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The Burger King at Fulton and Adams Streets in Brooklyn, near Borough Hall, in Downtown Brooklyn was the site of an anti-mandate rally Monday, whereupon protesters gathered to protest the city’s vaccine mandate on Monday evening.

#BREAKING multiple protesters against mandates were just arrested at Burger King in Brooklyn for defying the mandates. The NYPD Responded and told them if they don't leave they will be charged with trespassing. They were taken out in cuff #VaccinePassports #VaccineMandate #NYC

— Leeroy Johnson (@LeeroyPress) December 28, 2021

After protests outside Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, the current office of Mayor-Elect Eric Adams, protesters were arrested for trespassing after refusing to show their vaccine cards at a local Burger King. Hundreds of protesters made their case in freezing Brooklyn temps, demanding that Adams lift the mandates upon taking office in January.

Multiple arrests at Burger King in Brooklyn NY after protesters against mandates defied the mandates. #NYPD Responded and told them to leave. They were all charged with trespassing #BreakingNews #NewYorkCity #HappeningNow

— Leeroy Johnson (@LeeroyPress) December 28, 2021

According to local citizen journalist Leeroy Johnson, the NYPD responded and informed that that if theydid not leave, they would be arrested. Several were taken out in cuffs and reportedly charged with criminal trespass.


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    Last minute note: There is virtually no proof that children have been seriously affected or dying from the COVID-1984 or any of its so-called “variants”. People who refuse to take their children for COVID jabs are very wise. They should be applauded for not subjecting their children to experimental, unnecessary injections that have been proven to cause serious injury and death! — Truth Unmuted editor Jesse Smith

    In response to increasing COVID-19 cases and the rise of a more infectious variant as the holidays and Carnival approach, Mayor LaToya Cantrell expanded New Orleans’ indoor vaccine or negative test requirement Thursday to children ages 5 to 11 and the New Orleans public school system mandated vaccination for students age 5 and older.

    The indoor mandate will go into effect Jan. 3, when children will be required to show proof of at least one vaccine dose. On Feb. 1, four weeks before Mardi Gras, the requirement will be two doses. The school requirement goes into effect Feb. 1, Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr. said.

    New Orleans is the first city in the U.S. to announce a school vaccine requirement for children as young as five. Only Los Angeles United School District — the nation’s second largest — has imposed a similar mandate for children ages 12 and up. After an initial December deadline, the school district pushed back the start date to fall 2022 because 28,000 students had not complied.

    Officials in California and New York have indicated the school mandate will expand to all ages once the shot is fully approved by federal agencies. The two-shot Pfizer vaccine, the only one available to children under 16, remains under emergency use for kids.

    Dr. Jennifer Avegno, head of the New Orleans Health Department, said she expects some pushback from parents. Louisiana has laws that allow for religious or philosophical exemption from required school immunizations, along with a medical exemption.

    “The exemptions for immunizations are so broad in Louisiana that if you don’t want this, you can sign the form,” said Avegno.

    But Avegno pointed out that because immunization compliance in New Orleans is typically high, she is hopeful that the new requirement will provide the needed push for parents to get their kids the COVID shots.

    “Our parents generally favor immunizations,” said Avegno. “I’m sure some folks will be unhappy, but they have the ability to opt out.”
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    Latest current events concerning children: As TFTP reported, earlier this month, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio expanded the already-tyrannical “Key to NYC” program which imposed a vaccination mandate for workers and customers at indoor dining, fitness, entertainment and performance venues. Anyone who wished to enter a public place would first be required to give that place a glimpse into their personal medical records by providing proof that they had taken a covid-19 vaccination.

    Beginning last week, this discriminatory and unscientific practice was expanded to include children, ages 5-11, who are now also forced to show proof of vaccination to enter public places. Now, as the video below shows, that chicken has come home to roost.

    “New York City will not give a single inch in the fight against COVID-19. Vaccination is the way out of this pandemic, and these are bold, first-in-the-nation measures to encourage New Yorkers to keep themselves and their communities safe,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “From workplace mandates, to $100 incentives, to mobile and at-home vaccination offerings, no place in the nation has done more to end the COVID era. And if you have not taken this step yet: there’s no better day than today to stand up for your city.”

    Apparently, Bill hasn’t been looking at the data and reading the headlines from across the planet showing that places even with 100% vaccination rates are experiencing massive surges in COVID-19 — including New York City which currently accounts for 10% of all reported cases in the entire country — despite their construction of a covid police state.

    Nevertheless, the government is carrying out the tyrannical mandate and now cops are going after children. In the video below, a little boy is traumatized as cops swarm him and his mother in a New York restaurant for trying to eat dinner without showing papers.

    It wasn’t just one or two cops who responded to the scene. Over a dozen cops were dispatched to deal with an innocent little boy and his mother who dared to grab a bite to eat without publicly displaying their personal medical history.

    Just two years ago, a scene like this would have shocked the world. If a mother and child were swarmed by a dozen armed agents of the state and kicked out of a restaurant for failure to make public their medical history, news agencies worldwide would have run this story.

    Now, however, this is commonplace in the land of covid dystopia. As you watch the video below, pay attention to the woman filming. She continuously asks the cops if this is what they signed up for.

    “Is this what you signed up for? Is this what justice looks like to you? Is this what you dreamed of when you wanted to be a cop?”

    Obviously, these officers couldn’t care less about what actual justice looks like. They are merely “doing their jobs,” and blindly carrying out the orders handed down from the tyrant class.

    If you support treating people this way for their personal medical choices, you deserve the hellish police state that will inevitably ensue. The pro-vaccine passport camp thinks they are safe right now because police are enforcing what they want.

    Sadly, however, their ignorance of history leaves them oblivious to the fact that government never relinquishes power and freedoms are never returned once surrendered. It is only a matter of time before the ones who advocate such authoritarian segregation fall victim to the very policies they cheered for when it benefitted them. You’ve been warned.

    What a lovely new world we are living in when you go out for a meal and a squad of police barge in, persecute a little boy then demand to see everyone else’s papers. This is the vax passport world so many are begging for. #NotAboutAVirus #NOVAXPASSPORTS

    — Cyn Clagar (@cynclagar) December 27, 2021
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    In order to get more people “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the deployment of door-to-door vaccination teams.

    Mostly poor people throughout the Big Apple will be targeted with de Blasio’s new scheme, which involves offering $100 cash incentives to anyone who rolls up their sleeve for an injection.

    “A vaccination team comes to you,” de Blasio read from his script. “They can provide vaccination for the whole family.”

    “The [vaccination] teams that come to your home have the ability to provide whatever help you need – and the $100 incentive is available for every family member.”

    In a speech (watch below), de Blasio also revealed that children will be bribed with cash incentives. Whatever it takes to get the needles into those tiny arms is a-okay with de Blasio.

    Around Thanksgiving, de Blasio announced that in order to travel about the city on the subway, a person must show proof of injection. This hit the poor exceptionally hard, as they cannot afford fancy limos or other modes of injection-free travel like he can.

    De Blasio also threatened to require “vaccine passports” for entry into grocery stores, which again harms poor people the most as they are the least able to travel outside the city to shop while unvaccinated.

    This tyrannical system of medical apartheid that de Blasio has created for New York City is a mass extermination plan that affects the poor most severely – though everyone except other Branch Covidians like himself is now suffering.

    On Christmas Day, the New York Daily News published a piece highlighting what a sleazebag de Blasio is in many other areas as well.

    It has been more than eight years since de Blasio was installed to “lead” New York City and his record, the article explains, is littered with municipal “sleaze.”

    He is almost out the door, thankfully, but the wreckage de Blasio has left behind as his legacy is one of darkness and evil. The guy has done nothing beneficial for New Yorkers and has proven himself to be just another icon of corruption.

    At one point, de Blasio claimed that New York City high-rise buildings are the “worst emitters” of greenhouse gases, suggesting that they be leveled in order to stop “global warming.”

    De Blasio is also a bigot who pushed for the removal of whites and Asians from the city’s public schools (instead, he apparently wanted all blacks).

    De Blasio loves abortion and infanticide, so the natural next step for him once the Fauci Flu came along was to try to stamp out children’s lives with special vaccine sites that he set up all around New York City to specifically target children with the injections.

    “I’ve noticed when de Blasio speaks, his mouth appears to have had a left JAB and a right hook!” joked one commenter at The Gateway Pundit.

    “New York City has lots of money to throw around,” wrote another. “It’s all coming from that multi-trillion spending bill.”

    Another asked if people who already took the jab prior to this latest gimmick will be eligible for a $100 cash infusion after the fact.

    “This is New York, so how many will get another shot just so they can get $100?” this same person speculated. “Yeah, this isn’t going to go well.”

    “The goats will follow without question,” wrote yet another about how the Branch Covidians will not even bat an eye at de Blasio’s latest fascist initiative.

  • So folks continuely refusing to take the COVID vaccine will help to keep the virus alive, yet those same folk refuse to mask-up as well ,, WTF!
  • BlacknoyzzBlacknoyzz Silicon Valley

    Pretty much. Most anti-mask, ant-vax arguments I've heard make little sense and aren't based on science but instead usually revolve around ignorance, fear and conspiracy.

  • So folks continuely refusing to take the COVID vaccine will help to keep the virus alive, yet those same folk refuse to mask-up as well ,, WTF!

    I agree with you, and as long as these crazy folks hold firm to their crazy beliefs we won't be able to get rid of this plague.
  • Blacknoyzz wrote: »
    Pretty much. Most anti-mask, ant-vax arguments I've heard make little sense and aren't based on science but instead usually revolve around ignorance, fear and conspiracy.

    Reminds me of when folks were convinced the world was flat.
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    Nandi wrote: »
    So folks continuely refusing to take the COVID vaccine will help to keep the virus alive, yet those same folk refuse to mask-up as well ,, WTF!

    I agree with you, and as long as these crazy folks hold firm to their crazy beliefs we won't be able to get rid of this plague.

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