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Politics / Calif. Supreme Court Blocks State Split
« on: July 19, 2018, 09:32:49 AM »
So, what side of this are you on?  As a former Californian, I will always have a soft spot for the state and feel that they should go ahead and let the people decide if they want to split the state up or not.

General Discussion / When Was The Last Time You Learned A New Skill?
« on: July 13, 2018, 12:09:51 PM »
So in about a week or so, a co-worker is going to show me how to make a fire using nothing but a couple sticks.  This grew out of a discussion about the educational system and how we are made to learn things like French (which I personally have never used) but are not required to learn stuff that would actually help a person survive.  At any rate, that discussion ended up with me deciding to learn how to make a fire with sticks.  My other co-worker said I would always be useful once I can make a fire with nothing but a couple sticks. 


It occurred to me that I could not remember the last time I had learned a genuine brand new skill.  I learn new INFORMATION all the time.  But a new skill?  Cannot recall.  Made me wonder if I am the only one and if not, when did we stop acquiring new skills?  Why did we?  At any rate, after I learn to make fire, I have determined to challenge myself to learning at least one new skill a year minimum. 


When was the last time you learned a new skill?

And by NEW - that means completely unrelated to a skill you already have.

Technology and Science / Countdown To Mars Colony
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:40:23 AM »
This thread is for anyone wishing to keep tabs on the progress being made to colonize Mars.

Technology and Science / Gun Control Is Now A Moot Point
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:03:16 AM »
The following video is a look into how far we have come with 3D printed guns.  To me this is a perfect example of how technology empowers the individual whether you see that as a good thing or bad.

I'll say one last thing, black mofos better get these 3D printers and make some.  Ya know the KKK ain't wasting no time to make a bunch of unregistered weapons.

Technology and Science / Hyperloop
« on: July 11, 2018, 02:10:06 PM »
For those interested in keeping abreast of all things Hyperloop....

Politics / Sortition Versus Elections
« on: July 11, 2018, 11:41:34 AM »
I kinda dig the idea of Sortition, kinda addresses some of the main issues I have with the whole concept of elections.  Namely for me, elections from a statistical standpoint are highly unrepresentative on every level.  For one, to be elected you have to be the kind of person who would seek election.  That quality alone is a bias.  Then there is the 'popularity' angle.  We don't elect the best person into office, we elect the most popular.  There could be something to be said for random selection backed up by expert advice.    What ya'll think?

Entertainment / Luke Cage Season 2 Soundtrack
« on: July 09, 2018, 12:46:52 PM »
Eff all the haters, S2 Luke Cage was EPIC and Alfre Woodard should go down in history for playing one of the greatest female villains of TV histry.

Technology and Science / The Technologies Of Abundance
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:40:31 PM »
Decided to start a thread where people may post videos or discuss technologies which have the potential to bring about a world of Abundance.  Here is a video I saw which made me think to kick off this thread.

I like the idea of these flow batteries which use iron and water because I am a strong believer in the concept of sustainability.  To me you cannot really divorce the world of Abundance from sustainability.  You need to have technologies which are sustainable before you can reach abundance.

General Discussion / A Discussion On Borders
« on: July 05, 2018, 10:20:21 AM »
As the immigration debate in America and elsewhere rages on, I have been thinking about borders and why we have them.  Also the more important question, should we have them?  This is a question that has nagged me for years because of my libertarian leanings.  Ultimately, I do not believe nations should have the right to restrict the travel of others STRICTLY based on the idea of 'citizenship'. 

Citizenship to a country in my opinion should confer rights within that country but not preclude the right to travel within or without a country.  Obviously this has to take into account security risks but as I like to put it - I was born into the WORLD not a Country.  The location of one's birth should not determine where one must stay.  The world is all of ours.

Also, if studies are to be believed, one of the easiest ways to alleviate poverty worldwide is to simply allow people to freely immigrate.  Personally I believe that one of the building blocks of world peace is a more liberal immigration system worldwide.  There is a reason why oppression is often seen in countries where the free movement in and out of the country is restricted ala North Korea.

People should not forget that walls are not only meant for keeping people out, they are also meant to keep people in.


Just thinking out loud.

Entertainment / Throwback Thursday
« on: June 28, 2018, 07:00:26 AM »
Post your favorite throwback music videos here on Thursdays...

This week from me:  The G.O.A.T.

General Discussion / Is Organized Religion Holding Us Back?
« on: June 26, 2018, 09:43:22 AM »
So I was watching a video on Youtube the other day about the industrial revolution and why (according to the video) it started in Great Britain.  What caught my attention is when the narrator of the video pointed out that one of the reasons that the industrial revolution began in Great Britain is because at that time in history within that population you had the advent and rise of the 'Age of Reason' which rejected within society the role (and power) of the organized Church.

What this meant for them is that scientific pursuits and research which in many other European countries was frowned upon because such research and study held the potential to upend the commonly held religious beliefs of the masses was not frowned upon in Great Britain.  So intellectuals and scientists naturally flocked to where they were free to do what they do -think -  which ushered in the industrial revolution )according to the narrator) as a boom in scientific discovery swept Great Britain.


As a black agnostic I have spent the large part of myy life understanding I am a minority within a minority group.  However my main bone of contention isn't with the concept of God.  That is purely an intellectual debate.  My main issue is with organized religion (Church) and its effect on black society both positive and negative.

To explain:

The black church is not simply where we go to worship.  Throughout the history of black America the church has been a place of refuge and political organization.  This is why if you attempt to list off the top of your head three black leaders (not named Obama) chances are each of them is probably a preacher of some sort.

This gives the black clergy an incredible amount of power and influence within the black community.  It is thus hard to emphasize the myriad issues within the black community without giving some side eye to the black church.


The black church through its influence over the hearts and minds of black America guides our efforts as a collective and furthermore determines to a large degree how we reason.

I bring back the word REASON to underline the connection between us and the age of reason.  It is my opinion that we have not yet had our own 'age of reason' though I believe it is nearing. 

This is not to say people should stop going to church or anything like that by the way.  However we need to within the black community to turn a critical eye towards it and begin to understand both how the organized church has helped us as a people and where it has held us back so that we may more consciously dermine how and where we shall be led. 

We need to foster an environment within our communities that allows for each and every viewpoint to be weighed without censure.  Only then will we usher in our own revolution.

Philosophical Discourse / Ideology Versus Reality
« on: June 26, 2018, 09:13:10 AM »
As mentioned in my last thread (The Merits of Libertarian Philosophy for Black PEople) I have this saying.

No ideology survives contact with reality.

What this means to me is that ideology should only be used as a starting point or Launchpad if you will for the examination of how to approach life.  Problems inevitably occur when people as they so often do cling to their ideologies like Linus clings to his blanket. 


In my opinion this happens because life involves both the micro (individual) and the macro (society).  What is good for one is not always so good for the other and when people put forth an ideology to solve an issue for one oftentimes it creates problems for the other.  Without the intellectual flexibility to step away from ideology, a person or group or government sacrifices what works for what fits their ideology.  Rather than seeking a middle ground, ideologues  dogmatically resist all appeals to reason and compromise and ignore reality in favor of the fantasized ideal they hold within their imagination.

The problem with ideology is that it is an idea with no heart and without a heart it makes people who cling to it heartless. 

This is why I say get rid of the labels.  Those labels lock you into an ideology and if you are not careful you will lose sight of reality and begin living in a fantasy world unable to see anything except your own delusions and absent a heart ti care one way or the other.

As some may be aware, I consider myself (mostly) to be a libertarian.  Even signed up and got the little yellowish-gold card they send to members of the party.  I say mostly because I am moving away from labels and believe mainly in what works and imho there is no ideology that survives contact with reality.  I simply believe that libertarians have the closest thing to one that given certain exceptions works in the widest range of circumstances when allowed.

So, what does it mean to be a libertarian?

This is my personal interpretation of it gained from studying the philosophy of it for roughly twenty years.  It is fairly simple to understand so you will not need that much time.

At its core, being a libertarian means you fundamentally reject the use of force in order to get you way.  I once saw it described this way:  Imagine taking away the 'gun' from everyone.  How would those people get you to do anything you did not want to do?    It is an understanding (at least for me) that it is human nature to try and force people to do what you want.  And as the saying goes 'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. 

What that means is that given enough power, any person will use that power to force other people to do what they want.  This is why libertarians favor limits on governmental power.  They do not want to be forced to do things they have no wish to do or prohibited from doing things they want to do.

The second part of understanding libertarian philosophy is the 'Do No Harm' principle.  This means what it says basically.  It represents the one caveat on the use of force described above.  Libertarians believe one should limit the use of force except in those circumstances when one needs to defend themselves from harm or to protect others from harm. 

In other words, although the concept of anarchy and being libertarian can be linked, not all libertarians are anarchists.  There is a wide range of latitude within the philosophy.


Why do I say that black people should embrace libertarian philosophy?

Well to understand that, lets look at the (overall) philosophy that Black America currently upholds.  I think it is fairly safe to say that the vast majority of black people in America are in favor of the Democratic party.  There are many reasons this is so but what is relevant here is that this support also has been a support of the Democratic philosophy which stands in stark contrast to libertarian philosophy.

Basically democratic philosophy espouses that government has a responsibility to the people and the people should look to their government for solutions to whatever problem thay are having.  This of course gives government power.  And as mentioned...power corrupts.

Now before I continue let me reiterate I am not an anarchist.  I believe in small effective government.  Efficient at what it is needed to do and stays out of the way of those things it isn't required to be a part of.


If black people were to adopt a more libertarian view of things in America, it is my view that our collective tendency to look to the government for solutions would be quickly curtailed.  When we march or protest it is basically the equivalent of a child throwing a tantrum so that their parents know they are upset about whatever it is.  Note the power dynamic in that situation. 

However at some point that child grows up and instead of throwing a tantrum, they simply do whatever they need to do for themselves.  They may still look to their parents for support but they are not DEPENDANT upon them.  The power dynamic is much more equitable.  In this same vein, if Black America had a more libertarian view of things they would seek true independence from government rather than appealing to it.

When it come down to specific issues the Libertarian philosophy pretty much fulfills the wish list of Black America.

Mass Incarceration:  Libertarians favor less laws.  Starting with the racist drug laws which have been used to keep so many of our brothers and sisters locked up for non-violent so-called crimes. 

Police Brutality:  Less laws means less need for police.  Less opportunity to interact and more focus on those crimes which actually do harm like assaults and murder.

Basically once you reduce governmental power and ability to use force while at the same time emphasizing that as long as you do no harm (harm being something that would need to be debated but that is a whole other thread) a citizen should be able to do whatever they want within reason and without interference then it kinda clears up a lot of what we consider problems right now which arise specifically because of the use of force and the government being involved in things it has no business (from a libertarian perspective) being involved in.

That said...

As mentioned no ideology survives contact with reality. 

There are definitely some kinks to libertarian philosophy that don't mesh well with ANY minority group.  Human nature means that no matter what people will gravitate into groups and libertarian philosophy doesn't have many protections for a minority group when you try and apply the pure unadulterated philosophy to real world circumstances.  For example, a purist libertarian would say a store owner has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.  Why?  Take away thg gun as mentioned in the beginning.  Without governmental force exactly how do you make someone serve people they do not want to serve?

And on a INDIVIDUAL level - I am actually in complete agreement with that stance.  The issue is that society is run on a macro level.  What works on a micro scale has macro effects that violate the Do No Harm principle (imho).

Taking this example and running with it, on a micro scale no harm really.  The problem is that when we allow that kind of discrimination it doesn't exist in a vacuum.  Lets say that store owner is part of a dominant group.  That group due to its dominance also includes most of the suppliers of whatever product the store owner is selling.  This dynamic would limit the opportunity for true competition.  You see, on a micro scale discrimination is fine by me as long as there is a level playing field and not only equal opportunity but also equal access to whatever is needed to compete.  In a perfect world, if someone discriminates and says I can't buy anything from them I just go somewhere else.  And THAT is why many libertarians are not really against the idea of discrimination because many libertarians are white and don't have a minority perspective to draw upon. 

But the fact is that the world is not perfect. 

In a society where one group is dominant, it is natural for the dominant group to protect its dominance by controlling its market share.  This means as that person being told I cannot shop here or there, I may not have another place to go because that dominant group has used their power and control to force out competition from the minority group at a macro level.  Perfect example you can find online is how Koreans have taken over black hair care and they aren't even a dominant group.

Long story short, libertarian philosophy works REAL good on the micro level but needs a little tweaking at times on the macro level.  Other than that I personaly cannot name a philosophy better suited for black empowerment than libertarian philosophy.

General Discussion / Some Suggestions...
« on: June 25, 2018, 02:40:32 PM »
Seeing as BV has moved and I assume a lot of work is going on behind the scenes, I figured this was a good time to offer some suggestions to rebuild the community and move it further.

Some of these ideas are ones that I had planned to use on my own website but honestly BV has had (at least in the past) a much larger user base and support staff so maybe you could use these ideas more and just be sure to hit me with any and all due acknowledgement when the time comes.



1.  Organizing

I had this idea awhile ago for a website I was going to call 'BlackLeader' or something like that.  The idea was simple.  We always talk about how we need leaders.  So I figured why not simply start a website and give out 'localized' projects to people.  Take that thread about the little black girl selling water in San Fran.  If I'd done that website, there could be an alert sent out to members in that local area with directions/GPS to where she is selling water so they could show their support.  Small doable projects like that.  I think that if BV offered the ability for people to organize and coordinate activities and activism at a local level more people would start signing up.

2.  Blockchain

This is an idea I had recently and have no idea (as a non programmer) how complicated it would be.  That said it could be worth the time and effort.  I think BV should look into offering its own blockchain.  This idea is about networking.  Imagine this:  Posters earn BVcoins for their posts.  Then the trick is getting some black owned online businesses to accept those BVcoins.  Long term the goal would essentially be to create an entire economy based around BVcoins and Black-Owned Businesses. This would in turn drive traffic to the site.

I have many other ideas and suggestions but those two are the most relevant...

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