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Colin Kaepernick will receive Harvard honor! *BRAVO*

Colin Kaepernick will receive Harvard honor

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Damn it!!!

..... goddamn it - this place has jumped the shark... posting those white broads disgusted the sisters and now they refuse to post. I don't blame them - those pasty bitches' pics were making ME queasy.

Fuck it - somebody had to say it ;)

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The Chinese Yuan Around The World


Europe’s central banks are starting to replace dollar reserves with the yuan
By Eshe NelsonJanuary 16, 2018
Late last year, China’s Xi Jinping said it was time for the nation to “take center stage in the world.”...

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(R)epublicans - The R Stands for Rapists... Impeaching a Future Justice.

How to Impeach Kavanaugh...

The goal needs to be getting him voted down or to drop out but if not, getting him to lie under oath to Congress has to be the goal.

If Kavanaugh did it, his goal will be to say, he can't ...

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Is It Just Me....

Is it just me or is anyone else waiting for the inevitable 'allegations' of sexual assault on someone trying to get a job which occurred during KINDERGARTEN.

'I was playing in the sandbox when he pulled my pigtails, I was so confused and felt so violated.  His friends just stood around...

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