To Gfb

I've got to thank you, Gfb (not the old white racist), for helping me decide the first point of a plan to build community among Black people.
A large barrier among Black people is homosexuality or, more correct, homophobia. This not only denies the altered reality that is created by white supremacy but it also denies a voice to another Black person. There have been quite a few queer Black activists. Do they not deserve your respect and admiration because of their sexual preferences? No. They deserve the same as all who fight in our corner; liberation from white supremacy.


  • There seems to be quite a few strange disfunctional homophobia factions within your own family structure Boy, as you just described them here. Addressing me won't change the reality of who your silly white azz really is, etc. Best you thank yo daddy & mama for your pitiful being hea on dis planet. As far as am concerned this was a waste of blissful time by them, etc. Damn, it was!!! It was definitely a blissful time wasted/throwed [YWAFTA] away! if you get what I am really saying. QQ... Btw, white boy.... you by now ought to know where you can stick dem [UYA] plans. Now go and ask yo mama why she even bothered da have yo ignant azz. As see yo daddy must have been drunk or a damn fool. Or maybe u are not yo daddy's child! Maybe yo mama enjoyed different sexual preferences, and partners, etc. Perhaps you really are a transgender gurl, etc. Hell, who really knows! I've met yo family many times in cyberspace, and they all were as yours, very ignorantly strange. LMBAO ova hea @ yo silly stupid azz. [GFYS]
  • I see your transgender azz chose da get at me directly. You see boy/gurl, Gfb sets da tone, you've just been following me around with yo childess beggin' fer attention bullshyt. Yo azz has been rode real good. And you just keep coming back fer moe! Ya weak gurl or whateva yo gender is. etc. Gfb ain't interested in ya! I just wanted da see how long yo azz would follow my lead, and now I can't git rid of yo azz! Apparently u want it all da time! Now watch yo azz hit all dem threads Gfb has laid out for you, shyt, you can't help yo self! I always have dat effect on weak minded "I don't really know who I am." people! just like you! I make em try and prove their silly azz points. Like you called yo self doing. You ain't ready boy, gurl, ot what eva you trying da be. Yeah... I kno, "you really can't help yo silly azz self." U gon keep following da root... Oh well Gfb gone... Bye fool....
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