Woman, it is whut it is! "the game."

The average woman [sistah] ought da kno that when a brutha takes you out on a date, etc. He's actually hoping da get lucky and get you in da bed, da back seat, or where eva! "No shyt woman!" Don't tell me that you woman don't know this, etc.! It's a game of talk! Shyttt... dis game can go either way! He wins, you lose dem drawls, etc. You win, he takes his failing arse home, "get dat cold shower," etc. with hopes of trying again later! Ain't dats how it's played? We all kno that with life there are of course, winners and losers. "Shakers & Breakers" Shyt "all da time too! The bottom line is, I think we "all" most of the time want da be winners! Whutchu thinking...


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