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Author Topic: UN Releases Report on American Poverty Good News, Just Kidding We Fucking Failed  (Read 44 times)


This is long in the making and shouldn't be blamed on Dump but he's not helping in the least...



Trump has always been a supporter of income inequality. Reduce taxes and raise fees and watch the fat cats get fatter, the butt kissers get greedier, and watch the middle class become poorer, and the poorer become hopeless. Most of the value of America, with the elimination of unions and deregulation and tort reform, has moved drastically over the last 30 years since the introduction of Reaganomics. Clinton actually reversed it, but then came "W" and the worst economic crises since the great depression, and they are still bitching about regulations and the redistribution of wealth. The only redistribution of wealth going on is from the bottom (the poorest) to the top (the wealthiest, and guess who's taxes are getting cut the most? You guessed it, the rich. Guess who's users fees are increasing the most? You guessed it, the poor.
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