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If America collapses , minorities will be forced to migrate , those who can will become immigrants seeking opportunities in the same manner other folks do . There will be a reverse migration and a passport will be valued as a ticket out of here and folks will adapt .

Sounds plausible, but where would black folks immigrate to?   

Technology and Science / Re: Human 2.0 - The Transhumanist Thread
« on: September 20, 2018, 02:24:13 PM »
Will we someday create a real Captain America...seems in some ways we already can.

General Discussion / Re: Is It Just Me....
« on: September 20, 2018, 12:20:35 PM »
I thought about this again in-depth over coffee this morning  by asking myself, Greg you ever think of something that was fucked up, and because of any given damn good reason, subsequently sat on it and then and later on down the road un-squash it and fired away, and then live to regret that shit too? Muthafucka, ain't it?  Know what mine was?  Whew.  Get ready.  One of those WORST nightmare scenarios. 

Brace yourselves...

Back when I was still a bachelor and un-kiddied up too, it came up for logistical and practical reasons  that I take my very best friend's baby sister to a basketball game at a high school that was much closer to my apartment than it was his, but he'd pick her up and take her back over to their father's house where I had picked her up from because my buddy had a e-gig near me and it would be over by the time the game was over.  Just hella more convenient for everybody all-around...or so I thought.

It's an hour o so away from having to drop her off.  I parked her at my pad, told her the place was hers 'til I got back and see'ya, I gotta make some runs.  I get back in about 20-30 minutes and she's not in the living-room.  OK.  Kitchen, balcony, or in the bathroom suiting up in her cheer leading outfit.  Neither.  She was in my bed on-top of the comforter and naked as a newborn on her back with legs WIDE open for business...and at 17 no less  No, it didn't happen in the least.  Talk about a reeeeeeal touchy situation.  Long story short, I turned the opportunity down with things like, 'you're like a baby sister to me, your brother is like MY BROTHER, the whole but short drill heads up.  MOST thankfully, she bought it and didn't take it as a damn insult and/or total diss...and I kept that shit to myself for damn near 20-years!

I told my best'est bud that and having no clue whatsoever I'd be mourning his death (and still am to a point) roughly a week later.

@Biggs4life  @John_Public

Sorry to hear about your buddy.  Never had anything like that happen to me.  Glad I never did.  In this day and age she would probably have gotten mad and said you took the cookies.  Or more accurately, waited until you were just about to sign a deal with Disney for MILLIONS then said you took the cookies.

Philosophical Discourse / Re: Innocence In The Age Of Social Media
« on: September 20, 2018, 10:11:47 AM »
There used to be a time when most people understood the idea of 'innocent until proven guilty'.

And, you know what the REEEEAL DEAL scary part is?  Pre-trial jury pools and actual juries just might be DISAGREEING  with ^that^.

Well wG, just makes me SMH looking around at even BLACK mofos who more than anyone should understand how important the presumption of innocence is just EAGER to throw it away in their self-righteous rush to judgement.

Shit.  What happened to judge not lest ye be judged?

General Discussion / Re: The Chinese Yuan Around The World
« on: September 20, 2018, 10:01:26 AM »
This fool is going to make 'America Last' not first.   I just hope the effects of everything he is doing can hold off until I can secure a place of safety.

Philosophical Discourse / Innocence In The Age Of Social Media
« on: September 20, 2018, 09:40:02 AM »
There used to be a time when most people understood the idea of 'innocent until proven guilty',  It wassimple.  A person was presumed to be innocent until there was evidence that they were not innocent.  However in today's media driven culture it seems that innocence is no longer a presumption.  These days guilt seems to be. 

This bugs me as someone who has been falsely accused of something in the past and after the fact had it proven that the accusation was false.  That being after beink taken in by the police, given a lie detector test, etc. We always stress about the 'victim' in any given situation without first understanding that there is no victim until such a time that proof has been brought forth and the facts established. 

When social media and outrage become the standard for evidence then what we are advocating is not legal procedure and justice, we are advocating the rule of the mob, with their pitchforks and torches.   I personally find that DISGUSTING and anyone who supports that ish to be equally disgusting.

Anyone who has been falsely accused of something should understand.  To give a personal anecdote, there has been very few things in my entire life that have hurt my heart as much as the momentary look in my grandmothers eyes when for just a moment she doubted. 

The pain on her face and the DOUBT.  The realization to me that for a MOMENT...she considered that I did what I had been accused of.  That this woman I LOVE, my own grandmother who surely I believed would have ZERO doubts AUTOMATICALLY...then to see that shadow cross her face and that momentary look of confusion, doubt and disappointment - Until this day, It still haunts me.  Hurt like hell. And I had some of MY innocence taken away that day.

That is the other side of the coin.  People who are accused of stuff are victims too UNTIL proven otherwise.


In this age, where social media dominates our interactions and )to me) seems to have taken upon itself some of the functions of the court.  I feel that a discussion should be had about the dangers of allowing the presumption of innocence to fall by the wayside.

When your business is made public and digested by the masses on social media and guilt is assigned automatically with attendant repercussions in your life PRIOR to even getting a day in court, it is my devout belief based that society will descend into a new age of McCarthyism with neighbor against neighbor and the chaos that shall bring will surely effect the most vulnerable among us first, those being the ones who cannot really afford to have their lives upended by random (or not so random) accusations.

General Discussion / Re: Is It Just Me....
« on: September 20, 2018, 08:41:41 AM »
If it was my daughter in high school she would not have been at a party with two drunk boys alone.

In all the years that you and I have debated, exchanged many ideas, fucked around, cracked our share of jokes, and had laid who in Hell knows how much mutual science on each other, and any and all things else, take the following admonition more seriously than everything else, and Super Glue and then weld it onto your memory...

Never ever, ever never tempt Fate and aim it towards anyone you love, think you'd love, might love, plan on loving and/or are sure to love eventually and then, roll the dice when they're the ones fading the bet and your $$$ is in your back pocket in your wallet and not on the pass-line covering the fade yourself.  And, especially with children you want, that aren't even here yet.
Trust Biggie, you're just begging for Grief and Guilt to visit upon you and show you different, just-because and it has the ten and there time to do it.

In other words and hella shorter, don't let your mouth write a check that your ass won't be able to cash, because it won't be your ass on the table.  *thumb up*


Gotcha and I hear you.  I will defer to your wisdom, but I still believe what I believe.  If I am even as HALF as strict as my mom was, it would be pretty hard to be even outside the house after dark EVEN IN HIGH SCHOOL, much less at a party without adult supervision prior to college.  I went to exactly two parties in high school.  One was my senior prom the other one was some party the school threw just before graduation.  Both had lots of adults around.  No chance of sneaking off to be alone and get drunk.  But that's just me and I understand ish is different in this day and age where you can't even spank your kids without DCF on yo azz.

General Discussion / Re: Is It Just Me....
« on: September 20, 2018, 08:31:35 AM »

I don't see that ever happening. One of the two parties would have to have attained the age of responsibility before any news organization would report it. The only time news organizations would report such, even tabloid papers, were if the person, as a kid, had been charged as an adult for violating the law at that time. Which would be a  moot point because the information about what happened to him/her and what he/she did at such an age would already be public record and part of the considerations being put into evidence as possibly descriptive of his or her character. Without that, you just have one kid saying "he pulled my hair in second grade and I told my mom and she told him not to do it again" and the other saying "I did not, you took my homework and ate it". What news organization would report that? None!

Fox news would. 

Entertainment / Re: Throwback Thursday
« on: September 20, 2018, 08:27:51 AM »
Considering whats going on in politics this week, I thought it appropriate to remind ya'll dudes to PROTECT YA NECK....

Technology and Science / Re: The Technologies Of Abundance
« on: September 19, 2018, 11:59:00 AM »

GHATDAMN!  All of ^that one^ damn near short-circuited me! 

PS: "fair fight"?  WHAT'S THAT?   LOL

Just how I roll truthfully.  The moment the plane goes down in them mountains I am already calculating how I am going to off your ass with a minimum of muss and fuss and overall FIGHTING BACK once supplies start running low and rescue is not forthcoming.  It don't gotta be you but hella for sure it ain't gonna be me.

And honestly, no idea what a fair fight is.  I just use the term for sake of expediency.  No such thing as far as I am concerned.  Someone always has some sort of advantage.   Mine tends to be foresight, pre-planning and paranoia.


General Discussion / Re: Is It Just Me....
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:39:29 AM »
Will BBL...but in the meantime...what I said I was going to do.

So far, he's been a political appointee exclusively, except for the time (once) when he was in private practice.  But just WOW man!  Wait 'til you get to the part that he played in the Starr Report and how he INSISTED on putting the screws to Bill Clinton when his sexual dilly dalliances came up for Congressional Review! WHEW!  Talk about irony and payback!

It's under the heading of: Early legal career (19902006) and third-paragraph from the bottom of that segment of things.  'Ol Bill's laughing right about now, I bet'cha.

Yeah, gotta admit that is pretty damn ironic.  LOL

Technology and Science / Re: The Technologies Of Abundance
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:30:51 AM »

A win-win?  Not necessarily, and depends on how much Machiavellianism one wants to throw-down.   What I mean is, the less dependent (on whatever) a people are, or would otherwise become, the less leverage you can hold over their heads.

If what you are saying here is what I think then that is part of the 'win' conditions for me.  Don't forget that the starting point for most of my musings is libertarian philosophy.  I prefer a world where people don't have leverage over each other.  The more self-reliant people can become the better.  The one issue/caveat is that we would then be very dependent on our technology in order to maintain said self-reliance.   This could be an issue should ever a 'Dark Age' scenario occur in the future whereas a major part of the population no longer knows how to create the very technology they depend on to survive.

Outside of that specific scenario however I believe that more resources is a good thing for everyone. 

General Discussion / Re: Is It Just Me....
« on: September 19, 2018, 09:48:01 AM »
@Biggs4life now calls, then raises.

I see your point too, Biggman.  However, it is a rational move, and particularly if the accuser is a stickler for the old saying of, "Timing is everything".  The question would then be, how many, if any (and I'll go check in a tick or two), how many of his former positions cane under such scrutiny, and then how many were subject to any kind of political review?  Those are just two off the top.

If it makes any difference tho', @John_Public  shot me a PM a minute ago and callin' you a muthafucka.  I ain't lyin'...I'm just sayin'.  I'm Bennett.  LOL! 

Gotcha.  Thing is about the whole 'Timing is Everything' is this....

It is a cold calculated strategic move in what that same person is supposedly trying to frame as something that has effected them on a completely emotional level.  Now I get it - Revenge is a dish best served cold - THAT SAID....

Are you telling me that purely for the purposes of revenge a person would wait DECADES on the off chance that the person who has supposedly emotionally harmed them MIGHT become successful enough to finally say something in order to (hopefully) eff their chances at obtaining it?  And mind this - should that be true and work - all you have done in your revenge is prevent them from getting a higher position, NOT from eliminating the position (and wealth) they have already obtained by that point which made even being considered for said higher position a possibility.

That would take one hopeful mofo or a really good psychic.


I think we need to launch a full investigation into this allegation you have made against JP.  Until said investigation is concluded I move for all his assets to be seized especially all copies of XXX Pinky he has to be turned over to ME immediately. 

General Discussion / Re: Is It Just Me....
« on: September 19, 2018, 09:11:16 AM »
Just got one question- what if it was your daughter? Sister?  Mother?

Thanks  ;D

LOLOL yawl sound like those cracker senators, my gawd no wonder women don't come forward until years later.

If you ain't assault no little girls when you are young - you are ok. If you have - well, shame on your creepy ass.

Man, just talk to a victim.  I did.

If it was my daughter in high school she would not have been at a party with two drunk boys alone.  Nor any of my female relatives.  They got more sense than that.

Secondly, this isn't about the alleged victim.  This is about how incredibly convenient it is for allegations like this to come out NOW.

Dude been fairly high profile for awhile.  It isn't until he wants to get on the Supreme court though that this allegation comes out?

Sorry JP that is some BS.

And what makes that BS even more BS is that there is literally no way to prove or disprove something that allegedly occurred over three decades ago at a highschool party. 

I am all for supporting victims but first we must establish that there was a victim.  I am also no fan of this seeming cultural bias towards automatically condemning someone the moment they are accused of something.  And my BS radar goes WAY up when accusations are so very conveniently timed to upend what someone is trying to do. 

No issues with someone coming forward years later WITH EVIDENCE but I do have an issue with coming forward years later with no evidence but real good (depending on your POV) timing.

Technology and Science / Re: The Technologies Of Abundance
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:11:36 AM »


Well I agree with the idea of doing studies, nothing wrong with being careful when terraforming your own planet.  That said off the top of my head here without the benefit of any studies and such I'd warrant that turning deserts into farmland would overall be a boon to the planet.  More trees means more CO2 being sucked out of the atmosphere potentially negating some of what we are ALREADY doing to eff up the climate, then also more plants and trees means more oxygen not less and then on top of that more greenery in general means more life and bio-diversity and all the benefits that brings.  Not to mention - more food and maybe even living space for people.

Awwwww shit.  You were doing fine and onto something up to ^there^.  Now, you're starting to scare me, Mein Biggie.

And here I was all these years thikin' you were aiight and cool...

Well let me say this...

Methodologies of attaining a goal are quite different than the goal itself.  The goal can be quite logical while the methods for getting to that goal are quite monstrous.  Get what I mean?

Population is a tricky issue.  The fact is there have been very smart people throughout history declaring that over-population would become a problem.  However so far it has not become a big problem because our human capacity to find ways to more efficiently produce food, housing, energy,  etc. has for the most part kept up with our growing population.

Even now, the world is facing a big issue of population.  As studies suggest, as more and more countries advance and consume more (for example as the Chinese middle class grows) you will eventually run up against a resource wall.  You will need the equivalent of FIVE Earths in order to maintain the standard of living we Americans are typically used to once you factor in the entire planet trying to live at that same standard of living.

So at the end of the day you only have so many choices to work around this problem.

1.  Less people

Population control is a tricky one because people like to fuck.  Kinda hard to stop people from fucking and women from getting pregnant.  Killing them off is much easier and has the ancillary benefit of allowing you to take their stuff.  Course the issue here is that people also do not like being killed off and will probably try to fight back.  Not typically a major issue for the people starting the wars or genocide because they usually are not the ones fighting and dying.  Probably one of the reasons human history is filed with war.

2.  Create even more efficient ways to produce food, energy, housing, etc.

Which is basically the whole reason for this thread.  Hitlers goals were quite logical when one frames things in terms of SCARCITY.  Lets face it.  If there is a finite resource (like farmland) which is required to feed people then eventually it is your people or mine.  I like you WG and we been cool for years but if we were both stuck in the Himalayan mountains and starving to death and there was only one piece of bread left...believe this...I already poisoned you cause I know you a combat vet and would probably take me in a fair fight.  Sleep wit one eye open mofo.  LOL


A world of abundance which is what we all should be striving for, a world with nigh-limitless energy, multiple planets for resource gathering and housing, not to mention plenty of food and drink means we don't have to stop or control fucking OR every now and then kill off major parts of the world population.

A win-win.


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