Jan. 06, 2021, A Coup Was Attempted Against the Government Of This Nation!

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On Jan 06, 2021, a determined group of White Nationalist Trump supporters, attacked, and [did]breech, the Nation's capital and trashed and vandalized many areas of it! They fought with the Capital police, over powered them, and broke da hell in! Many capital police officers were hurt and I think one policeman's death was caused by this seditious Capital insurrection! In plain view it was an attempt to actually overthrow the United States Government! By these white nationalist racist confederate flag waving clowns encouraged by then president Trump! And I certainly felt that a few elected republican congressmen had a hand in communicating with these insurrectionist, etc. These racist thugs were called to our nation's capital by none other than Trump, son, and other trump supporters, etc. Trump even told them to march down to the capital! Their chant was stop the vote certification Even old azz Trump Lawyer, Giuliani was encouraging them to do so! Now the [chickens] are starting da roost, etc. The FBI has raided Giuliani's home, and seized electronic equipment, etc. Trump cannot protect him now, The "DOJ" has been investigating him since even last year! Trump in my personal view attempted a coup in this nation by encouraging and using these confederate flag waving white nationalist insurrectionist to violently attack, breech, and vandalize our nation's Capital! It was in my view a clear act of treason! And he should be [brought to trial] to answer this charge! The new United States Attroney General is on the move! As a nation of law, we must inforce the law against who ever breaks it! Trump is no different, he should be indicted and arrested and held for trial! That's how I feel and view this whole thing! Gfb out....
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