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Many people in Cleveland have not heard from Montu, aka Muhammad Eury for a few months because secret societies and police, along with "key" East and West Cleveland Natives, conspired against him and implemented military tactics which was used to character assassinate him. Americans worst enemies are new age out of control gang members who take their orders from their leaders that are in direct contact with the Black Illuminati. Police, Black Illuiminati affiliates and flunkies, and especially white supremacists or white power freaks have been working together to get as many people of color arrested or killed. Then there are those white power freaks that run daily jobs seeking laborers. The way they are running Home Improvement businesses, landscaping businesses, and every other business which seeks to hire people of color is presently designed after Amazon. Amazon in East Cleveland, Ohio uses their money, power, and influence to cover massive modern day slavery tactics. 98% of Amazon workers will not retire with Amazon because the Coporate Giant isn't designed to have people working there for long. Every employee is being tracked and informants with camera surveillance is being used to make people appear as they want them to appear. If they want you to appear verbally abusive or violent then there are a team who will carry this out. Many caucasian owned and ran businesses in Cleveland and in surrounding areas work blackmen until the men are completely exhausted. Most side businesses don't keep employees longer than two weeks and continuously post ads bi-weekly for employees. Montu explained months ago that there was a plot against black and brown people in both East and West Cleveland. Very few people listened. And when secret societies and corrupted police started spreading fabricated rumors about Montu in hopes of getting him assaulted or killed, both blacks and caucasians played roles in those plots. Some sought to start physical altercations with Montu because they knew Montu was very strong and once police would have been called it would have been the "shoot first ask questions later routine." Then there were some who even made up lies on Montu with police and others secret backing. The corrupt police created fake incident reports about the lies told on Montu. But as Montu stated in 2020, the demons and devils running America and communities must get some dirt on each and every human in the country for the sake of placing them under certain banners. We are living in a world where they don't want any person to be pious in the eyes of others. Obviously many blackmen didn't listen and the same tricks and tactics used against Montu were the same tactics used against large numbers of blackmen. Sadly, many blackmen are now either in prison or are deceased because when those demon seed sought pulling them down to their vibration, many blackmen cracked under the pressure. Today they leave countless numbers of black women unprotected.

Many caucasian men are very evil in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and blackmen suffer daily. Its like they have pledged their entire lives to see to it that blackmen fail in some way or another. A large number of blackmen in Cleveland claimed to have rented boarding rooms from caucasians men and some women and have been targeted ever sense. Caucasian men seek to listen through walls and many caucasian men are now capable of hacking signals of cell phones. Several blackmen claim that some white power freak who transforms from one charater to another, pretending to be cool with black people, is tied in with network of hackers and cyber stalkers against people of color. This white power freak, who thinks all black people is illiterate, goes by the name Rory (440) 850-8608. Rory claims to be protected by a caucasian home owner who claims to be cool with people of color, but behind their backs he plots against them. He is one heck of an actor, several people have stated in West Cleveland. This man is known as Al (216) 856-6626. Rory brags about being a computer wizard, according to sources, and he brags about having several white power cops in West Cleveland backing up his inner circle. Then there are white power homosexuals tied in with Rory and his crew that drinks with blackmen and listens to black music, but secretly plot against those same blackmen. He gives daily reports to those that reward him. One hispanic cop says that there is an iron curtain of white supremacists that live on West 89th street, just off of Detroit avenue, who keep cops informed on the activities of black people in that area. It is also said that even caucasian prostitutes in that area supply police they secretly perform sexual acts for with information concerning every blackman they speand time with. Like Montu stated in the past: "Noone wins the war in racism!" However, racism is a key tactic being used to make sure there are more people of color homeless, jobless, and living on the streets. than their caucasian counterparts. When a blackman dresses well and smells very well many caucasian men frown at him and make fun of him. They only do so because if they contact specific police officers and claim that they are in a violent encounter with a blackman, police will be on the scene in record time and no favor will be for that person of color.


  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    Also, we must keep in mind that caucasians aren't the only threats to black people. In highly populated areas such as in East Cleveland, Ohio, black secret societies are the primary forces behind black on black crimes. The children of many black secret societies are feeding off poor blacks and have made their lives much worse than what white supremacists have done. Some of them, like caucasian home owners, rent rooms smaller than jail cells to desparate blackmen and women no less than $375 monthly. They are connected to parties working for their districts who make sure that their crimes and dehumanization tactics are always covered. Like I said earlier, if a party is pious and makes a claim against secret societies or their relatives and offsprings lies will be told on that party, and police will become involved. A trouble maker is one who gets into something all of the time. A person set up is accused of something they have never ever been accused of before. A recent lecture of Montu's will explain why everything is reaching that tipping point.,+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero).,+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero).,+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero)

    Americans should further keep in mind that the Russia versus U.S. rhetoric has been a hoax for many years. Today, the Federal Government ia under the supervision of a Russia Agency. This information Biden and many other Draconians keep hidden from Americans. Anyway, Montu recently gave a lecture about whats really going on around us. If people conyinue not to pay attention more freedoms shall be tooken away and many more people will continue todie. Remember, the government has manipulated Americans, and people around the world, into ingesting aluminum and anthrax. This is why many people are dying. Here it from the vibrations of Montu.... And it begins....

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    Greetings of peace Enosites. Many Satanic forces are upon us and many of us will be wiped out before 2026. Your destructions have been blue printed and there continues to be evil guided tentacles affecting every facet of society. Very few poeople seem to care about the facts these days and many are being promoted on television and commercials empowering Covid mandates without accurate knowledge as to what they are supporting. Many humans are disappearing and others are under attack by secret police and parties within the federal government. Not long ago Coprate News Medias partially covered a topic about an incident but refused to reveal all of their findings. They spoke about the boat and about losing $400 million dollars per hour ( but they didn't speak about another story within that distraction. There were over 12, 500 bodies found on the a ship with some children still alive. The children found showed that something or someone had drained most of the blood out of their bodies. From this incident vame the exposure of a reptilian species on earth that have ruled for about 7 thousand years. Their exposure have resulted in the massive chaos taking place all over the planet right now. They are not only seeking to distract humans from whats going on but while you are being bombarded with overwhelming crime, suffering governments stealing your lands, not knowing whether to believe the Anti-Christ, "Joe Biden", and all of those forces working in alignment, and under global Covid mandates and restrictions, all those responsible for leaking the horrific stories are being dealt with right under your noses. There is millions and millions of dollars being spent to discredit all fact finders, isolate them from their peers, and then kill them. When threads like these are formulated stimulus bills and packages are passed which manipulates the minds of those uncertain. The undercertain then begins to believe in what their government, local and national news medias, and what those most influential in the communities say. Anyone who teaches you to target your neighbors that are human and is doing nothing pwersonal to you are demons and devils. Your Bibles and Qurans have exposed these characters. And yet humans continue to be beguiled! Let us just say that things are now movinjg rapidly since September 11, 2001. 9/11 was a false flag operation. It was a warm-up to World War III. World War 3 is being unleashed on American soil! Now, hear me on this. It's all part of a conspiracy dating back to the UFO crash at Roswell. The secret military now runs so-called UFO crafts on toroidal energy; or so-called zero-point energy. Simply the energy of the universe. In the 1940's it was called free energy. No fuel, no flame, no combustion. A simple electromagnetic field. This is what Nikola Tesla offered this world before they had him and his cousin Edward Leedskalnin assassinated by the Men-In-Black. Technology kept secret for 81 years while the world ran on petroleum. Oil companies making trillions off billions of sheeple world-wide. Most of the secret military and the CIA's so-called UFO crafts perform whats known as gravity warp drive. And that is because of Element 115. Ununpentium.

    The tentacles reach far back into the last century, but it wasn't until victories in Europe and Japan and the onset of the Cold War that political and economic conditions became perfect for actual execution. A conspiracy bigger and more secret than the Manhattan Project. More odious and far-reaching. No sooner had the United States defeated Germany than a new threat started appearing in the skies over America, drawn to Earth by the latest threat to extinction - the H-bomb. Explosions acting as transducers, drawing alien life forms through wormholes in spaceships using electro-gravitic propulsion. Advanced extraterrestrial species visiting humans, concerned for humanity and the threat of their self-destruction, forestalling their annihilation through their own self-sacrifice. The crashes at Roswell. More importantly, places like Aztec. World leaders signed secret memos directing scientific studies of alien technology and biochemistry. Classified studies were done at military installations like, S4, Groom Lake, Wright Patterson, and Dulce, extracting alien tissue. Tests were done on unsuspecting human subjects in elaborately staged abductions, in crafts using alien technology recovered from the downed saucers, including human hybridization through gene editing and forced implantation of alien embryos. The U.S., along with many other governments lie to the people as a matter of course and as a matter of policy. The Tuskegee experiments on black men in the '30s, Henrietta Lacks, and the list goes on and on. A government hiding and hoarding alien technology for 80 years at the expense of human life and the future of the planet. Driven not only by corporate greed, but a much more sinister objective. The Covid conspiracies and mandates intertwined with increasingly daily chaos, racism, and wars which transform the United States into a New World Order! And then the world under a One World Order by any means necessary, however violent or cruel or efficient. By severe drought brought on by weather wars conducted secretly using aerial contaminants and high-altitude electromagnetic waves. In a state of perpetual war to create problem-reaction-solution scenarios to distract, enrage and enslave American citizens at home with tools like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, which abridged the Constitution in the name of national security. The militarization of police forces in cities across the U.S. The building of prison camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with no stated purpose. The corporate takeover of food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and health care, even the military, in clandestine agendas, to fatten, dull, sicken and control a populace already consumed by consumerism. A government that taps your phone, collects your data and monitors your whereabouts with impunity. A government preparing to use that data against you when it strikes, and the final takeover begins. This is why it is important for them to make all pious people appear as something negative with the assistance of so-called humans who have been bought out and who think they are doing the right thing!
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    All of this is being done by a well-oiled and well-armed multinational group of elites that will cull, kill and subjugate. It's happening all around us. The banks will announce a security action necessitating their computers to go offline all weekend. Digital money will disappear. Followed by the detonation of strategic electromagnetic pulse bombs to knock out major grids. The "lie" will be that terrorists did it! They will make it seem like an attack on America by terrorists or Russia. Or a simulated alien invasion using alien replica vehicles that exist and are already in use. There's something called the Venus Syndrome. It's a runaway global warming scenario that is believed it leads humans to the brink of the Sixth Extinction. Those with means will prepare to move off the planet into space, which has already been weaponized against the poor and huddled masses of humanity that haven't been exterminated by the über-violent fascist elites. The countdown has begun. Alien technology being used against humans by a venal conspiracy of men and women against humanity. It's all part of a conspiracy dating even further back than the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. They police us and spy on us, tell us that makes us safer. We've never been in more danger. Humans are being forced to accept vaccines or be faded out of the so-called American dream. There are relatives turning against relatives and friends turning against friends! Do Americans not know that you are having your entire immune systems shut down by chemtrials, geneticallically modified foods, contaminated water, and more? The common cold (from many air conditioners or AC units) is killing people and the blame is being placed on Covid. The blame is also falsely being placed on people who have not tooken a shot! One of the most sinister lies ever created in modern history! Billions and billions of dollars have been placed in all forms of communication and even Tech Giants like Facebook, Youtube, Google, and others have terminated the accounts of unsers who knew this! Important Note: For those who haven't tooken the killer vaccines there is a conspiracy against you all. They are singling out everyone who haven't tooken the vaccines and have started to put a time limit on how long it will be available. They will then use police and military forces to kidnap you and take you to undisclosed locations because everyone who have tokken the shot will continue to say they do not support you nor your factual research. Once they get rid of you then they'll go after those who trusted in them!

    Let us explain a little futher. It is a fact that there are thousands of people who have, after sequencing their genome, found an anomaly. What constitutes an anomaly? An aberration in one's sequence. Something unexplainable? Many so-called Americans were given a smallpox vaccine a children which was standard practice in America during the 20th Century. There was more in that shot than a vaccine which is in the realm of suggested science. Something entering the germ line, something that would be passed down hereditarily. Many humans across the globe never thought that a contagion would be unleashed by international militaries onto human populations with the hopes of killing down the population. During the Obama presidency many Americans agreed when the government claimed that there was an over population problem. But when those people becxame sick and started to die from the killier viruses many wanted to cling to life. But now the military have unleashed whats being called "the delta variant." Delta is even a military word exposing who is behind the deaths of millions. Humans are not just being hit with one contagion, but a variety of contagions. The Navy have even unleashed viruses into the waters which have affected the seafood you eat. Those viruses have been known to attack the human brain. Just review some of the cases in Florida! If the flu doesn't kill you, then something else will. Our immune systems decimated by the same tampering to all our genomes. Who will be first hit? The people we most depend on; the police, health care workers? If anyone remembers, the U.S. government ordered all police, medical staff, and others working with the public to take the Covid shots prior to forced mandates for others. Then came those in metropolitan areas. Even doctors have agreed that many people who have been claimed to have died from Covid actually showed lesions which were from anthrax. Remember, Soldiers who were deployed to Iraq were given anthrax vaccines to protect them in the event of biological warfare. These same chemicals have been sprayed into the atmosphere for humans to ingest. It's the vaccines that are attacking their systems! Doctors and nurses are infecting patients thinking that they are saving them.

    Anthrax. Why else would there be an outbreak? There were even outbreaks in 2001. Anthrax is the canary in the coal mine. It's a harbinger of infections to come, like the measles, mumps, rubella, or the flu. We're all being exposed. This is happening now and people are being demonized who refuse to take vaccines which may kill you fast or it may take a bit longer before iy kills you! The Department of Defense, in the past, was faulted for giving soldiers live vaccines. Pathogens are virtually everywhere. Every cough, every sneeze, every cut on the finger can be deadly. It's been in motion since 2012. Are hundreds dying from the plague? Avian flu? A nasty strain of rhinovirus? Only a positive doctor or Physician will be truthful about this because many many others have tooken oaths to help wipe out most of the human population with lies. In retrospect, after this lecture, I, Montu, aka Muhammad Eury, shall be targeted even more by demons using those around me! However, there will be a Part 2 to this lectures that will reveal names, dates, and events. If humans open their eyes all who are working against you is clear for the world to see. So go back to the natural order of things and cease with your support of all of this technolofy which is enslaving you! White supremacists in Ohio, and in other parts of the country will perish before they work together with all people of color even if it involves saving their own little children. The Neutranoid race shall fade out Negroids, Caucasoids, and Mongoloids. The new order will have so-called humans with more than two or three bloodlines within them controlling the world. This is where Draconians have mixed their genes and they shall use their media to force people to accept and bow to these new races! Many are gays, lesbians, transgenders, et cetera. The laws on the books is what will enforce your acceptance of this or you will be charged with Hate Crimes. Checkmate! Mine Your Minds For The Jewels Of Your Souls....
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