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SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Many humans at this time are finding themselves making deals with the devil assuming that there is no God that will help them now! Others have been manipulated into believing that they must obey the governments of their lands because those governments are the gods of earth. So where do we as a people stand? First off, there are many many undercover agents being secretly paid by governments and secret societies to keep watch over targeted ones by any means necessary. Facebook Smart Glasses Can Overheat; They Can Also Take Pictures and Video of People without Their Consent: They are using all sorts of technology to keep their eyes and ears open to whats going on with their neighbors. These people consist of both black and caucasian makeup. Gas Stations owned by Arabs and others, especially in Cleveland, Ohio, at the corner of Detroit avenue and Lake avenue, anytime they witness someone new coming into their establishment, take photos of them on their cell phones without their knowledge. Cleveland seems to be the center piece where pure evil lurks in all forms and is distributed all throughout the U.S. About 17 youth conducted tests all throughout Cleveland, Ohio. The tests involved purchasing itens from Arab and other foreign owned stores and comparing prices. Each of the youth where charged different prices for the same items. Some prices spiked as much as 41.20 from other prices for the same item within the same stores. At the corner of 124th street and Euclid avenue in East Cleveland, Ohio, the Marathon Gas Station, owned by an Arab couple who came from the West Coast, when the owner is around charges black customers more than $10.00 for one 6 pack of Budwieser. people are literally getting legally robbed by foreign owned stores and the Arabs have been knowmn to work together. They will all do the same things at the same times figuring that the feds will wait months or possibly years before they conduct some sort of pointless investigations. The owner of the Marathon, when a person claims that they are being cheated, quickly grabs his open carry gun and tries to instill fear in that person. But at the same time that Arab will review his/her camera surveillanceand get a photo of that person. They then use the internet's many background check websites and some of those foreigners who were high ranking military operatives from their countries may use their influences with the federal goverenment to put a name with the face. So rumors are then spreaded on that person and even small contracts may be placed over their heads.


  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    There are latinos and blacks who are being marked everywhere they go. Blacks in some sort of power is working against their races and is responsible for the many deaths taking place. They know the so-called Covid conspiracies are bogus. But they have made deals with the devil and things will play out until war upon the streets of the U.S. compares to Syria or yemen. The sad thing is that they are using the youth in every evil act taking place. The youth are responsible for spreading false rumors on those who the government considers threats. This is happening daily! Then there are those who are so-called drug dealers that are in secret cahoots with police and others. Many of the secret snitches are natives of Cleveland, and countless blackmen have worked with both police and white supremacists against other blacks and latinos. One black guy name Max was in Tower City talking about how a blackman known as Robert Brooks (216) 799-1404, who resides at 1323 East 66th street in Cleveland, Ohio. and who is involved with alot of illegal activity recently bragged about how he worked with police to slander the name of a decent blackman because that blackman fought against the New World Order. Max even claimed that he has drove up on Brooks secretly snitching to police about others and at the same time pretending like he was some sort of thug to others that had no idea he was doing this. Brooks has been known to secretly work with white supremacists and all of those who hang around him shouldn't be trusted. Police informed him that when he targets a blackman toi make sure to make up something juicy so that police can pay that person a call and formulate an incident report. The incident report acts as a strike against that person and if anything any crime involves whats within that incident report, that person will be secretly investigated. This was one of the tools used when Barack Obama was President that police used to kill hundreds of blackmen and women. The snitch has to make sure that that they come up with the most violent lies against their target because the more serious the complaint the more it can allow police to take violent action. For an example, lets say that Paul called police on Esus and claimed that Esus threated him and threatened to kill him. When corrupt police and secret society members plot against someone they'll make sure that there are many people saying the same things. So once police has at least 20 or more complaints in the form of incident reports against the targeted ones, the next time they are called on that person the will come with violent force! Many caucasian men on the West Side of Cleveland uses these tactics against black and latino men all of the time. Then they brag about how caucasian police and even some black and latino police beckon to their call. The U.S. is crumbling and within a 6 month period many won't recognize this country, and at the same time, racism have tooken on different images since Biden have been alleged as the President. Biden plans to kill out everyone who is not within the blue print.

    Many people are too stupid to see this. They are watching people die from vaccinations and from things being sprayed by air crafts with invisible cloaks that make no sort of sounds. For those who think invisibility isn't real just take a look at these two videos.. The facts is that whatever drugs or mind manipulation people are undergoing here in Cleveland it is most effective. Another example is that a caucasian female was on West 25th street and Lorain avenue talking about police racism and manipulation with white power freaks around 90th & Detroit avenue. She even spoke about how pockets of caucasians on West 89th street and Detroit avenue are in cahoots with specific police officers and anytime certain blacks are out and about those officers are then contacted. She further stated that a caucasian homosexual, who is racists but hides it very well in front of blacks, whose name is Eddie, bragged to her boyfriend about how he calls police on the black youth that hang out at the store on the corner of 89th street and Detroit avenue. She says Eddie lives at 1310 West 89th street and have a history of secretly informing authorities about blacks hanging on the corner. Eddie supposedly stated that one black youth appraoched him one night and then he called police on him and told police everything he observed him doing. From what the female states, nearly every caucasian staying at 1310 West 89th street is racists and, when they were not around blacks living in the same house, bragged about how they use niggaz against niggaz. Then there are a couple of blacks who live in that same house that have befriended the racists and have even been overheard talking against other blacks for the racists. White power freaks in Cleveland say if they cannot use blacks and latinos in their own way then they have no use for them. This trend holds for more than 80% of the caucasian population on the West side of Cleveland. Nut when someone points this out openly for many to see and review, those same racists pretend to be nice to certain blacks, and at the same time, talk evil against others once they have located the source of that revelation.
  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    Racism is a major issue on the West Side of Cleveland, from what we are told, and every form of activity others involve themselves with while dealing with black people is sinister and psychological. We are talking about people who know very little about the black experience and have always been taught that blacks are inferior to them. One guy even stated that a Spectrum Contractor that lives in the area, along with others, is involved with cybercrimes against blacks and against caucasians who really care about their black friends. Nearly everything is being hacked, thanks to white power cops and those within the computer technology fields spreading the white power agenda. Kelly also stated that the same house where Eddie lives in nearly all caucasians staying there are drug addicts of some kind. She further stated that the homeowner is racists and employed poor white trash racists to do house work when they have no job nor money to poay their rent. No black or latino will ever be considered for these positions when caucasians over populate other residents or tenants. Jeffrey stated that some of those caucasians working for their landlord at 1310 West 89th street sometimes refuse to go anywhere because of the dirt they have caused for black people and their lies against black people. So why is racism gatting more and more rampant as America continues to downgrad and durn? Why is certain blackmen being monitored by police, secret societies, and white power freaks everywhere they go? Why do people believe the lies they rumor about these black people even though there is no factual evidence or proof to their propaganda? It is being said that on September 18, 2021, white power freaks will march in Washington DC, and should anything arise violently, others will attack people of color in their communitiesa! We all know that white power freaks have been developing more and more hatred for black people since the Obama presidency, since the Trump presidency, and now during the Biden presidency. It was recorded on national news media outlets that during the time Obama was president he went to other countries talking about how racist caucasians were in the U.S. Then there were rumors that Trump spoke just the oposite of Obama, causing serious clashes between the races. Now Biden is spreading that anyone who doesn't have not been vaccinated is responsible for the deaths of others. So if you look at all 3 of these plights you can clearly see patterns forming from racism to a mass separation of the people and the races.

    Many doctors and nurses are lying about what is reallly killing off humans and is saying nothing about the chemicals being used to totally destroy their immune systems. The attack on the people who have refused the vaccines is an attack on people who are trying to live amongst their fellow Americans in peace. They are a threat the the U.S. government and because so many do not truist others it is leaving these small numbers of people fending for their very lives. Many black females in authoritive positions is supporting the Covid conspiracies because they are part of the plot to kill off over 70% of the world's population. They have been told that if they help with the destruction of large numbers of people a place will be for them in the New World Order. But they will soon see that they were lied to! The alien genes mixed in with humans which is the new race or breed are those tied in with gentrification of neighborhoods and communities. Everything will esculate after October 1, 2021, when Banks and Homeowners start kicking out occupants of their dwellings since the federal government will no longer help people who cannot pay their rent and their mortgages. There will be hundreds of thousands of people that will be homeless and this is what have been talked about for some time. Its always been about forcing humans into poverty so that they won't have the finances to fight. Other people are being tricked into selling their life insurance policies in order to have money to live on. But how are doctors and nurses tied into this? Study up on the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology. It’s one of the four Greater Witches' Sabbaths, there seasonal high holy days – according to that book over there, it’s also known as "Roodmas." Many people who have allegedly died from Covid have perished in large numbers on one of these days. July 31st, is also marked with a pentagram. This coincides with "Lammas", another one of the Witches' Sabbaths. Most of the deaths are slood sacrifice. Many people will perish in the month of October because it is Samhain ... the Fourth Witches’ Sabbath. Masny women are being used in these Covid conspiracies for several reasons and theyb are:

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    1. Female nature. Sex is the most intimate act possible, especially for women. The emotional connection should correspond. More than anything, healthy heterosexual women want to be loved by a man, their husband. They want to his Goddess. They want to be possessed by him. "Sex is a form of woman-worship. When a man "makes love" to his wife, he is basically celebrating and thanking her for everything she gives him. Sex is an act of love." During intercourse, most women's faces become very beautiful, as if nature has blessed this act. Sex is obviously a rite of marriage as a man cannot really "make love" to a woman he doesn't know or love. Anonymous sex really is masturbating.

    2. In The Psychology of Women (1944) psychiatrist Helene Deutsch said women are governed by a combination of masochistic and narcissistic instincts. For sacrificing themselves to husband and children, (masochism), they want to be cherished (i.e. narcissism.) It is her masochism that makes a man love a woman. How many men love their wives for what puts up with from him? When she sacrifices her ego and self-interest, she becomes part of him, his companion and support. This is how two people become one. As I have said, women trade power for love.

    3. A loving husband is not a sadist. His healthy natural reaction is to want her to love being his. Thus, he does everything to nurture, empower and respect her independence, views, and desires without pandering. He loves her. The Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) mass media is full of propaganda about women who have been betrayed and exploited by men. This is expected from Satanists dedicated to destroying marriage and enslaving humanity. But marriage has withstood the test of time because men and women know instinctively that it is based on mutual dependence. Women become feminine when they sacrifice power for love. The more power they cede, the more love they get. Sex is an act of domination and possession. Therefore it must be reserved for marriage where a woman's vulnerability is protected. The Illuminati have taught women to seek power instead of love. Seek career not family. "Men are oppressors." Since masculinity is defined by power, the effect is to neuter both sexes. As a consequence, many women can't give themselves to a man. That's what love is. That's what makes a man love a woman. Many see these forlorn "independent" women everywhere, some obese, many with pet dogs, some carving out a relationship with another woman. They ate the apple, the poisonous communist satanist apple.

  • magneticmagnetic Cleveland Ohio

    THE MANIPULATION OF BANKS: In the last few years, banks have become increasingly active in pushing the globalist agenda. For example, my bank is all for "diversity" --homosexuality and im-migration. (It is rare to find a male white teller at a Canadian bank who is not a homosexual.) Similarly, most corporations sing from the same globalist songbook. For example, Citibank just announced they will not do business with clients who do not meet progressive gun-control requirements. Banks are all franchises of the Rothschild world central banking system, much like some MacDonald's stores are independently owned. But banks all depend on the central bank for "money." That's why banks and the corporations dependent on them promote bizarre agendas like gender dysfunction, family breakdown, gun control, miscegenation and minority status for Caucasians. When we use our credit cards or when we buy a stock, the only thing that happens is that accounts are adjusted. We are really banking with the Rothschilds. Our little nest egg is actually their magical "credit", a slice of the national "debt" owed to them, "money" which they created from nothing and "loaned" to the government. It is a reflection of the government's ability to repay, although it never will. The banking system is a vast system of accounts. Money doesn't actually exist except for a small amount in paper coupons (currency). "Money" is an imaginary concept denoting value. Our currency is a medium of exchange. Think of it as electrical current instead of currency. It is basically a virtual credit system that is the lifeblood of every economy. Who owns this franchise? This system of accounts? Who adds or subtracts credit? Who decides who gets to play? A syndicate of mostly cabalist (Masonic) Jewish banking families led by the Rothschilds. Unfortunately, these Cabalists are Satanists. They are determined to protect and extend this banking monopoly to a monopoly over everything -- real wealth, political power, knowledge, media, education, culture, religion, law etc. They want to own us and our children as well. (We are collateral on the national debt.) This is the essence of Communism and New World Order which is largely in place. The goal is to gradually enslave humanity. When they finally get rid of cash, they can cut off our "credit" at a moment's notice. How do they maintain control? They control the corporate cartels who are all dependent on banks. These corporations fund the politicians who follow bankers' orders.

    Many of these politicians are Freemasons. Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are accomplices in the banking racket. In general, complicity in the banking fraud is the price of success today. Why is it a fraud? Because sovereign governments could "generate their own electricity" interest and debt-free. We wouldn't need to sell our soul and our children's birthright. The "Deep State" is the secret network dedicated to protecting the fraudulent banking system and advancing its satanic agenda. Most of the players belong to Freemasonry or Organized Jewry. Intelligence agencies like the CIA, Mossad, and MI-6, the police and the army are the bankers' enforcers. Mass surveillance (the NSA etc.) ensures that nobody gets any ideas. Everyone -- MDs, cops, politicians, journalists -- is controlled by money. Our feckless ancestors gave our national credit cards to people who want to destroy us, This, in a nutshell, is the key to understanding the covid hoax.
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