-americans know that Covid vaccines are making people sick and have killed a very lkarge number of humans world-wide but have started a trend demanding that their employees get vaccinated or you won't have a job. This trend is spreading quickly and their intentions is really about population control and not some mystery illness killing people that they have no idea about. . They are using Covid to bring out everything which has been secret for decades. nanotechnology may be inside of many of you from the foods you eat and very soon many of you will not have the ability to think on your own. Those tiny machines within will dictate how you should think and act.

    It has often been said that the so-called whiteman is the devil. However, they once had the nature of the devil which allowed every form of evil to possesss them and to mate with them bringing forth evil offspring. Today, they are all under one massive spell and ritual which instructs them when to work together against people of color. Like with the pale Arabs and others tied in with those evil bloodlines, europeans living anywhere on the planet are under the direction of aliens and djinn. Djinn are made up of a smokeless mix of fires, just like energy. This would explain most of the horror movies detecting demons in the attic with an electromagnetic field (EMF) meter. Djinn have no original shape and have the ability to take the shape of anything. They tend to take the shape of Dogs and Snakes or of something that terrifies humans, although they don’t actually look that way. So next time you think your hanging coat looked like a terrifying figure, just laugh it off. Djinn once lived in a parallel universe/dimension, even though now many reside within our reality, giving them the ability to see into our dimension while being invisible to the human eye. Many people can only see Djinn if and when they want us to see them. Djinn can appear in the form of dead people as well. gIt has been said that ghosts and spirits don’t exist; they are actually Djinn taking the shape of dead people. Djinn live like people; they eat, drink and marry just like mankind does. Djinn travel in the speed of light. That is around2340 km in milliseconds, so basically they can teleport. Djinn have the strength of 40/50/60 human men. Djinn can turn mass into energy and back into mass. E=mc^2. Djinn live much longer than mankind, thousands and thousands of years. There are different types of Djinn. Each type has a different strength or ability. Djinn can run through you like your blood does and give you thoughts. Djinn eat our leftovers like the bones of fish and chicken etc. Satanism, voodoo, and santeria is done by a magician communicating with the Djinn, by asking themj for favors and in return worshipping them. Djinn can take this world and seek to turn it into theirsl changing the climate, modifying the weather, and more. Humans have no idea how many different species of evil is working in alliance to global enslavement of humans.

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    The Global Infection Before Total Enslavement of Humans and mankind: With the rapid development of nanotechnology, the bio-barcode assay (BCA), as a new diagnostic tool, has been gradually applied to the detection of protein and nucleic acid targets and small-molecule compounds. BCA has the advantages of high sensitivity, short detection time, simple operation, low cost, good repeatability and good linear relationship between detection results. However, bio-barcode technology is not yet fully formed as a complete detection system, and the detection process in all aspects and stages is unstable. Therefore, studying the optimal reaction conditions, optimizing the experimental steps, exploring the multi-residue detection of small-molecule substances, and preparing immuno-bio-barcode kits are important research directions for the standardization and commercialization of BCA. The main theme of this review was to describe the principle of BCA, provide a comparison of its application, and introduce the single-residue and multi-residue detection of macromolecules and single-residue detection of small molecules. We also compared it with other detection methods, summarized its feasibility and limitations, expecting that with further improvement and development, the technique can be more widely used in the field of stable small-molecule and multi-residue detection. People are weirdly proud of having been Jabbed; they are "dying" to tell you all about it. Many who have died from taking Covid vaccinations were previously healthy. The local and national news medias will not tell the public about this, over and over again, much like they reveal the so-called new cases over and over again. People seem to feel better when others share their fate. Put more finely, some people seem to take a malignant delight in making sure others share their fate.Those who have been Jabbed resent those who have not been Jabbed and want them punished for their "vaccine hesitancy." Want them pressured to be Jabbed, as by their employers giving them the "choice" to be vaccinated or be unemployed. As by internal passports, and not just for travel, either. As with diapering, needling, proof thereof, will become the necessary act of submission to their many faiths.

    After thought: Many corporations and special interest groups are making a killing from Covid. They pad the numbers to increase the amount of money they receive from the government. Remember the government doesn't produce anything to make their income and thus the money they give to these companies comes directly out of taxpayer's pockets. They may only have 50 people isolated but they tell others that they have 100 or 200. If parties plan an inspection, a tip off to the inspection results in moving people into the isolation unit, suddenly someone who has no symptoms and negative tests upon arrival are positive. Several isolation units was moved. There was feces on the floor in the bathrooms, sneeze droplets dried on the tables, the beds had sleep imprints and dirty linen from the previous occupants. When patients complained, they was told to clean it themselves.
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    Last minute note: For those who still doubt that the fraudulent, genocidal, Communist-style tyranny of Covid 1984 was planned long ago, prepare to have your illusions shattered. The following statements made in 1981 by Jewish globalist Jacques Attali are taken from Interviews with Michel Salomon - The Faces of the Future, Seghers edition when Attali was a senior adviser to French President, Francoise Mitterand: "In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as it exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than he produces and costs society dearly, then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there will be more and more of them, and especially the stupid ones. "Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good..."We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn't matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. "We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own." Finally (and perhaps especially), since no war can be won unless the peoples waging it believe it just and necessary, and unless the loyalty of citizens and their belief in its values are maintained, the chief weapons of the future will be the instruments of propaganda, communication, and intimidation."

    With around 53 % of the Israeli population vaccinated with 2 shots of the mRNA vaccines and with Israeli kids (10 to 15 age group), too, set to be vaxxed over the coming 3 to 4 months, we should see millions of deaths in Eretz Yisroel (Land of Israel) over the next 9 to 14 months or so as the killer C19 vaccine manifests its deadly autoimmune and blood clotting effects resulting in Israelis dying 24 x 7 everywhere, at home, on the roads, in hospitals, in malls, in schools, on the beaches, in bars and offices. The phenomenon of virus/vaccination shedding, will, in addition, spread serious diseases to unvaxxed people in contact with those vaxxed. Shedding of harmful pathogens and toxins occurs via exhaled breath, perspiration, physical touch, coughing, talking, body waste and the like. From the spiritual perspective, it's clearly visible through the mystical vision that the forces of suffering and death are steadily gathering as a thickening sheet of life force-sucking vibrations in the aura of Israel and Palestine. This pervasive field of black energy can be perceived hanging all over the State of Israel covering and penetrating all the people and objects. Israel and its citizens will meet a horrific end over the coming 2 or 3 years. With the fall of the State of Israel and the decimation of almost all its 9 million or so population via vax and a concomitant Globalist scripted regional war, the rest of the world, too, enters a massive depopulation phase. Be prepared. A so-calledspiritual Israel should arise from the ashes with remnants of Jewry from around the world post apocalypse. Not surprised the Israeli government (obviously working under orders from the Globalists) has lifted lockdown and done away with masks outdoors so that those vaxxed become "super spreaders" of new infections that their collapsing immune systems won't be capable of neutralising resulting in their own deaths and destruction of those who catch the infections from them. Add to this the adverse effects of virus/vaccine shedding and a mammoth horror show is unfolding in Israel. Both mystical vision and science arrive at the same conclusion regarding the fate of Israel in coming days...Renowned microbiologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi said to journalist Alex Newman that Covid vaccination has turned Israel into "hell on earth". Aside from vaccinations, other methods of mass destruction lined up by the Globalists for humanity are world war, cyberpandemic, weather modification, tectonic weapons, starvation, live germ/chemical warfare and others.

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    In the early 90’s, the internet was a useful tool to do that. Now it seems that while the internet is useful for doing research, it is no longer a means to get a story out using social media or even YouTube. In other words, the investors and the advertisers are what force these new draconian rules and it is the corporate side of these institutions that create the incentive to ban, strike or censor any independent thought. There are far too many news outlets, including so-called “conservative” media companies, who are so beholden to Big Tech that they temper their perspectives at best and outright cover-up the truth at worst. It is no longer easy to inform, and it is not easy to be believed when one’s own echo chamber will not allow an opinion that may rub people the wrong way politically, and since no one wears their politics on their sleeve, you are actually walking into a den of vipers both conservative and liberal.

    Many, as you all know, will blatantly lie in order to maintain the narrative that supports the radical agenda taking over much of the United States. What is most disconcerting is that now YouTube and Facebook have clamped down on anyone who has an opinion about health issues especially when anyone mentions COVID-19.Coronavirus. According to their medical misinformation policy we read, YouTube doesn’t allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19. This is limited to content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities’ guidance on: Treatment, Prevention, Diagnosis, Transmission, Social distancing and self-isolation guidelines, The existence of COVID-19. You cannot mention or even post content that that encourages the use of home remedies, prayer, or rituals in place of medical treatment such as consulting a doctor or going to the hospital. Content that claims that there’s a guaranteed cure for COVID-19. Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19. Claims that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID-19. Other content that discourages people from consulting a medical professional or seeking medical advice. Content that claims that COVID-19 is not caused by a viral infection. Content that claims COVID-19 is not contagious. Content that claims that COVID-19 cannot spread in certain climates or geographies. Content that claims that any group or individual has immunity to the virus or cannot transmit the virus. You are not to have an opinion on Social distancing and self isolation.

    You cannot have an opinion or generate content that disputes the efficacy of local health authorities’ or WHO’s guidance on physical distancing or self-isolation measures to reduce transmission of COVID-19. You cannot post content that denies the existence of COVID-19: You cannot make claims that people have not died or gotten sick from COVID-19. You can’t even say that the virus no longer exists or that the pandemic is over, or that the pandemic is coming to a close. You cannot give your opinion that the symptoms, death rates, or contagiousness of COVID-19 are less severe or equally as severe as the common cold or seasonal flu. You cannot even share your experience with COVID-19 and what you did to ease your symptoms. The Federal Trade commission is cracking down on individuals who are telling people that they can beef up their immune systems by eating healthy and taking certain supplements. The FTC recently charged a St. Louis man for making fraudulent claims about COVID-19. The FTC is charging Eric Nepute and Quickwork LLC in a federal court for the heinous crime of advertising zinc and vitamin D to combat COVID-19. Nepute is charged with ten counts of violating the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act. The FTC alleges that Nepute falsely advertised his products, which contain vitamin D and zinc – two important supplements that are scientifically proven to block viral replication and prevent hospitalization.St. Louis County chiropractor first in US charged under new COVID-19 act - YouTube. So now you walk that fine line of illegality when you inform people on how to treat and overcome infections, by building your immune system using typical vitamin supplements, especially if you mention that you can protect yourself from COVID-19.

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    In 2020, the U.S. Congress quietly installed a new censorship clause in a coronavirus emergency response and relief package. In HR 133, Congress gave the FTC supreme authority to target, arrest and fine anyone who doesn’t follow the government’s narrative on lock downs, masks, quarantines and vaccines. Anyone who promotes a healthy immune system can now be charged and fined for the “criminal” act of helping people treat and overcome respiratory infection.Federal Trade Commission | Protecting America's Consumers. It’s now obvious that there is a global conspiracy to deprive people of their rights and make the population so ignorant and scared, they become sick and dependent on a system that will ultimately kill them off. This conspiracy seeks to restrain and eradicate healthy people and oppress everyone until they are subjected to forced propaganda, obedience training, behavioral controls and nefarious levels of medical experimentation. Eric Nepute is the first person in the US to be charged under this new statute. According to the commission’s complaint, the Nepute Wellness Center could be fined $43,792 for each violation. This attack could steal nearly half a million dollars from Nepute, not only putting a gag order against him, but also shuttering his entire practice. Acting Chairwoman Rebecca Kelly Slaughter said the FTC is “has quickly put to use its new authority to stop false marketing claims related to the pandemic. Nepute posted a video last April encouraging viewers to drink tonic water containing quinine. The quinine is the original ingredient found in hydroxychloroquine, an effective prophylactic that helps cells absorb zinc and therefore block virus replication. “Have about 3 to 4 ounces a day of that Schweppes tonic water and take at least 50 to 100 milligrams of zinc. I’ll say that again, 50 to 100 milligrams of zinc. Do it every day as a preventative,” Nepute said in the video. Nepute included a “disclaimer” — telling viewers this wasn’t professional medical advice. The video received millions of views on Facebook but was quickly deemed “misinformation” by the Big Tech censors. The FTC, apparently working with Big Tech, began to target Nepute. They quickly went after his product “Wellness Warrior” — which includes both vitamin D and zinc.

    Nepute’s claims, “COVID-19 patients who get enough vitamin D are 52% less likely to die” and “those who get enough vitamin D are 77% less likely to get the disease” were targeted by the FTC despite there being studies to back up these claims. The commission wants to stop Nepute and Quickwork from ever making health claims about vitamin D or zinc in the future. FTC Chairwoman Rebecca Slaughter was most interested in punishing Nepute for questioning, comparing and criticizing covid-19 vaccinations. “The defendants’ claims that their products can stand in for approved COVID-19 vaccines are particularly troubling: We need to be doing everything we can to stop bogus health claims that endanger consumers,” Slaughter said. Under these new FTC powers, targeted individuals (who promote healthy solutions to COVID-19) are automatically deemed guilty. They are not innocent until proven guilty. The presumption of innocence is a core principle of due process rights, enshrined in the US Constitution. When vaccine science is accepted as the ultimate truth, then anyone who is targeted by the FTC for making “false claims” is not receiving due process at all. These targeted individuals are being forced to submit their speech, beliefs and allegiance to the vaccine orthodoxy, which continues to subvert the rule of law. On YouTube, you are not even able to point out that vaccine side effects are killing people. I was put is face book jail for posting the video of Nurse Tiffany Dover fainting after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. It is also evident that even if you have had COVID-19 or have lost someone due to COVID-19, you are not an expert, nor can you express your experience with it anywhere on social media. The censors are there to tell you that you can’t speak about real hardship or suffering due to covid compared to what small business owners would be going through or what the working poor have had to endure. If you even bemoan the fact that you have suffered loss, you are told to keep your mouth shut unless you can find a way to blame it on the Trump administration.

    Those who have suffered hardship must be forced to suffer in silence keeping real empathy, or even advise to yourself. In no way are you to speak of injustices or abuse of power unless it is being done by a police officer on a minority, You are forced to complain to your like minded friends about the state of the world.. but you can only do it in private and even then, what is privacy when you are being cancelled for thought crime? The enemy of the state now is someone who asks why or how or the one who gives advice that is not approved by billionaires and doctors that have big money invested in vaccines. It is a sin now to tell people to beef up their immune system but you can have all the booze, pot and fast food you want; after all, it is legal and can be delivered. It is convenient to get all of these things delivered to your self-imposed prison cell. People were so excited recently to hear Joe Biden give the Okay to not wear a mask outdoors if you got the vaccine. It is like the media thought that it was magical. It is pathetic really. How much more are they going to take from us in the months and years to come? The powers that be will take and take, omising us rewards for our sacrifice –and they will make none. How soon will it be before the small and often harassed people who bring us sources of genuine information are completely demonetized, de-linked, banned or de-platformed from the internet? The access to content and commenting that we have lost in the last year alone would have been incomprehensible to almost all of us just a few years ago. Now we are experiencing a more harsh and unforgiving internet, one that reports us for straying outside of the ever-narrowing community guidelines. Freedom of speech may exist, and it may be a right in the constitution, t what is not in the constitution is the freedom to reach people and that is why you should never ever take for granted that we will always be on your radio or that we will always be on Facebook or YouTube—this is why I started The censors are now reaching beyond social media and the ride is no longer backed by my freedom or your freedom. Your have freedom of speech but not freedom of reach.

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    This is because of cancel culture, political treachery and mad science. The technocrats are now enforcing their form of bought and paid for science –and you are not to question the efficacy or even safety of what they are doing. In this draconian technocratic fascism, you are being told that you should not refuse a hastily developed medical technology, one that has not been thoroughly tested but is still supposed to, guaranteed to (almost) provoke the appropriate immune response to a virus that poses almost no harm whatsoever. You are not allowed to ask about unintended consequences. What happens if you suddenly develop any number of rare or debilitating health conditions in the future? We cannot say that the chances of catching COVID-19 or experiencing ill effects from it are quite because then people will ask so why they can’t be allowed to take this risk? The reason is because you will be judged harshly for doing so. What happened to our acquired knowledge as a society as to how to behave when sick? This has served us well for thousands of years. When our amazing immune systems were fighting a significant illness, it was almost always obvious that the sick individual should be cared for but isolated and kept from others. We have lost this trust in ourselves and in our own judgement. Exercising our own good judgement is a critical aspect of a well-functioning, civil society. Removing this right, this freedom of choice will only lead to a punitive, dystopian type of society, one that eagerly turns on each other rather than to help one another. It is hard to explain to people that this is the overall agenda – it is obvious because they want to shut you down for pointing out the obvious because it makes them look bad. But pay no mind, rust the science, believe in the system that now is responsible for over 500,000 dead—believe in the system that now has half the planet living in poverty but don’t worry about that, just a minor flaw, just an inconvenience. Keep believing in this neo-liberal fabulous system of democracy and commerce that will deliver us the health outcome we all deserve. It will protect us and our weakest and all we need to do is take a shot, or two or three, every year and do not mind the costs or how or to whom the money was distributed, it was necessary, it will be worth it. Once this happens, once we reach the now newly re-defined as solely vaccine derived “herd immunity” then life is back! School, travel, friends and family. You can have it all, but you may need a mask for just a bit longer, maybe two masks actually.Why Do You Have to Wear a Mask Even After Getting the COVID Vaccine? | The rest, a small vocal minority or perhaps, a larger, mostly silent and dumbfounded mass of citizens will finally start taking stock of what theye lost and what they truly at risk of losingm if the vaccines doesn't rew-re the brain patterns.The losing will continue because no one in power wants to give up the power we allowed them to accrue. Information has never been more widely available but then immediately censored or “fact” checked. Prominent voices of reason, objectivity and truth are shadow banned or de-platformed. Even the minuscule, insignificant, and frustrated comments you make in a forum get whacked by fact checkers. Even obvious jokes get a warning from the internet police.
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