It is the last week of 2021 and guess what? I caught Omicron. I asked myself why me? Why now? I had all my vaccinations including a booster shot , I wore a mask when I went outside, I used hand sanitizer and washed my hands with soap, I got the test that I was positive for Omicron and the results took four weeks to come back, but the time I got the return from the testing, it was so slow that I had already got Omicron.

I felt deeply depressed, I was weak with a temperature over the normal, I felt weak, could not eat, and had diarrhea every day. The only place I went to was the supermarket, did I catch it there? I just sat down and cried. This went on for four weeks and I can say I never felt so deeply depressed. Don't get me wrong, I do not feel that I should not get Omicron. I just did not understand how quickly this disease moved, and that there was no protection against it.

They say in the media that Omacron is highly contagious and they are expecting it to get worse during the winter. We have essential workers and they are also getting Omacron with an isolation of 10 days quarantine. I can assure you that 10 days quarantine is too short a period, it had me suffering for four weeks.

Today I feel a bit weak but I dragged myself to the computer and felt I should let my members know why I was away so long so here I am, I still feel a bit weak and after this post, I will be going to lie down. I deeply appreciate you all and I could not let you not know why I was not posting. So, God Bless and Protect you all. I appreciate having you all as members of BV. Take care of yourselves.


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